Free Press vs. Freedom for a "Chosen" Press - Helen Thomas, Free Speech, and Her Momentous Now
June 7, 2010.

Global Usury and Its Consequences: America's Depression and China's Formidable Manufacturing Base - The Chinese Supercomputer and Its Gestalt
June 2, 2010.
Edward Ayoub's Warning About the Excessive Concentration of Financial and Commercial Powers of Banks - Revisited
April 20, 2010.
Pope Benedict, President Bush, and the "Dialogue of Cultures"
September 28, 2006
Letter to Robert J. Aumann, Co-Winner of the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2005
November 8, 2005
The Seeds of the Coming Collision Between the People and the Money Trust
September 21, 2005
The "Secret of Rulership" and Free Trade
This Op-Ed warns G8 leaders and multinational economic institutions about a new reality -- radical religiosity -- and the need to heed the law of reciprocity.
January 6, 2002
Nothing but a Tail
December 8, 2001
The Next War
November 16, 2001
The Two Wars: The War on Mammon and The War on Terrorism
October 7, 2001
The High Noon of Capitalism: The Overthrow of the Advantages of Lenders Over Borrowers in the 'Rule of Law'
October 1, 2000
Capitalism Is Not Secure -- Unless Everyone Is
This Op-Ed was written for the Macroknow website in 1998. The piece is historic in that it anticipated the anti-WTO marches in Seattle, WA, and the anti-IMF marches in Washington, D.C. Much more important, it announced what is still to come -- the worldwide rebellion against the Darwinistic advantages of lenders over borrowers in the "rule of law."
August 31, 2000

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games - China, America, and Russia Won the Most Gold; But the Top Gold-Per-Capita Winners Are Jamaica, Bahrain, and Mongolia
August 27, 2008
GOLD Medals per Capita
Rank Country
1 Jamaica
2 Bahrain
3 Mongolia
4 Estonia
5 New Zealand
6 Georgia
7 Australia
8 Norway
9 Slovakia
10 Slovenia
GOLD Medals per Capita
Rank World Region
1 Europe
2 Asia
3 Latin America
4 Oceania
5 Africa
6 Northern America
Neocon Intentionality: Nothing But Malice
April 12, 2007
Entrepreneurship 101: The Malefic "Strangers" and their Evil Net
March 21, 2001
Sexual Depravities, High-Tech Wizardry, and the Magic of High Finance
August 31, 2000
The Boom/Bust Cycle: Why Thin Cows Eat Up Fat Cows
December 15, 1999
How To Speculate: A Billionaire's Perspective
November 30, 1999