Sexual Depravities, High-Tech Wizardry, And The Magic Of High Finance


Release Date: August 31, 2000
Last Updated: August 26, 2006
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Magic and wizardry are at an all-time high in North America. There are plenty of anecdotes to support this contention. Here is a couple. George Soros the famed money manager wrote "I have been endowed with the reputation of a magician, particularly in Asian countries, which would allow me to manipulate markets unless I deliberately avoid it."1 When asked to talk about CEOs he admired, Bill Gates said: "In terms of an inspirational leader, Steve Jobs is really the best I’ve ever met . . . he's a first-class magician, and I can recognize him, because I'm kind of a second-class magician. It doesn't mean I can do what he does, but I can kind of tell, wow, that's powerful stuff."2

Magicians, sorcerers, and wizards charm and enchant; but their powers can harm and destroy. You can read about these powers in the five books of Moses, the New Testament, the Koran – and the Malleus Maleficarum.3

What is the Malleus? The Malleus is the premier book on witchcraft. Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger, both distinguished Dominican friars, wrote it. The book had a simple mission: to destroy the magicians, witches, and wizards that plagued Europe around 1486. Ironically, the arguments in the Malleus are deeply rooted in the Scriptures. The Old Testament rebukes magic, wizardry, and witchcraft; and the New Testament rebukes sorcery. It is therefore not surprising that the book had the backing of Pope Innocent VIII. The book became the Inquisitors’ bible par excellence. Unfortunately, its imprint on European jurisprudence was bloody.

The word count for witchcraft in the Old Testament is 6; for Satan, 14; and for magician, 15. The word count for sorcerer in the New Testament is 6; for Satan 40; and for demon, 74.4 

Despite the scriptural admonitions, depravities -- sexual, high-tech, economic and financial – have been growing near exponentially.

It would be fascinating I thought to speculate upon these modern depravities -- from the Malleus’ perspective. What I found is most amazing. My speculations follow.

Sexual Depravities

Abortion is a loaded subject. It touches upon sexuality, free will, loss, guilt, pain, etc. My speculations here are limited to abortions caused by economic depravities -- masquerading as sexual depravities --, and not by medical conditions.

How big is the abortion problem? The Alan Guttmacher Institute estimates that about 50 million abortions occur worldwide each year -- two-thirds are among never-married women.5 What does this mean? This means that at the current abortion rate, half a billion – yes, half a billion -- unborn infants will be terminated in the first decade of the 21st century. By any standard, the destruction is monstrous if not holocaustal.

At the current abortion rate, half a billion unborn infants will be terminated in the first decade of the 21st century.

What does the Malleus say about abortions? Briefly, they are horrid crimes against humankind. Abortions are malicious battles in a diabolical war against the human race. The war is waged by and for the devil – the Enemy of Mankind. The devil operates through "witch midwives." He empowers them to deceive mothers in order to rob them of the infants in their wombs. The aborted infants are his lucre.

In the Middle Ages, the Church was hell-bent on destroying "witch midwives." This led many to conclude that the Church had a phobia of women. True. However, this phobia was absolutely dwarfed by the friars’ fear of Satan. The friars’ fear of women was irrational – but their fear of evil was not. The friars were out to clobber abortionists because, in their view, the devils were out to destroy humankind. Why fear devils? This is why: "[Devils] are the enemies of the human race: rational in mind . . . subtle in wickedness, eager to do hurt; ever fertile in fresh deceptions . . . to the elect they are given as a temptation, and always they lie in wait for the destruction of men."6 Skeptics can deny the existence of devils – but they cannot deny the existence of evil. Devils operate at a distance through intermediaries – magicians, witches, and wizards.

Now, medieval phantasms aside, what is the main cause of the present mass abortions? Women already know the answer: economic depravities. There is substantial evidence to corroborate this. Statistics for the last recession show that the link between the distribution of money and public health is very strong. In Ontario, for example, where I live, overinvestments in commercial real estate in the form of bank loans were followed by a significant increase in the therapeutic abortion rate.7 The increase was just too large to be attributed to time and chance. The economic devastation from overinvestments included increases in non-accrual loans, the number of bankruptcies, the number of units foreclosed -- and in the unemployment rate, the criminal code rate, the suicide rate, the hospital discharge rate for "heart attacks," and the therapeutic abortion rate. Devils apparently no longer need "witch midwives" – they do better with the wizards of financial intermediation.

What else can devils do? They can try to manipulate the Supreme Court. Have they? I do not know. However, the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling of 1973 (reaffirmed in 1992) did permit abortions during the first six months of pregnancy.8 The court’s logic was ingenious: the fetus is not a "person"; ergo, it is not protected by the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Some extreme pro-lifers considered the ruling a demonic permission to do evil. In their rush to counter the demons of abortion, they unfortunately chose violence. The 1999 National Clinic Violence Report conducted for the Feminist Majority Foundation by Tracy Sefl et al. confirms that violence breeds violence. In 1999, one in five clinics experienced severe anti-abortion violence – bombings, arsons, blockades, invasions, stalking, chemical attacks, death threats, bomb threats, and arson threats; 18% of clinics reported harassment via the Internet or the Web; and 11% of clinics suffered anthrax threat attacks.9

The pro-choice movement is not about free will, it is about economic survival. We are all endowed with free will; but demons often saddle us with bad, evil, or wicked choices. What are the choices of a pregnant wife with no money? She can dedicate herself to the upbringing and nurturing of her child even if her husband abandons her. She can abort the fetus in her womb. She can abandon her future baby in an alley or grocery store, etc. In the first case, she and her child risk being condemned to a life of economic depravity. In the second, she risks becoming a sinner or a criminal. In all cases, she lives with loss, pain, and guilt. It is thus not surprising that women are increasingly asserting their legal rights to their wombs. The new logic is that of the womblord. This logic is as ingenious as that of the Supreme Court: my womb is my property, I own it, I control it; if my mate or society can choose to abandon me, then, I can choose to abandon the non-"person" in my womb. This is the Darwinistic version of Kant's universal imperative of duty. Economic survival of the fittest trumps truth and goodness. The friars are right, "devils are rational in mind . . . and always . . . lie in wait for the destruction of men" -- and women.

High-Tech Wizardry

Evil is not the monopoly of "witch midwives." Scientists too indulge in it.

Physicists discovered Sin when they built "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" – the first devices for atom-bombing innocent civilians. Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima, and Fat Man on Nagasaki. The bombs helped end the war; but their kill density near target X was an evil 24,700 humans per square mile.10

The development of weapons of mass destruction is of great concern – not only in the Middle East, but all over the world. Superior intellect is being used for catastrophic evil. Even the purest theoreticians have been implicated. Top theoretician Hans A. Bethe, for example, worked on weapons of mass destruction at Los Alamos. He and his colleagues, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Edward Teller, etc., all confronted their demons. In 1946, Oppenheimer lamented to President Harry Truman: "I have blood on my hands."11 And here is something very curious. Bethe claimed that Teller is the "mother" of the H-bomb and he, Bethe, is its "midwife."12 The "midwives" of science do not deliver babies – they deliver a dazzling array of H-bombs, neutron bombs, isotropic nuclear weapons, directed-energy weapons, chemical weapons . . .

Who will own and control your genetic information? Who will own and control the seeds of life? What sacrilegious applications can biotech unleash upon the human race?

And that is not all. The specter of evil which haunted physics is now haunting microbiology. Scientists around the world have been racing to discover the human genome -- the complete set of instructions for making a human.13 The applications of this discovery will undoubtedly raise many haunting questions. This should be clear: unfettered corporate control over the master blueprint of life will be a source of unfathomable power. Who will own and control your genetic information? Who will own and control the seeds of life? What sacrilegious applications can biotech unleash upon the human race?

Ironically, biotech has been foretold in the Malleus. Walafrid Strabo’s commentary upon Exodus 7:11, quoted in the Malleus, provides this curious insight: "Devils go about the earth collecting every sort of seed, and can by working upon them broadcast various species."14 Who is collecting the seeds of life? What ungodly species will they buy and sell in the marketplace?

Science inspires awe – and awe masks the concealed motivation. On June 26, 2000, at the White House, President Clinton announced: "Today, we are learning the language in which God created life. We are gaining ever more awe for the complexity, the beauty, the wonder of God's most divine and sacred gift. With this profound new knowledge, humankind is on the verge of gaining immense, new power to heal."15

President Clinton is an optimist. For the buffoons of the marketplace (as Nietzsche called them) the genetic language is a 4-letter code – and a commercial opportunity for harvesting baby body parts. The law forbids trafficking in body parts; but Mammon always finds a way. According to a report by Suzan Wills in the National Right to Life News, body parts are "donated" not sold; but the laboratory "site fees" are not donated – $50 for an eye, $600 for an embryonic cadaver, $999 for a brain, etc., (discounts may apply). 16

The now embryonic marketplace for human parts will become a multi-billion dollar Frankenstein industry. Stock market speculators will bet on it -- Mammon cannot wait.

The Magic of High Finance

The wizards of science manipulate nature, but the wizards of economics and high finance manipulate every thing else – including the boom/bust cycle, financial markets, stock prices, and budding enterprises. Their magical tricks are stupendous. Here is a sampling.

How can wizards manipulate the business cycle? This is not easy to explain in a few words; however, it helps to understand that the seed of the bust is encoded in the boom. First the wizards create fictitious bank money (book entries) and pump it as loans. Then, as soon as the borrowers transform the money into real wealth – real buildings, real widgets, real software, real stocks, etc. --, the wizards cut, reduce or call the loans. Many borrowers are destabilized. A recession sets in. Values plummet. This is when the wizards rush to collect the collateral or to appropriate the newly created wealth on the cheap. If borrowers fail to meet their Faustian obligations, Mammon holds them in economic bondage -- or bankrupts them.17

The wizards of science manipulate nature, but the wizards of economics and high finance manipulate every thing else.

How can they manipulate financial markets? They can use modern incantations. Incantations? Yes. Listen to George Soros: "Base metals cannot be turned into gold by incantation, but people can get rich in financial markets and powerful in politics by propounding false theories or self-fulfilling prophesies. Moreover, their chances of success are increased if they can present themselves in scientific guise . . . "18

How can they manipulate stock prices? Here is a hint from the Malleus: "the devil has five ways in which he can delude anyone so that he thinks a thing to be other than it is."19 Corrupt money traders and fund managers can use "artificial tricks" (the first way) to effect illegal trades. The wizardry is elaborate and calculated to deceive. They have many handy tricks: the cross-trading trick to manipulate stock prices; the high-closing trick to artificially boost closing prices (to create artificial upticks in the closing price of a security). The filthy lucre from juicing can amount to millions of dollars -- one trade at a time. A recent financial scandal demonstrates that not even "elite players" in the most prestigious financial institutions are immune from the temptations of juicing.20

Finally, it appears that incubi are not just figments of the imagination of Dominican friars. By reputation, incubi descend upon women and have sexual intercourse with them as they sleep. In the new economy, Angels descend upon budding high-tech enterprises, charm them while in incubators, have financial intercourse with them, then wait for the injected seed money to multiply as lucre.

Magicians and wizards can thank God – He prefers good but permits evil! However, they must never forget the ominous admonition in the Malleus: "in the 18th chapter of Deuteronomy it is commanded that all wizards and charmers are to be destroyed."21



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