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    ● BREAKING NEWS: 29-Dec-2019 -- USA-Iraq-Syria-Iran: "US conducts strikes in Iraq, Syria on Iran-backed militia behind attack that killed American, Pentagon says"
3 U.S. airstrikes; 4 fighters and 19+ militia members were killed.
[William Cummings, USA Today-AP]
    ● BREAKING NEWS: 29-Dec-2019 -- Fort Worth, TX, USA: "Security guard, suspect dead in church shooting near Fort Worth"
A lone gunman shot and killed a security guard in a Christian church; the gunman "was shot dead by congregation members."
[Allen Cone, UPI]
    ● BREAKING NEWS: 29-Dec-2019 -- Russia-USA: "Putin thanks Trump for information that helped prevent acts of terrorism in Russia in phone call" [RT]
    ● BREAKING NEWS: 29-Dec-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Taliban attack kills 17 local fighters in northern Afghanistan
"The attack came as Taliban officials hinted at a possibility of a countrywide ceasefire."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● BREAKING NEWS: 29-Dec-2019 -- Yemen: "9 killed, 30 injured as blast hits military graduation parade in Yemen" [RT]
    ● BREAKING NEWS: 29-Dec-2019 -- London, UK: "Anti-Semitic graffiti [Star of David and 911] sprayed across London shopfronts and synagogue"
[Rob Picheta, CNN World]
    ● BREAKING NEWS: 29-Dec-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "More than 1,000 gather for rain-soaked Hong Kong rally"
[Sarah Wu, et al., Reuters]
    ● 28-Dec-2019 -- Monsey, NY, USA: "Suspect in Hanukkah stabbing at NY rabbi's home arrested on attempted murder charges"
Gov. Andrew Cuomo: "This is an intolerant time in our country. We see anger, we see hatred exploding. It is an American cancer on the body politic.”
[Dom Calicchio, Fox News]
    ● 28-Dec-2019 -- World: "Banks make biggest layoffs since 2015 & may continue to do so next year – report"
Banking staff reductions during 2015-2019 is 425,000+.
    ● 28-Dec-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Taliban attack on Afghanistan army base kills 10 soldiers
"Four others wounded as Taliban fighters dig tunnel before attacking military compound in the southern Helmand province."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 28-Dec-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanese protesters turn their ire on banks"
"Banks have put a withdrawal ceiling of $200 a week on most accounts, while totally blocking outside transfers.""
Banks are accused of thievery.
[StarTribune: Maya Alleruzzo, AP]
    ● 28-Dec-2019 -- USA: "U.S. Mass Killings Reach Record in 2019, Largely Due to Shootings"
Mass killings=41
Mass shootings=33
Number of people killed [in mass killings]=210
[Daniel Politi, Slate] [Mass killings database compiled by the AP, USA Today and Northeastern University]
    ● 28-Dec-2019 -- Mogadishu, Somalia: "Dozens [78+ people] killed in Mogadishu car bomb attack
"No claim of responsibility for the attack in Somalia capital that injured more than 100 people, including children."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 28-Dec-2019 -- Bernie Sanders, @SenSanders
"Storytellers are vital to our movement. @MarkRuffalo is lifting up the story of the ordinary heroes who stood up to the deadly lies and greed of DuPont.
Corporations are used to buying off our political system. When millions of people come together, we are going to change that."
[Twitter: Bernie Sanders, @SenSanders,]
    ● 28-Dec-2019 -- Paris, France: "Gilets Jaunes Paris #Acte59
Place de la République à #Paris.
#Grève28Décembre #GiletsJaunes #Acte59"
[Twitter: Gilets Jaunes Paris #Acte59, @GiletsJaunesGo,]

See also: "Charles Baudry
Retour en images sur la manifestation contre la #ReformeRetraites de ce samedi 28 décembre à #Paris. À noter que les #GiletsJaunes se sont joints à la manif à l’occasion de l’#Acte59. Quelques incidents en fin de parcours.
#greve28decembre #ActeLIX #GreveGenerale #Retraites"
[Twitter: Charles Baudry, @CharlesBaudry,]
    ● 27-Dec-2019 -- Iraq-USA: "Iraq rocket attack kills US contractor, wounds military personnel
"Washington calls on Baghdad to take steps to protect American interests in country in face of attacks."
Number of US troops in Iraq=~5,000.
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 27-Dec-2019 -- USA: "New York Fed Adds $25.8 Billion to Financial Markets
#Intervention is latest in series since mid-September, when short-term rates unexpectedly shot up"
[Patrick Thomas, WSJ]
    ● INFORMATION: 27-Dec-2019 -- Yemen: "Yemeni Civil War (2015-present)
Date: 19-Mar-2015 -- ongoing [1,745 days]
Cumulative Death Toll=100,000+

Implied Average Death Toll Per Day for the Yemeni Civil War=57+ Deaths Per Day
    ● 27-Dec-2019 -- Yemen: "Yemen war: Humanitarian crisis worsens in fifth year of conflict
"Analysts say more than 91,000 have died, 3 million displaced since war began, with nationwide famine imminent."
[Victoria Gatenby, Al Jazeera]
    ● 27-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Jeffrey Epstein friend and alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell under FBI investigation"
[CNBC: Reuters]
    ● INFORMATION: 27-Dec-2019 -- World: "About Flightradar24
"Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world. Flightradar24 tracks 180,000+ flights, from 1,200+ airlines, flying to or from 4,000+ airports around the world in real time." [Flightradar24,]
    ● 27-Dec-2019 -- Kazakhstan: "Kazakhstan flight with almost 100 onboard crashes, killing at least 12 people"
[Nathan Hodge, et al., CNN World]
    ● 27-Dec-2019 -- Israel: "Netanyahu wins Likud primaries after Sa'ar concedes" [Gil Hoffman, The Jerusalem Post]
    ● INFORMATION: 26-Dec-2019 -- India: "StanceGrounded @_SJPeace_
"This is the RSS, A Hindu Nationalist organization inspired by Nazis
They are mobilizing in India a to create a Hindutva Republic
They speak on violence against Muslims & other minorities...
This is Nazi India
From satheesh kumar"
[StanceGrounded, @_SJPeace_,]
See also: satheesh kumar [satheesh kumar, @satheeshkumar_,]
    ● 26-Dec-2019 -- Nigeria: "Islamic State in Nigeria 'beheads [11] Christian hostages'" [BBC News, 27-Dec-2019]
    ● 26-Dec-2019 -- Germany-USA: "German politician [Oskar Lafontaine]: 'Ami go home!'
"In Germany, discontent is growing over unequal relations with the United States"
[InfoBrics, The Duran]
    ● 26-Dec-2019 -- Burkina Faso: "Second deadly attack in Burkina Faso as global condemnation grows
"At least 11 soldiers killed day after 35 civilians, mostly women, died during assault that sent country into mourning."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 26-Dec-2019 -- Philippines: "Typhoon Phanfone kills at least 16 as it hits the Philippines on Christmas Day"
[Helen Regan, et al., CNN World]
    ● INFORMATION: 26-Dec-2019 -- Military strategy:
1. Collect/use intelligence
2. Control communications/use propaganda [false flags, fake news, deceit, etc.]
4. Divide the enemy/finance dissent/disruptions/sabotage/rebellion
5. Strike forcefully urban areas
6. Target/destroy the enemy's infrastructure [electricity, fuel, roads, etc.]
7. Control the flow of money/subjugate the enemy with usurious loans
8. Go to 1.
[Twitter: EEA,]
    ● 26-Dec-2019 -- Israel: "IDF Chief of the General Staff LTG Aviv Kohavi addressing the threats Israel is facing and how the IDF plans to face them."
Kohavi: "In the next war, we will forcefully strike within urban areas… we will strike based on intelligence, … and we'll also strike the infrastructure of the host country [of these terrorist groups]… electricity, fuel and infrastructure -- we will strike."
[Twitter: Israel Defense Forces, @IDF,]
    ● 25-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Jewish-Israeli student files complaint alleging anti-Semitism at Columbia University"
[Talia Kaplan, Fox News]
    ● 25-Dec-2019 -- Russia: "‘Deadliest ever’: Russia launches new 4th-gen nuclear-powered submarine (VIDEO)" [RT]
    ● 25-Dec-2019 -- Lebanon-Israel: "Oil discovery raises stakes between Israel and Lebanon"
"Prospect of conflict between Israel and Hezbollah heightens after the discovery of oil and gas reserves in waters disputed by the two sides."
[Tony Birtley, Al Jazeera]
    ● 25-Dec-2019 -- Libya: "Civilians killed as projectile blast hits Libya's Tripoli
"Forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar blamed for blast that killed four people and injured six others at a vegetable market."
Cumulative death toll for fighting around Tripoli since 4-Apr-2019=284+ civilians [or ~1 civilian per day].
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 25-Dec-2019 -- DR Congo-Israel: "Congo Probing Israeli Billionaire’s Loan to State Firm
"Sources say probe focusing on allegations of fraud and money laundering"
[Haaretz: Reuters]
    ● 25-Dec-2019 -- Lebanon: "In Lebanon, protesters fight despair with fellowship
"As Lebanon protests against corruption drag on, people are coming together across sectarian lines to support one another and keep the movement alive."
[The Christian Science Monito: Sarah El Deeb, AP]
    ● 25-Dec-2019 -- USA: "‘We’ve never seen spending like this’: Bloomberg, Steyer saturate airwaves
"Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer have hit the $200 million mark combined, and Bloomberg, at least, is just getting started."
[Maya King, Politico]
    ● 24-Dec-2019 -- Lebanon: "No Christmas miracle in Lebanon as economic crisis deepens
"Many Lebanese are relying on the generosity of others this Christmas amid worsening economic and political crises."
"The 'Mad Max' Scenario": Information: ~$90 billion is held by ~6,000 depositors [or an average of ~$15 million per depositor].
[Timour Azhari, Al Jazeera]
    ● 24-Dec-2019 -- Burkina Faso: "Jihadists in Burkina Faso kill dozens of civilians, mainly women [35 civilians, including 31 women; 80 militants and 7 members of the security forces were killed]" [France 24-Reuters-AFP]
    ● 24-Dec-2019 -- World: "10 Ways to Live Longer"
[Dr. Joseph Mercola,,]

See also: LewRockwell, 25-Dec-2019: Dr. Joseph Mercola,
    ● 24-Dec-2019 -- Ethiopia: "Ethiopian Muslims protest after several mosques burned
"Ethiopians call for justice after four mosques burned in attacks in the Amhara region."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 24-Dec-2019 -- Syria: "[5] Children among eight killed in Syria as missile hits school
"UN estimates 60,000 people have fled from last opposition-held province of Idlib after bombings intensified this month."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 24-Dec-2019 -- Russia: "Russia 'successfully tests' its unplugged internet"
[Jane Wakefield, BBC News]
    ● 24-Dec-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "On Christmas Eve in Hong Kong, Protests Are Still Going Strong
"Hundreds gather ahead of holiday as monthslong antigovernment demonstrations show no signs of easing"
[Shan Li, WSJ]
    ● 24-Dec-2019 -- Palestine-Israel: "Palestine [Head of the Sebastia Diocese of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem] Archbishop Atallah Hanna: Israel attempted to poison me." [Middle East Monitor]
    ● 23-Dec-2019 -- Malaysia-World: "Court [Perdana Global Peace Foundation] finds Bush and Blair guilty of war crimes" [RT]
    ● 23-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Mike Bloomberg is plowing millions of dollars into a secretive tech firm he founded months ago as he seeks the White House" [Brian Schwartz, et al., CNBC]
    ● 23-Dec-2019 -- USA: "‘I'm more of a Jew than he is’: Giuliani takes on George Soros and his defenders with out-of-left-field jab" [RT]
    ● 23-Dec-2019 -- Palestine-Israel: "Bethlehem is ready for Christmas. But one group of Christians may be kept from the holy site"
"On Dec. 11, the Israeli army’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, or COGAT, ... announced that no permits would be issued to Gaza Christians for travel to the West Bank and Jerusalem this year because of “security orders.”"
[Noga Tarnopolsky, Los Angeles Times]
    ● 23-Dec-2019 -- USA-China: "'Direct threat to peace': China raises alarm as US Space Force receives first funding" [RT]
    ● 23-Dec-2019 -- UAE: "Calling app ToTok used as 'spying tool' by UAE: Report
"Report claims app tracks 'conversation, movement, relationship, appointment, sound and image of those who install it'."
[Al Jazeera News]
    ● 23-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Leveraged loan market size doubles in ten years, private credit explodes"
[Michelle Sierra, et al., Reuters]
    ● 23-Dec-2019 -- USA-China: "Tesla to take new $1.4 billion loan from Chinese banks for Shanghai factory, sources say" [CNBC: Reuters]
    ● 23-Dec-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Taliban claims responsibility for killing US service member"; US troops in Afghanistan=12,000 to 13,000. [Veronica Stracqualursi, et al., CNN Politics]
    ● 22-Dec-2019 -- CA, USA: "California homelessness ‘at crisis level’ with uptick of 16.4% this year – HUD" [RT]
    ● 22-Dec-2019 -- Gabon: "Pirates kill one, kidnap four in Gabon capital attack
"Pirates attacked four ships in Libreville harbour, government spokesman says."
[Al Jazeera: AFP News Agency]
    ● 21-Dec-2019 -- Iran-Malaysia-Turkey-Qatar: "Muslim nations consider gold, barter trade to beat sanctions"
[Liz Lee, et al., Reuters]
    ● 21-Dec-2019 -- Germany-USA: "‘Interference in domestic affairs’: Germany fumes at US sanctions on Nord Stream 2 pipeline" [RT]
    ● 21-Dec-2019 -- World: "World Bank concerned about 'global debt wave' [$55 trillion of debt -- the largest in history”
[Nick Beams, World Socialist Web Site]
    ● 21-Dec-2019 -- Mali-France: "French forces killed 33 militants in Mali: Macron"
[Clotaire Achi, et al., Reuters]
    ● 21-Dec-2019 -- India: "India: Boy, 8, among many killed as citizenship law protests rage
"At least 15 dead in Uttar Pradesh state as demonstrators defy ban on assembly to protest new law seen as anti-Muslim."
[Cumulative death toll=23]
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 20-Dec-2019 -- World: "When will women get equal pay? Not for another 257 years, report says"
"The United States ranks 53rd out of 153 countries in gender equality."
[Grace Hauck, USA Today]
    ● 20-Dec-2019 -- Russia-China: "Russia and China Seek No 'Military Alliance,' Instead A 'Strategic Partnership' of the Most Powerful Kind"
[Tom O'Connor, Newsweek]
    ● 20-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Trump signs $738 billion [for fiscal year 2020] defense bill. Here’s what the Pentagon is poised to get"
[Amanda Macias, CNBC]
    ● 20-Dec-2019 -- Palestine-Israel: "Israeli settlers set Catholic Church in Galilee on fire
"In recent years, mosques and churches have been targeted by vandals in similar attacks. They are always attributed to extremist Jews in West Bank settlements."
[Palestine Post 24]
    ● 20-Dec-2019 -- Lebanon: "Roadblocks across Lebanon as anger rises over Diab pick as PM
"Hassan Diab, 60-year-old professor, was designated PM on Thursday with endorsement of Shia group Hezbollah."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 20-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Evangelical publication [founded by late evangelist Billy Graham] calls for Trump's removal from office"
[Caroline Kelly, et al., CNN Politics]
    ● 19-Dec-2019 -- Israel-USA: "Congress Provides Critical Security Assistance to Israel
"Legislation Signals Strong Bipartisan Support for Fully Funding Israel's Security Needs"
"The legislation provides $3.8 billion in security assistance to Israel—fully funding the second year of the 2016 U.S.-Israel Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), including $3.3 billion in foreign aid and $500 million for U.S.-Israel missile defense cooperation."
[AIPAC, Press Release]
    ● 19-Dec-2019 -- World: "Global Wave of Debt Is Largest, Fastest in 50 Years"
"Debt in emerging and developing economies (EMDEs) climbed to a record US$55 trillion in 2018, marking an eight-year surge that has been the largest, fastest, and most broad-based in nearly five decades, according to a new World Bank Group study that urges policymakers to act promptly to strengthen their economic policies and make them less vulnerable to financial shocks."
[The World Bank: World Bank Group, Press Release]

See also: "Global Waves of Debt: Causes and Consequences"
[M. Ayhan Kose, et al., The World Bank,]
    ● 19-Dec-2019 -- Palestine-Israel: "Israel set to be investigated for war crimes in Palestinian Territories, ICC [International Criminal Court] announces
"ICC probe expected to look into alleged crimes committed by both Israelis and Palestinians, including militant group Hamas"
[Bel Trew, Independent]
    ● 19-Dec-2019 -- New York, NY, USA: "Elite New York school is rocked by anti-Semitism claims after swastikas are daubed on walls: Jewish students at $53,000-a-year alma mater of Sofia Coppola and Jeffrey Katzenberg accuse staff of failing to call out hatred" [Tim Stickings, Daily Mail]
    ● 19-Dec-2019 -- Russia: "Russian security officer dead, five injured in shooting at Moscow headquarters of security agency
"The Federal Security Service, [t]he main successor agency to the Soviet-era KGB, wouldn't give further details or comment on the attacker's motives."
[NBC News: AP]
    ● 19-Dec-2019 -- India: "As deadly protests grow in India, many fear democracy is being eroded"
Hundreds of thousands protested against the new citizenship law in 23+ cities; 8+ people died.
[Arshad R. Zargar, CBS News]
    ● 19-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Report: 267 million Facebook users IDs and phone numbers exposed online"
[Paul Bischoff, Comparitech]
    ● 19-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Evangelical publication calls for Trump's removal from office" [Caroline Kelly, et al., CNN Politics]
    ● 19-Dec-2019 -- USA: "The Federal Reserve is the Most Dangerous Enemy of the U.S. and its Economy"
"This is a stacked deck, and one that benefits only the controlling class in banking, and works against the American public. The Fed is the facilitator of torture, war, and conquest because it is the supplier of money for all the horrendous activities of this terroristic government. It enriches the few in the elite class with money and power, all at the expense of the rest of society. This is corruption writ large, and it will not end until the Federal Reserve is abolished."
[ Gary D. Barnett,]
    ● 19-Dec-2019 -- Canada: "Phone companies must block scam calls starting today. Here's what you can expect
"Spoofed numbers won't be stopped until at least next Sept. 30"
[Emily Chung, et al., CBC News]
    ● 18-Dec-2019 -- USA: 'Vulture Capitalism Is Jewish Capitalism"
[Andrew Joyce, Unz Review]
    ● 18-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Ex-WorldCom CEO tied to $11 billion fraud granted early release from prison"
[Alexis Benveniste, CNN Business]
    ● 18-Dec-2019 -- Washington, DC, USA: "Trump impeachment vote live updates: Trump becomes third U.S. president to be impeached as House approves both articles of impeachment" [Colby Itkowitz, et al., WaPo]
    ● 18-Dec-2019 -- China: "China cuts 'freedom of thought' from top university charters
"Inclusion of pledge to follow Communist party leadership sparks rare defiance at Fudan"
[The Guardian: Reuters]
    ● 18-Dec-2019 -- Syria-Russia: "More than 20 [22+] killed in air raids on towns in Syria's Idlib
"Russian-backed government forces step up attacks on rebel-held towns in northwest Syria, volunteer medic group says."
[Farah Najjar, Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 18-Dec-2019 -- World: "Waves of protests around the world are reminder that voices of children and adolescents must be heard and their rights protected"
Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore
[UNICEF New York]
    ● 18-Dec-2019 -- USA: "In photos: "Impeach Trump" protesters rally across the U.S." [Rebecca Falconer, Axios]
    ● 18-Dec-2019 -- Slovakia: "Dozens [59+] of gravestones vandalized in Jewish cemetery in Slovakia" [Ivana Kottasová, et al., CNN World]
    ● 18-Dec-2019 -- Italy-France-USA: "Fiat Chrysler, Peugeot owner agree to binding $50 billion merger deal" [CNBC: Reuters]
    ● 18-Dec-2019 -- Australia: "Australia heatwave: Nation endures hottest day on record [40.9C on 17-Dec-2019]" [BBC News]
    ● 17-Dec-2019 -- Canada: "LifeLabs pays ransom after cyberattack exposes information of 15 million customers in B.C. and Ontario"
"Canada's largest lab testing company says private data has not been exposed publicly"
[CBC News
    ● 17-Dec-2019 -- USA-Armenia: "Trump says Armenia massacres were not genocide, directly contradicting Congress" [BBC News]
    ● 17-Dec-2019 -- Turkey-USA: "Erdogan threatens to recognise killings of Native Americans as genocide in response to Armenia resolution
"'It is a shameful moment in US history,' says Turkish president"
[Vincent Wood, Independent]
    ● 17-Dec-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Blasts Kill 10 Afghan Civilians, Injure 18"
[Ayaz Gul, VOA] 
    ● 17-Dec-2019 -- Paris, France: "Tear gas & vehicles ablaze: Paris protests [350,000 protesters] against French pension reform escalate into clashes with police (VIDEOS)" [RT]
    ● 17-Dec-2019 -- India: "India successfully test-fires BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from Chandipur launch pad" [RT]
    ● 17-Dec-2019 -- India-Pakistan: "Millions of Muslim refugees could flee India: Pakistan PM Khan
"Imran Khan says millions of Muslims could flee India due to the lockdown in Kashmir and India's new citizenship law."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 17-Dec-2019 -- UK-Palestine: "'Deeply damaging': Anger as Boris Johnson plans 'anti-BDS' law
"Activists, experts concerned as UK government reportedly plans to ban public bodies from boycotting foreign products."
[Anealla Safdar, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 17-Dec-2019 -- Pakistan: "Pervez Musharraf: Pakistan ex-leader sentenced to death for treason"
Musharraf seized power in a coup in 1999; he was charged with high treason in 2014; he is currently in Dubai.
[BBC News]
    ● 17-Dec-2019 -- Israel-Iraq-Syria: "The Israel Lobby’s Hidden Hand in the Theft of Iraqi and Syrian Oil
"The outsized role of U.S. Israel lobby operatives in abetting the theft of Syrian and Iraqi oil reveals how this powerful lobby also facilitates more covert aspects of U.S.-Israeli cooperation and the implementation of policies that favor Israel."
President Trump, 3-Nov-2019: “I like oil. We’re keeping the oil.”
[Agha Hussain and Whitney Webb, Mint Press News] [orignally published on 10-Dec-2019, at]
    ● 16-Dec-2019 -- Israel-Egypt: "Israel authorises gas exports from offshore fields to Egypt
"Green light clears the way for Israel to become an energy exporter for the first time."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 16-Dec-2019 -- Thailand: "From tweet to street: New generation joins Thai protest [in opposition to authoritarian government]"
[Patpicha Tanakasempipat, et al., Reuters]
    ● 16-Dec-2019 -- Iraq-USA: "Pentagon chief urges Iraq to stop attacks [by Iranian-backed groups] on bases housing U.S. forces" [Ahmed Rasheed, et al., Reuters]
    ● 16-Dec-2019 -- EU: "Marine pollution: thousands of serious offences exposed in global operation
"Europol supported this multi-agency transcontinental approach to tackling pollution crime"
[Press Release, Environmental Crime, Europol]
    ● 15-Dec-2019 -- Lebanon: "Dozens injured as police clash with protesters in Lebanon
"Security forces use rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon to disperse anti-government demonstrators in Beirut."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 15-Dec-2019 -- China: "China expected to lift over 10 mln out of poverty in 2019" [mingmei (ed), Xinhua, XinhuaNet]
    ● 15-Dec-2019 -- India: "Police fire tear gas as Delhi protesters decry citizenship law
"Tensions remain high across India as several [6] killed in Assam protests against the 'anti-Muslim' citizenship law."
[Bilal Kuchay, et al., Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 15-Dec-2019 -- Madrid, Spain: "United Nations climate talks collapse after Trump shuns Paris pact" [Zack Colman, et al., Politico]
    ● 14-Dec-2019 -- USA-Afghanistan: "The Afghanistan War Has Been A Tissue Of Lies"
"Those journalists like this one who insisted on telling the truth about Afghanistan were fired or ignored.  I was booted off CNN for denying their false claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.  And that the US was ‘winning’ the Afghan War.  I was banned from certain radio and public TV networks for asserting that ISIS was a western invention, backed by Turkey, the US, France, Britain and Israel.  I was branded a ‘radical’ for trying to tell the truth."
[ Eric S. Margolis]
    ● 14-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Taylor Swift calls out GEORGE SOROS for investing into her music ‘without consent’" [RT]
    ● 14-Dec-2019 -- Italy: "Italy's 'Sardines' pack Rome for anti far-right rally
"Tens of thousands join rally organised by grassroots movement as part of their campaign to battle right-wing populism."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 14-Dec-2019 -- Aalst, Belgium: "‘Racist’ Belgian carnival which mocks Jews removed from Unesco heritage list
"Move comes after parade float featuring Orthodox Jews with hooked noses and sitting on gold bags outraged Belgium’s 40,000-strong Jewish community"
[May Bulman, Independent]
    ● 14-Dec-2019 -- UK: " London rocked by protests after Boris Johnson’s landslide election victory" [Jon Levine, Ney York Post]
    ● 14-Dec-2019 -- India: "Citizenship Amendment Bill [CAB]: India's West Bengal hit by protests" [BBC News]
    ● 14-Dec-2019 -- Los Angeles, CA, USA: "Column: Another year, another thousand deaths. L.A. homelessness crisis hits a crossroads"
"The number of homeless people climbed to nearly 60,000, with nearly 1,000 dying on the streets"
[Steve Lopez, LA Times]
    ● 13-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Ten self-evident truths that We the People have spontaneously come to realize… that will END all government as we know it" [Mike Adams, Natural News]
    ● 13-Dec-2019 -- Conyers, GA, USA: "At least 1 person shot at Georgia plant, source reports; schools on lockdown"
[Nick Valencia, et al., CNN]
    ● 13-Dec-2019 -- UK: "Election results 2019: Boris Johnson hails 'new dawn' after historic victory"
Results: CON=365; LAB=203; SNP=48; LD=11; DUP=8; OTH=15.
[BBC News,,]
    ● 13-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Judiciary Committee approves articles of impeachment against Trump, GOP slams ‘kangaroo court’"
Alleged: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress; party-line vote; 23-17.
[Adam Shaw, et al., Fox News]
    ● 12-Dec-2019 -- USA: "U.S. has world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households"
Percent of children under the age of 18 in single-parent households: USA=23%; UK=21%; Russia=18%; France=16%; Canada=15%; Germany=12%; Japan=7%; India=5%; Nigeria=4%; China=3%... Mali=1%.
[Stephanie Kramer, Factank, Pew Research Center]
    ● 12-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Senate passes resolution to formally 'commemorate the Armenian Genocide'"
~1.5 million Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Empire during 1915-1923.
[Clare Foran, et al., CNN]
    ● 12-Dec-2019 -- China-Macau: "China wants to make protest-free Macau its next Hong Kong
"Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to announce policies for Macau, including the setting up of a stock exchange."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 12-Dec-2019 -- Lebanon-IMF: "As Lebanon talks to IMF, Fitch warns of possible debt default
"Ratings agency also warns of further political unrest stemming from US dollar rationing to prioritise debt repayments."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 12-Dec-2019 -- Niger: "Niger army base attack leaves at least 71 soldiers dead" [BBC News]
    ● 11-Dec-2019 -- Australia: "Australia tells Facebook and Google to commit to competition rules, or else"
[Colin Packham, Reuters]
    ● 11-Dec-2019 -- Vatican: "The Vatican is using donations for the poor to fight its budget deficit, report says" [Dan Mangan, CNBC]
    ● 11-Dec-2019 -- Israel-World: " Slavoj Zizek: The trouble is not with the Jews, but with my accusers" [Slavoj Zizek, RT, Op-Ed] 
    ● 11-Dec-2019 -- World: "Time 2019 Person of the Year: Greta Thunberg" [Charlotte Alter, et al., Time]
    ● 11-Dec-2019 -- Afghanistan: "At least two killed in Taliban suicide attack near US base
"Assault near Bagram, north of the Afghan capital, Kabul, comes as Washington and the armed group resume peace talks."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 11-Dec-2019 -- Sydney, Australia: "Sydney climate protest: thousands rally against inaction amid bushfire and air quality crisis
"Protesters wore face masks, asking the government to act on the role global heating had on the longer and more devastating bushfires"
[Naaman Zhou, The Guardian]
    ● 11-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Trump expected to issue executive order against antisemitism on campus
"Title VI prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance."
The executive order would "label Judaism as a nationality in addition to a religion."
[Omri Nahmias, JPost]
    ● 10-Dec-2019 -- Jersey City, NJ: "Jersey City gun battle leaves 6 dead, including police officer"
[Bryan Llenas, et al., Fox News]
    ● 10-Dec-2019 -- New Zealand: "'Unfathomable grief': 13 feared dead at New Zealand volcano
"Police to launch a criminal investigation into the circumstances of the deaths and injuries at Whakaari island eruption."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 10-Dec-2019 -- Algeria: "Algeria presses ahead with election amid protests
"Demonstrators want root-and-branch political reform and the departure of the country's ruling elite."
[Ramy Allahoum, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 10-Dec-2019 -- Czech Republic: "Gunman Kills 6 In Attack Inside Czech Hospital's Waiting Room" [Bill Chappell, NPR]
    ● 10-Dec-2019 -- Canada-USA-Mexico: "Democrats announce new US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement with White House"
[Haley Byrd, CNN]
    ● 10-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Democrats unveil two articles of impeachment [abuse of power and obstruction of Congress] against Trump"
[Jeremy Herb, et al., CNN]
    ● 9-Dec-2019 -- Chile: "Chile loses contact with military plane [C-130 Hercules] headed to Antarctica, 38 on board" [Greg Norman, Fox News]
    ● 9-Dec-2019 -- Pensacola, FL: "Pensacola Hit by Cyberattack Days After Shooting at Military Base
"Florida city’s emails, phone lines and 311 customer services have been affected"
[Talal Ansari, WSJ]
    ● 9-Dec-2019 -- Bolivia: "The racist leaders of the recent coup in #Bolivia want #Israel to come help them."
[Twitter: teleSUR English, @telesurenglish,]
    ● 9-Dec-2019 -- China-USA: "China reportedly orders state offices to remove foreign tech [hardware and software within 3 years] which could hit US firms like Microsoft" [Arjun Kharpal, et al., CNBC]
    ● 9-Dec-2019 -- "The Afghanistan Papers: A secret history of the war
"U.S. officials constantly said they were making progress. They were not, and they knew it."
[Craig Whitlock, et al., WaPo]
    ● 8-Dec-2019 -- Bogota, Colombia: "Thousands of protesters Sunday in Bogota, Colombia sing in unison as demonstrations against President Ivan Duque continue. #Colombia
[Twitter: teleSUR English, @telesurenglish,]
    ● 8-Dec-2019 -- New Delhi, India: "At least 43 killed as massive blaze rips through factory building in New Delhi" [RT]
    ● 8-Dec-2019 -- USA-Israel: "Trump accused of ‘Jewsplaining’ after blaming some American Jews of ‘not loving Israel enough’" [RT]
    ● 8-Dec-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hundreds of thousands hit the streets of Hong Kong
"Organisers say mass rally is 'last chance' for territory's government to meet demands as authorities appeal for calm."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 7-Dec-2019 -- Syria-Russia: "Syria: More than a dozen killed in Idlib air raids
"Government and Russian attacks kill at least 18 people in rebel-held northwest Syria, rescue workers say."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 7-Dec-2019 -- World: "World's oceans are losing oxygen at a dangerous, unprecedented rate as temperatures rise, study finds"
[Sophie Lewis, CBS News]

See also: "Ocean deoxygenation : everyone’s problem"
[D. Laffoley, et al., IUCN, 2019, DOI:,]
    ● 7-Dec-2019 -- Paris, France: "Paris police blast tear gas at Yellow Vest activists on anti-Macron march who set fire to roads and monuments - as strike chaos over pension reform grips France for third day"
[Isabella Nikolic, Daily Mail]
    ● 7-Dec-2019 -- USA-Israel: "Is Donald Trump's bromance with Benjamin Netanyahu over? Bibi not cited in Florida speech [at a conference sponsored by the Israeli-American Council]"
[Michael Collins, et al., USA Today]
    ● 7-Dec-2019 -- USA-Israel: "Haley suggests Canada made 'deal with the devil' by backing anti-Israel UN resolution"
[Adam Shaw, Fox News]

"United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 adopted on 23 December 2016."
The resolution "concerns the Israeli settlements in "Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem". The resolution passed in a 14–0 vote by members of the U.N. Security Council (UNSC). Four members with United Nations Security Council veto power, China, France, Russia, and the United Kingdom, voted for the resolution, but the United States abstained.
The resolution states that Israel's settlement activity constitutes a "flagrant violation" of international law and has "no legal validity". It demands that Israel stop such activity and fulfill its obligations as an occupying power under the Fourth Geneva Convention."

See: "Einstein on Israel and Zionism: His Provocative Ideas About the Middle East."
Einstein: "I am in favor of Palestine being developed as a Jewish Homeland but not as a separate state."
[Fred Jerome, 2009,]
    ● 7-Dec-2019 -- Wall Street-USA: "Robots are coming for Wall Street: AI threatening top finance jobs" [RT,]

See: EEA, on "science and technology after the year 2000." EEA: "We must redirect Technology. Technology cannot continue to be an instrument of dominion over Man; it must become the primal instrument for multiplying the opportunities of Man. Increased opportunities means expanded horizons -- expanded freedom and progress. The same technology that allows banks to replace tellers with interactive multimedia software, allows society to replace bank CEOs with software robots -- and save money." [Edward E. Ayoub, "World War III Against the Money Trust?",]
    ● 7-Dec-2019 -- Israel-Iran: "‘Nuke [-missile] aimed at Iran’? Tehran raises alarm after Israel test-fires mystery rocket [propulsion system] in broad daylight" [RT]
    ● 6-Dec-2019 -- World-Madrid, Spain: "Greta Thunberg criticizes world leaders' climate actions as they meet at COP25 to discuss the crisis"
[Bianca Britton, et al., CNN]
    ● 6-Dec-2019 -- Kenya: "At least 10 killed in Kenya bus attack claimed by al-Shabab
"Seven police officers among the dead after gunmen attacked a bus in northeast Kenya, local media reported."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies, 7-Dec-2019]
    ● 6-Dec-2019 -- Iraq: "Tensions flare as unidentified gunmen kill [anti-government] protesters in Baghdad
"At least 20 killed, more than 130 wounded as armed men attack demonstrators camped out near Tahrir Square."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies, 7-Dec-2019]
    ● 6-Dec-2019 -- China: "As China's economy slows, the poor take the brunt
"China's economic growth rate slowed to a near 30-year low in the third quarter, hurting the income of its poorest."
China's total household debt=~50.3% of GDP, as of Jun-2018 [IMF estimate]
[David Ho, et al., Al Jazeera]
    ● 6-Dec-2019 -- World Bank-China: "World Bank gives China billions in loans despite US objections
"Citing human rights violations in Xinjiang, US officials said that the World Bank should not be lending to China."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 6-Dec-2019 -- Iran: "Iranian forces may have killed more than 1,000 [1,029] in recent protests, official says"
[Travis Fedschun, Fox News-AP]
    ● 6-Dec-2019 -- Paris, France: "Paris travel nightmare enters second day as hundreds of miles of traffic jams reported around French capital"
800,000+ protested across France on 5-Dec-2019.
[Greg Norman, Fox News-AP]
    ● 6-Dec-2019 -- Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL: "Naval Air Station Pensacola shooter was Saudi aviation student, investigators eye potential terror link"
The shooter shot and killed 3 people; he was "taken out" by responding officers.
[Vandana Rambaran, et al., Fox News]
    ● 6-Dec-2019 -- Moldova-Vienna, Austria: "Crime group suspected of smuggling nuclear materials arrested in Vienna" [Europol]
    ● 5-Dec-2019 -- UN-Israel-Syria: "UN officially asks Israel to leave Golan Heights" [Middle East Monitor]
    ● 5-Dec-2019 -- Russia: "Cutting Russia off from SWIFT would mean declaration of war – Russian PM" [RT]
    ● 5-Dec-2019 -- Saudi Arabia: "Biggest IPO in history: Saudi Aramco shares priced
"Aramco has priced its highly anticipated initial public offering at 32 riyals ($8.53) per share."
Aramco market valuation= $1.7 trillion.
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 5-Dec-2019 -- Russia: "Evil Corp: US charges Russians over hacking attacks"
"US authorities allege that the group stole at least $100m (£76m) using Bugat malware - known as Dridex."
[BBC News]
    ● 5-Dec-2019 -- MN, USA: "3 soldiers confirmed dead in Minnesota National Guard Black Hawk helicopter crash" [Fox 9]
    ● 5-Dec-2019 -- CA, USA: "California bans insurers from pulling policies in fire-ravaged areas" [Joseph Sernia, Los Angeles Times]
    ● 5-Dec-2019 -- Mauritania: "Dozens dead as migrant boat sinks off Mauritania coast: UN"
"At least 62 people, including children, drown while 83 others swam ashore after the overcrowded boat capsized."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 5-Dec-2019 -- UK: "UK household debts see big increase."
"Average household financial debt rose 9% to £9,400."
[BBC News]
    ● 5-Dec-2019 -- France: "[Massive] National Strike In France Shuts Down Cities Over Macron's Pension Reform Plans" [Bill Chappell, NPR]
    ● 5-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Impeachment hearings live updates: Pelosi asks committee chairs to proceed with articles of impeachment" [John Wagner, WaPo]
    ● 4-Dec-2019 -- USA: "Two dead, one injured in shooting at Pearl Harbor base, military officials say"; the gunman, a US Navy sailor, killed 2 then himself."
[Reis Thebault, et al., WaPo]

See also: "Pensacola shooting: 4 [including the gunman] killed at Naval Air Station… days after deadly Pearl Harbor rampage" [RT]
    ● 4-Dec-2019 -- USA-North Korea: "All-out war could erupt between US and North Korea ‘at any moment’ – N. Korean media" [RT]
    ● 4-Dec-2019 -- Afghanistan-Japan: "Widely Respected Japanese Humanitarian Among 6 Killed In Afghanistan Attack" [Paolo Zialcita, NPR]
    ● 4-Dec-2019 -- France: "Swastikas sprayed on more than 100 graves [107 graves] in Jewish cemetery in France" [Saskya Vandoorne, et al., CNN World]
    ● 4-Dec-2019 -- USA-China: "How Dumb Have We Become? Chinese Students Are 4 Grade Levels Ahead Of U.S. Students In Math" [Michael Snyder, The Most Important News (TMIN)]
    ● 3-Dec-2019 -- USA-Israel: "COME SPY WITH ME Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were spies who used underage sex to blackmail politicians, ‘ex-handler’ claims"
"The unsubstantiated claims have been made by Ari Ben-Menashe who claims he is a former Israeli spy."
[Emma Parry, The Sun,]

See the book "Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales"

See also: "Predator Epstein wined & dined with tech giants at ‘billionaires’ dinner’" [RT,]
    ● 3-Dec-2019 -- "A luxury developer hung a $4.8 million chandelier above a former homeless encampment in Vancouver"
Homeless populations: Vancouver=2,220; Toronto=9,700; Los Angeles=60,000+
[Scottie Andrew, CNN]
    ● 3-Dec-2019 -- USA: "2020 Political Ad Spending to Hit Record $9.8 Billion-Plus: Study" [Georg Szalai, The Hollywood Reporter]
    ● 3-Dec-2019 -- Iran-USA: "Iran wants US to pay $130 billion in damages for inciting riots and other ‘crimes against the nation’" [RT, 3-Dec-2019,]

See also: "Iran says it arrested 8 people linked to CIA during unrest – state media" [RT, 27-Nov-2019,]
    ● 3-Dec-2019 -- Khartoum, Sudan: "More than a dozen people [23+ people] killed in Sudan factory fire
"Fire breaks out after a gas tanker exploded at a tile factory in Khartoum, government says."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 3-Dec-2019 -- World: "Global Bank Job Cull Tops 75,000 This Year as UniCredit Cuts [8,000 Jobs]"; targeted job cuts: EU=63,036; North America=6,169; World=75,705 [derived from Company filings in 2019].
[Nicholas Comfort, Bloomberg]
    ● 3-Dec-2019 -- Syria: "12 children killed in 'bloodiest of days' in northwest Syria"
Attacks on marketplaces; 19+ people, including 12 children, were killed.
[Kareem Khadder, et al., CNN World]
    ● 3-Dec-2019 -- Iran: "Iran says it shot 'rioters' after rights group claims 200 killed [208+ killed in less than a week] in protests
"Amnesty International said the 'alarming death toll' was further evidence that Iran's security forces went on a 'horrific killing spree.'"
[NBC News: Saphora Smith, et al., AP]
    ● 3-Dec-2019 -- USA-China: "Dow falls more than 400 points after Trump warns China trade war could go beyond 2020 election"
[Anneken Tappe, CNN Business]
    ● 3-Dec-2019 -- World-USA: "U.S. students continue to lag behind peers in East Asia and Europe in reading, math and science, exams show" [Moriah Balingit, WaPo]
    ● 2-Dec-2019 -- 47 Percent Of GDP – This Is Definitely The Scariest Corporate Debt Bubble In U.S. History [Michael Snyder, The Most Important News (TMIN)]
    ● 2-Dec-2019 -- USA-Lebanon: "Trump administration quietly releases Lebanon military aid after mysterious delay"
[NBC News: Elizabeth Janowski, AP]
    ● 2-Dec-2019 -- USA-France: "US vows 100% tariffs on French Champagne, cheese, handbags over digital tax" [CNBC: Reuters]
    ● 2-Dec-2019 -- USA: "‘Troubling and wrong’: Trump blacklists Bloomberg News from covering campaign over bias for billionaire Democrat boss" [RT]
    ● 2-Dec-2019 -- Russia-China: "'Power of Siberia': Russia, China launch massive gas pipeline
"Russia, one of the world's largest exporters of natural gas, is launching a major pipeline from Siberia to China."
[Al Jazeera News]
    ● 2-Dec-2019 -- Syria: "Syrian air strikes on Idlib markets kill at least 11: civil defense" [Khalil Ashawi, et al., Reuters]
    ● 2-Dec-2019 -- World: "30,506 internet domain names shut down for intellectual property infringement" [Europol]
    ● 1-Dec-2019 -- Mexico: "Mexico homicide record: 127 deaths reported in a single day [127 people killed on 1-Dec-2019]
"Unprecedented death toll raises questions about government's 'hugs not bullets' policy in tackling drug cartels."
[Al Jazeera News, 3-Dec-2019]
    ● 1-Dec-2019 -- Mexico: "Mexico gunbattle near Texas border between suspected cartel members, police leaves at least 21 dead"
[Travis Fedschun, Fox News]
    ● INFORMATION: 1-Dec-2019 -- World: "Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich
"Some of the wealthiest people in America—in Silicon Valley, New York, and beyond—are getting ready for the crackup of civilization."
[Evan Osnos, The New Yorker, 22-Jan-2017]
    ● 1-Dec-2019 -- Israel-USA: "Fruit of ‘US-backed colonization’: Israel to DOUBLE Jewish population in West Bank’s Hebron" [RT]
    ● 1-Dec-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas as Protesters Return in Force" [Elaine Yu, NYT]
    ● 1-Dec-2019 -- New Orleans, LA: "Shooting on the edge of the French Quarter leaves 11 injured in New Orleans"
[Eliott C. McLaughlin, et al., CNN]
    ● 30-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Prominent Idaho executives, kids among 9 killed in South Dakota plane crash" [Makenzie Huber, et al., USA Today, 2-Dec-2019]
    ● INFORMATION: 30-Nov-2019 -- World: "The WTO 20 years after the 'battle of Seattle'
"More than two decades after its creation, the WTO's promise of prosperity and job creation has not been fulfilled."
[Al Jazeera: Deborah James, International Programs at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, Washington, DC, Op-Ed]

For Dr. Edward E. Ayoub's Op-Eds on Globalization Free Trade, and the Rule of Law -- Before and After 30-Nov-2001 --, see:
1. "Capitalism Is Not Secure -- Unless Everyone Is" at
2. "The High Noon Of Capitalism: The Overthrow Of The Advantages Of Lenders Over Borrowers In The 'Rule Of Law'" at
3. "The Next War" at
4. "The Seeds Of The Coming Collision Between The People And The Money Trust" at
    ● 30-Nov-2019 -- Israel-The Netherlands: "Smeared by ‘Israel lobby’? Dutch cartoonist scoffs after being branded ‘Nazi sympathizer’ over Netanyahu caricature" [RT]
    ● 30-Nov-2019 -- EU-Iran: "US envoy spews vitriol as 6 more EU nations [Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, and Sweden, together with the UK, France and Germany] defy sanctions bypass device INSTEX & urge saving Iran nuclear deal [2015 JCPOA]" [RT]
    ● 30-Nov-2019 -- DR Congo: "DRC army says it killed top rebel leader as civilian toll rises
"ADF commander shot dead during operation in eastern DRC, army says, hours after assailants kill 13 in 'gruesome' attack."
[Al Jazeera News]
    ● 30-Nov-2019 -- Germany: "Germany is closing all its nuclear power plants. Now it must find a place to bury the deadly waste for 1 million years"
[Sheena McKenzie, CNN World]
    ● 29-Nov-2019 -- World: "Thousands [Tens of thousands] stage global climate protests before UN summit
"Demonstrations in 2,300 cities in 153 countries attempt to pressure leaders before the UN climate summit in Madrid."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 29-Nov-2019 -- France: "Black Friday backlash: Protests against Amazon erupt across France" [BBC News]
    ● 29-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Corporate debt nears a record $10 trillion, and borrowing binge poses new risks"
Total US corporate debt=~$10 trillion (as @ 30-Jun-2019)
[David J. Lynch, WaPo]
    ● 29-Nov-2019 -- Palestine-Israel: "Palestinian teen shot dead by Israel in southern Gaza Strip"
"At least 348 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire in Gaza since weekly protests began in March 2018, more than half during the demonstrations."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 29-Nov-2019 -- Germany: "Germany acts to stop sale of tech companies to non-EU investors"
[Guy Chazan, FT]
[See also:]
    ● 29-Nov-2019 -- Italy: "Police raids in Italy uncover weapons, propaganda and suspects who wanted to create an 'openly pro-Nazi' party"
[Nicole Chavez, et al., CNN]
    ● 29-Nov-2019 -- The Hague, The Netherlands: : "The Hague stabbing: Three injured on shopping street aged 13-15" [BBC News]
    ● 29-Nov-2019 -- London, UK: "London Bridge attack suspect shot and killed by British police after stabbing: report"
[Gillian Turner, Fox News-AP]

See also: "Daesh (also known as ISIS/ISIL/IS) Reportedly Claims Responsibility for London Bridge Terror Attack" [Sputnik, 30-Nov-2019,]
    ● 28-Nov-2019 -- Iraq: "40 Iraqi protesters slain in 24 hours as violence spirals" [Los Angeles Times: AP]
    ● 28-Nov-2019 -- Turkey: "Ankara: Turkish soldiers [2 Turkish soldiers] killed in attack near Syrian border" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 28-Nov-2019 -- EU-USA-Palestine-Israel: "EU stance in focus after US decision on Israeli settlements
"Washington and Brussels have increasingly divergent approaches in Israeli-Palestinian conflict."
[Ben White, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 28-Nov-2019 -- Vatican City: "Pope names new financial regulator chief following police raid"
[Philip Pullella, et al., Reuters]
    ● 28-Nov-2019 -- China-USA: "Beijing hits out after Trump signs laws backing Hong Kong rights
""We urge the U.S. to not continue going down the wrong path, or China will take countermeasures," the Chinese Foreign Ministry said."
[Jasmine Leung,  NBC News]
    ● INFORMATION: 28-Nov-2019 -- Canada: "Customers file record number of complaints about Canadian telcos
"Billing problems and non-disclosure of terms top list of complaints in mediator's annual report"
[Erica Johnson, et al., CBC News]

See: CCTS Annual Report: 1-Aug-2018 - 31-Jul-2019
[CCTS Commission for Complaints for Telecom-Television Services,]
    ● 28-Nov-2019 -- World: "Climate crisis pushing Earth to a 'global tipping point,' researchers say"
[Helen Regan, CNN]

See: "Climate tipping points — too risky to bet against
"The growing threat of abrupt and irreversible climate changes must compel political and economic action on emissions."
[Timothy M. Lenton, et al., 27-Nov-2019,]
    ● 27-Nov-2019 -- CA, USA-Germany: "Former Deutsche Bank Exec Connected to Trump Loans Dies by Suicide in Malibu
"Thomas Bowers, who worked above Trump’s personal banker, was 55"
[Ian Spiegelman, Los Angeles Magazine]
    ● INFORMATION: 27-Nov-2019 -- Canada-USA: "Native Land
Interactive Map
[Indigenous, @AmericanIndian8,]
    ● 27-Nov-2019 -- TX, USA: "Another explosion rocks a Texas chemical plant" [Faith Karimi, et al., CNN]
    ● 27-Nov-2019 -- Lebanon-USA: "With American Help, Lebanon Once Again Nears the Abyss
"Lebanon needs change. The people demand it and even some of the leaders know it. But US involvement threatens that possibility."
[The Nation: Charles Glass]
    ● 27-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Billionaire-funded protest is rearing its head in America" [The Guardian: Hamilton Nolan, Op-ED]
    ● 27-Nov-2019 -- Dublin, Ireland: "Farmers bring central Dublin to a halt with tractor protest" [Padraic Halpin, et al., Reuters]
    ● 27-Nov-2019 -- Iran: "Iran says hundreds of banks [731 banks] were torched in 'vast' unrest plot" [Babak Dehghanpisheh, Reuters]
    ● 27-Nov-2019 -- UN-Israel-Palestine: "‘Israel has lost even pretense of respect for international law’ – expelled HRW [Human Rights Watch] official to RT" [RT]
    ● 27-Nov-2019 -- Paris, France: "Irate French farmers descend on Paris in 1,000-strong tractor convoy to protest EU regulations (PHOTOS, VIDEO) [RT]
    ● 27-Nov-2019 -- Bangladesh: "Seven Islamist militants to be hanged for roles in Bangladesh terror attack that left American, 21 others dead" [Greg Norman, Fox News]
    ● 26-Nov-2019 -- Berlin, Germany: "Thousands of tractors plow through Berlin streets in protest at new green regulations (VIDEO, PHOTOS) [RT]
    ● 26-Nov-2019 -- USA: "‘There’s something terribly wrong’: Americans are dying young at alarming rates" [Joel Achenbach, WaPo]
    ● 26-Nov-2019 -- Poland-UK: "Poland brings home 100 tons of gold from Bank of England" [RT]
    ● 26-Nov-2019 -- Syria: "Car bomb [attack by the Kurdish YPG militia] kills 17 near Syrian border city - Turkish Defense Ministry" [RT]
    ● 26-Nov-2019 -- Lebanon: "Second night of clashes in Lebanon amid anti-gov't [anti-political elite] protests
"Hezbollah and Amal supporters reportedly attack demonstrators in Beirut and southern town of Tyre."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 26-Nov-2019 -- UK-USA: "Citigroup hit with record U.K. fine [$57 million] for incorrect reporting" [American Banker: Bloomberg News]
    ● 26-Nov-2019 -- UK: "British Jews 'gripped by anxiety' at prospect of Labour government, says chief rabbi" [Tara John, et al., CNN World]
    ● 26-Nov-2019 -- France-Mali: "Helicopter Collision Kills 13 French Soldiers in Mali
"France shoulders the majority of the military action against terrorist groups in the West African country"
[Noemie Bisserbe, et al., WSJ]
    ● 26-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Googlers say the company is trying to crush worker organization after it fired 4 people" [Charlie Wood, Business Insider]
    ● 26-Nov-2019 -- World: "Global temperature rises could bring 'destructive' effects, U.N. says" [Emma Farge, et al., Reuters]
    ● 26-Nov-2019 -- Albania: "Albania's search for quake victims ends as death toll rises to 51
"Albania's PM announces end of operation launched in the wake of deadly 6.4 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday [26-Nov-2019]."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies, 30-Nov-2019]
    ● 25-Nov-2019 -- Iran: "‘Cross our red lines & be destroyed’: Iran’s elite IRGC chief warns US, Israel and Saudi Arabia at large pro-govt rally" [RT]
    ● 25-Nov-2019 -- Lebanon: "US dollar shortage and Lebanon's economic crisis
"Several businesses have closed and many people lost their jobs, causing fears about the country's economic future."
[Zeina Khodr, Al Jazeera]
    ● 25-Nov-2019 -- France-USA: "Louis Vuitton [LVMH] buys jeweller Tiffany for $16bn" [Analysis by Dominic O'Connell, BBC News]
    ● 25-Nov-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong elections stunner: What pro-democracy landslide means" [John Bacon, USA Today]
    ● 25-Nov-2019 -- London, UK: "London Won't Renew Uber's License, Saying Unauthorized Drivers Took 14,000 Trips" [Bill Chappell, NPR]
    ● 25-Nov-2019 -- Lebanon: "Obegi proposes using gold as collateral
"The head of BEMO Bank wants to break an entrenched taboo as a means of exiting the financial crisis: Using part of Lebanon’s gold reserves as collateral to borrow money at lower interest rates.
[Osama Habib, The Daily Star, 19-Nov-2019,] [Twitter: atiejoseph, @Atiejelmouallem,]
    ● 24-Nov-2019 -- Sudan: "Sudan tribal fighting: At least six killed in violence
"Ethnic violence broke out between the Beni Amer and the Hadendawa tribes in Sudan’s Red Sea state last week."
[Hiba Morgan, Al Jazeera]
    ● 24-Nov-2019 -- China: "China Plans Record Sale of Dollar Bonds With Possible $6 Billion Offering" [Annie Lee, et al., Bloomberg]
    ● 24-Nov-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Kabul blast targets UN vehicle, at least one ‘foreigner’ killed" [RT]
    ● 24-Nov-2019 -- World: "Deutsche Bank deploys an army of robots to replace 18,000 workers [by 2022]"; 4,000 workers have already been axed. [RT]
    ● 24-Nov-2019 -- DR Congo: "At least 25 killed after plane crashes in DR Congo's Goma city" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 24-Nov-2019 -- Iraq: "Death toll rises as anti-government protests grip Iraq";
6 people were killed [330+ people were killed since 1-Oct-2019].
[Arwa Ibrahim, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 23-Nov-2019 -- Syria: "Car bomb blast claims nearly dozen lives in Syrian border town" [PressTV]
    ● 23-Nov-2019 -- Colombia: "Colombia protesters defy curfew as anti-gov't rallies continue
"Fresh demonstrations come day after hundreds of thousands protested across country in mass rallies that left three dead."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 23-Nov-2019 -- Lebanon: "Defiant protesters hold rival parade on Lebanon independence day
"Separate parades held by politicians and demonstrators, as thousands of civilians march through the centre of Beirut."
[Timour Azhari, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 22-Nov-2019 -- World: "For World's 100 Richest People, It Was a Very Good Year" [Alexandre Tanzi, et al., Bloomberg]
    ● 22-Nov-2019 -- USA: "A Billion People’s Data Left Unprotected on Google Cloud Server" [Kartikay Mehrotra, Bloomberg]
    ● 22-Nov-2019 -- Baghdad, Iraq: "Iraqi security forces kill three protesters in Baghdad: Reports
"Anti-gov't rallies in Iraqi capital turn bloody after Shia leader al-Sistani urges quick electoral reform to end crisis."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 22-Nov-2019 -- France: "137 women have been killed by their partners in France this year. Critics blame a 'deeply sexist society'"
[Saskya Vandoorne, CNN World]

See also: "Why has it been such a deadly year for French women?
"Anti-domestic violence activists say 138 women have been killed by a current or former partner in France so far in 2019."
[Megan Clement, Al Jazeera,]
    ● 22-Nov-2019 -- World: "Physicists Just Created Long-Sought Dark Matter Quasiparticle [the Axion]. Here's Why That's a Big Deal."
[Meredith Fore, Live Science]

See also: Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids. "Axion particle spotted in solid-state crystal." [ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 7-Oct-2019.]
    ● 22-Nov-2019 -- USA: "There have been at least 4 hate [racist and anti-Semitic] incidents reported on college campuses this week" [Faith Karimi, et al., CNN]
    ● 21-Nov-2019 -- Bolivia: "Bolivians in Morales stronghold mourn eight killed in clashes
"Morales's supporters blame interim gov't of President Anez as security forces quell blockade at El Alto fuel plant."
[Mariana Sanchez, Al Jazeera]
    ● 21-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Personal loans are 'growing like a weed,' a potential warning sign for the US economy"
Average personal loan balance=$16,259 (according to Experian)
[MSN Money: Heather Long, WaPo]
    ● 21-Nov-2019 -- USA: "WeWork lays off 2,400 employees" [Kevin Webb, Business Insider]
    ● 21-Nov-2019 -- Iran: "#Iran condemns US policy shift in favor of Israeli land theft, urges intl. action
#UnitedStates #Israel
[Press TV, @PressTV,;]
    ● 21-Nov-2019 -- Israel: "Israel AG [Attorney General] indicts Netanyahu on corruption charges, including bribery & fraud" [RT]
    ● 21-Nov-2019 -- Chile: "Amnesty: 22 killed, 2,000 injured in Chile's protest crackdown
"Amnesty International has published a report detailing a range of human rights abuses in Chile since protests started a month ago."
[Manuel Rapalo, Al Jazeera]
    ● 21-Nov-2019 -- Syria: "Syria: Idlib IDP camp hit by deadly missile attack
"At least 22 people killed in two separate attacks by Syrian government forces, volunteer medic group says."
[Al Jazeera News]
    ● 21-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Charles Schwab buying TD Ameritrade for $26B: EXCLUSIVE
"The deal will allow Schwab to better compete with the likes of BlackRock."
[Jonathan Garber, FOX Business]
    ● 21-Nov-2019 -- USA: "‘This is corruption’: Warren [Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)] blasts Zuckerberg’s secret dinner with Trump" [Cristiano Lima, Politico]
    ● 20-Nov-2019 -- Bolivia: "At Least 6 Killed As Political Turmoil Continues In Bolivia" [Laurel Wamsley, NPR]
    ● 20-Nov-2019 -- USA: "So much for the #Resistance! While all eyes were on impeachment hearing, House re-authorized PATRIOT Act" [RT]
    ● 20-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Regulators approve biggest bank marriage [SunTrust and BB&T] since the 2008 financial crisis" [Matt Egan, CNN]
    ● 20-Nov-2019 -- USA-Afghanistan: "Two American service members killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash" [Aishwarya Airy, et al., USA Today]
    ● 20-Nov-2019 -- Israel: "Israel moves closer to third elections after political kingmaker refuses to back Netanyahu or Gantz"
[Michael Schwartz, et al., CNN World]
    ● 20-Nov-2019 -- Germany: "Son of one of Germany's most respected former presidents stabbed to death during lecture
"The victim, a physician, was the son of former president Richard von Weizsaecker, who served as president during Germany's reunification."
[NBC News: AP]
    ● 20-Nov-2019 -- NATO: "Skepticism runs deep at NATO as Pompeo meets with allies
"Many Europeans are worried that the United States is no longer willing to exercise its leadership in NATO and that the alliance is growing obsolete."
[The Washington Post, @washingtonpost,;]
    ● 20-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Opinion: This home mortgage disaster is ready to punish housing markets
"Cash-out refinancing is popular again — and still dangerous"
[Keith Jurow, MarketWatch, Op-Ed]
    ● INFORMATION: 20-Nov-2019 -- USA-Russia: "Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find – Eric Schmidt" [RT]
    ● INFORMATION: 19-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Nearly All Mass Shooters Since 1966 Have Had 4 Things in Common"
"... the shooters typically have an experience with childhood trauma, a personal crisis or specific grievance, and a “script” or examples that validate their feelings or provide a roadmap. And then there’s the fourth thing: access to a firearm."
[David Noriega and Tess Owen, Vice News]

See also: "The Violence Project" [Jillian Peterson and James Densley,]
    ● 19-Nov-2019 -- #Iranians hold pro-govt., anti-rioting rallies in several cities
#Hundreds rally across major Iranian provinces to denounce the rioting and vandalism, which has been staged across the country under the guise of protest at fuel price hike."
[Press TV, @PressTV,;]
    ● 19-Nov-2019 -- USA: "The US economy is losing billions of dollars because foreign students aren't enrolling"
[Evelina Nedlund, CNN Business]

See also: "Economic Value Statistics
"NAFSA's latest analysis finds that international students studying at U.S. colleges and universities contributed $41 billion and supported 458,290 jobs to the U.S. economy during the 2018-2019 academic year."
[Rachel Banks, NAFSA, 2019,]
    ● 19-Nov-2019 -- Iran: "Iranian Protests [Triggered by a Raise in Fuel Prices] Leave at Least 106 People Dead, Amnesty [Amnesty International] Reports"
[Abeer Abu Omar, Bloomberg]
    ● 19-Nov-2019 -- Libya: "UN: Air raid in Libya kills 10, may constitute a war crime
"The attack on a biscuit factory also left dozens of people wounded, many of whom were apparently migrants."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 19-Nov-2019 -- UK: "U.K. politicians up against unprecedented threat levels in Dec. 12 election campaign" [Renée Filippone, CBC News]
    ● 18-Nov-2019 -- Canada: "Rising Insolvency Readings Raise Red Flags in Canada. Sort Of"
Number of consumer insolvencies
Sep-2019=11,935 [up 19% YOY]
[Chris Fournier, et al., Bloomberg]
    ● 18-Nov-2019 -- USA-Israel: "US now considers Israeli settlements consistent with international law - Pompeo" [RT]
    ● 18-Nov-2019 -- India-EU: "Tata Steel to Sack 3,000 Staffers in Europe" [Sputnik]
    ● 18-Nov-2019 -- India-Russia: "India 'makes advance payment' for Russian S-400 missile system
"India has paid $800m over a year after it signed a $5bn deal to buy the missile systems, Russian firm Rostec says."
[Bilal Kuchay, Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 18-Nov-2019 -- OK, USA: "Three killed and several others wounded in Walmart shooting in Oklahoma" [MarketWatch-AP]
    ● 18-Nov-2019 -- Iran: "Iran's 'largest internet shutdown ever' is happening now. Here's what you need to know"
"Social media images showed banks, petrol stations and government buildings set ablaze by rioters."
[Tamara Qiblawi, CNN World]
    ● 18-Nov-2019 -- Fresno, CA, USA: "Fresno Shooting: 4 Dead, 6 Injured In Mass Shooting During Fresno Backyard Gathering" [CBS SF]
    ● 18-Nov-2019 -- Saudi Arabia-China: "Saudi Arabia, China launch joint naval exercise [dubbed “Blue Sword 2019”] in Red Sea" [Middle East Monitor]
    ● 17-Nov-2019 -- Bangladesh: "At least seven killed in Bangladesh gas explosion" [David Aaro, Fox News-AP]
    ● 17-Nov-2019 -- Bolivia: "UN calls for talks to end Bolivia crisis as death toll rises"
Death toll=23 people.
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 17-Nov-2019 -- Georgia: "Tens of thousands [~20,000 people] gather in Tbilisi to demand snap elections in Georgia" [Margarita Antidze, et al., Reuters]
    ● 17-Nov-2019 -- Vatican City: "Pope decries that “greed of a few” worsens poverty of others" [Frances D'Emilio, AP]
    ● 17-Nov-2019 -- Iran: "Iran’s top leader warns ‘thugs’ as protests reach 100 cities
"The government recently raised gasoline prices by 50 percent."
Official death toll=3+ people.
Number of ransacked banks and stores=~100.
[Politico: AP]
    ● 17-Nov-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong: [Anti-government] protesters and police in fiery stand-off at university" [BBC News]
    ● 17-Nov-2019 -- USA: "As a senator from Delaware, Joe Biden cast key votes that deregulated the banking industry, made it harder for individuals to escape their credit card debts and student loans, and protected his state’s status as a corporate bankruptcy hub."
"Joe Biden has a Delaware problem
He helped build a financial system that's great for the state's banks and terrible for the rest of us. That may come back to haunt him."
[Twitter: Mother Jones, @MotherJones,]"

See also: "House of Card
"How Joe Biden helped build a financial system that's great for Delaware banks and terrible for the rest of us."
[Tim Murphy, Mother Jones, Nov/Dec-2019]
    ● 16-Nov-2019 -- "#Zuckerberg calls Chinese rival of #Facebook 'threat to democracy'" [Twitter:RT, @RT_com,]
    ● 16-Nov-2019 -- Syria: "Deadly car bomb blasts rip through bus terminal in Syria's al-Bab
"At least 18 people killed and many more wounded after two vehicles exploded in northern Syrian border town."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 16-Nov-2019 -- Bolivia: "8 Killed In Bolivia As Protesters Call For Return of Ousted President Evo Morales" [Alexander Tuerk, NPR]
    ● 16-Nov-2019 -- China: "Leaked papers on China's Muslim mass detention policies show President Xi Jinping urging the ruling party to use the 'organs of dictatorship' to round up the ethnic minority"
[Bradley Saacks, Insider]
    ● 16-Nov-2019 -- Jerusalem: "More than 1,000,000 Jews attended the anti-Israel rally in Jerusalem. Millions of Jews emerged to protest the Zionist State and its killer army. I don't need an army, I don't need a state. Israel is not a Jewish state. Zionism and Israel do not represent Jews." [Saul Ben Kish, @saulbenkish,;]
    ● 16-Nov-2019 -- Prague, Czech Republic: "Czech anti-government protesters [~200,000, according to police; 300,000, according to organizers] mark anniversary of revolution"
"Demonstrators are calling for Prime Minister Andrej Babis to resign over allegations of fraud"
[BBC News]
    ● 16-Nov-2019 -- Paris, France: "Yellow vest protests [to mark the first anniversary of the anti-government yellow vest movement]: More than 100 arrested as violence returns to Paris" [BBC News]
    ● 16-Nov-2019 -- Iran: "At least 1 dead in Iran protests over gas prices [up 50% to fund handouts for the poor]" [Vandana Rambaran, Fox News-AP]
    ● 16-Nov-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Mainland Chinese Soldiers Take to Hong Kong Streets for First Time During [Pro-Democracy] Protests" [John Lyons, et al., WSJ]
    ● 16-Nov-2019 -- Japan-USA: "Nissan recalls nearly 400,00 vehicles over braking system defect" [Kanishka Singh, et al., Reuters]
    ● 16-Nov-2019 -- UK-USA: "Prince Andrew interview: Faced with the most serious of allegations and a self-made PR disaster unfolding, all he really had to say was sorry, mum [Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II]" [Sean O'Grady, Independent]
    ● 16-Nov-2019 -- DR Congo: "Several civilians killed in eastern DRC by rebel fighters
"Allied Democratic Forces behind the massacre of at least 15 people in eastern DR Congo, local officials say."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 15-Nov-2019 -- World: "‘War on Wall Street’? Billionaires declare themselves a persecuted minority" [Helen Buyniski, RT, Op-Ed]
    ● 15-Nov-2019 -- Israel-Palestine: "Major defense technology leak? Israeli missile interceptor reportedly falls in Gaza Strip and is intact" [RT]
See also: "Part of an Iron Dome Tamir interceptor fell in the #Gaza Strip."
[[witter: Joe Truzman, @Jtruzmah, 14-Nov-2019,]
    ● 15-Nov-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanese protesters reject 'another elite' PM candidate
"Activists say business tycoon and former Tripoli MP Mohammad Safadi is emblematic of the system they want to bring down."
[Leila Molana-Allen, Al Jazeera News'
    ● 15-Nov-2019 -- World: "Capital markets are eyeing the world's soaring debt" [Dion Rabouin, AXIOS]
    ● 15-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Amazon will protest Pentagon's decision to award $10 billion cloud contract to Microsoft"
[Clare Duffy, et al., CNN]
    ● 15-Nov-2019 -- USA-South Korea: "Trump demands five-fold increase in costs from South Korea to keep US troops, reports say"
[USA Today: Robert Burns, AP]
    ● 14-Nov-2019 -- Brazil: "10 years of BRICS: What keeps 5 headstrong powers [Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa] together in times of global disunion" [RT, Op-Ed]
    ● 14-Nov-2019 -- Santa Clarita, CA, USA: "2 dead in California school attack; gunman shoots self" [Stefanie Dazio, et al., AP]
    ● 14-Nov-2019 -- Russia: "1 killed, several [3] injured after college student opens fire at classmates in Russia’s Far East (VIDEOS)"; the shooter "committed suicide" [RT]
    ● 14-Nov-2019 -- Palestine-Israel: "Gaza: Eight family members killed, 12 critical in Israeli raids
"Three adults and 5 children were killed in attacks while 12 other Palestinian family members in critical condition."
Number of Palestinians killed by Israeli air raids=35 (over 2 days).
[Al Jazeera News]
    ● 14-Nov-2019 -- Lebanon: "Was politician's killing a turning point in Lebanon's protests?
"Demonstrators stopped to pay their respects to Alaa Abou Fakher, who was shot in the head by a soldier on Tuesday."
[Leila Molana-Allen, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 14-Nov-2019 -- World: "The Future of Banking Is … You're Broke
"Our present financial ruin is being turned into a business model."
"Seventy-eight percent [78%] of Americans live paycheck to paycheck."
[Molly Wood, WIRED]
    ● 14-Nov-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Student protesters fortify campus occupations as Hong Kong braces for more violence" [Helen Regan, et al., CNN World]
    ● 14-Nov-2019 -- Paris, France: Départ à Paris de la manifestation de l'ensemble des personnels hospitaliers pour notamment dénoncer une situation intenable dans les hôpitaux et exiger davantage de moyens et d'effectifs pour l‘hôpital public.
#hopitalpublic #hopital #Paris #servicepublic #hôpitaux
[Twitter: Charles Baudry, @CharlesBaudry,]
    ● 13-Nov-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Afghanistan: Kabul car bomb kills 12, including kids
"At least 12 people died in the explosion that apparently targeted a convoy from a private security firm."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 13-Nov-2019 -- Israel-Palestine: Israeli air raids: 22+ Palestinians killed since 12-Nov-2019 [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 13-Nov-2019 -- Venice, Italy: "Venice Declares State of Emergency After Near-Record Tide and Floods" [Melissa Cheok, et al., Bloomberg]
See also: Venice is being hit by the worst flooding since 1966. Mayor
@LuigiBrugnaro says it's the "effects of climate change" [Twitter: Bloomberg TicToc, @tictoc,]
    ● 13-Nov-2019 -- Bolivia: "‘We freed ourselves of IMF [International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC] & had big plans on exports’: Exiled Bolivian president Morales blasts coup & hints at US role in it" [RT]
    ● 13-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Next in Google’s Quest for Consumer Dominance: Banking
"Search giant plans to partner with banks to offer checking accounts"
[Peter Rudegeair, et al., WSJ]
    ● 13-Nov-2019 -- World: "Anti-Semitism 'neither human or Christian,' says Pope Francis"
Pope Francis, Rome: "The Jews are our brothers and should not be persecuted, understand?"
[Livia Borghese, et al., CNN World]
    ● 13-Nov-2019 -- Arctic: "The Arctic's Most Stable Sea Ice Is Vanishing Alarmingly Fast" [Mindy Weisberger, Planet Earth, LiveScience]

See also: "Spatiotemporal Variability of Sea Ice in the Arctic's Last Ice Area" [G. W. K. Moore, et al., AGU, Geophysical Research Letters, 15-Oct-2019,]
    ● 13-Nov-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong violence escalates as China tells U.S. to back off
""We urge the U.S. to clearly assess the situation and pull back before it's too late," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said."
[NBC News, Alexander Smith]
    ● 13-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Live updates: Historic impeachment hearing begins" [John Wagner, et al., WaPo]
    ● 12-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Federal lawmakers aim to reduce payday loan rates from 400% interest to 36%"
[Megan Leonhardt, CNBC, Make It]
    ● 12-Nov-2019 -- USA: "SpaceX Deploys 60 More Starlink Satellites in Record-Breaking Launch" [Ryan Whitwam, ExtremeTech]
    ● 12-Nov-2019 -- Jordan-US-Israel: "Jordan 'foils' plot against US, Israel diplomats and US troops
"Report cites intelligence as saying suspects planned to drive vehicles into targets and attack with knives and guns."
[Ali Younes, et al., Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 12-Nov-2019 -- Israel-Palestine-Syria: "Israeli forces kill top Islamic Jihad commander [and his wife] in Gaza air raid
"Killing of Bahaa Abu al-Ata in Gaza comes as Palestinian group says its political leader was also targeted in Damascus."
The Islamic Jihad official in Damascus survived; but his son and granddaughter were killed. [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 12-Nov-2019 -- China: "China's digital currency will give 'anonymity', says official
"China wants to be first country to launch a digitised domestic currency as it tries to crack down on money laundering."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 12-Nov-2019 -- EU-Israel-Palestine: "Israeli settlement produce must be correctly labelled: EU court [European Court of Justice (ECJ)]" [Al Jazeera News]
    ● 12-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Google's secret cache of medical data includes names and full details of millions [up to 50 million Americans] – whistleblower [Project Nightingale]
"Whistleblower speaks to Guardian about growing alarm over secret transfer of medical history data, which can be accessed by Google staff"
[Ed Pilkington, The Guardian] [Twitter: The Guardian, @guardian,]
    ● 12-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Is The ‘Mother of all Bubbles’ About to Pop?"
"Joseph Zidle, a strategist with the Blackstone investment firm, has called the government — or “sovereign” — debt bubble the “mother of all bubbles.” When the sovereign debt bubble inevitably busts, it will cause a meltdown bigger than the 2008 crash."
[LewRockwell: Ron Paul, Ron Paul Institute]
    ● 12-Nov-2019 -- USA-Canada: "Nearly a million Canadian bank records sent to IRS" [Elizabeth  Thompson, CBC]
    ● 11-Nov-2019 -- China-Asia Pacific: "The world’s largest trade deal [the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)] could be signed in 2020 — and the US isn’t in it" [Yen Nee Lee, CNBC]
    ● 11-Nov-2019 -- EU-Poland: "‘Europe is dying!’ Tens of thousands of far-righters march in ‘independence’ parade calling for ‘Polish Intifada’ (VIDEO)" [RT]
    ● 11-Nov-2019 -- Syria-Turkey: "Three blasts [car bombs] kill at least 6 in Syrian town near Turkey
"No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, which came after ISIL said it killed a priest in the area."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 11-Nov-2019 -- USA-Syria: "US would attack foes & friends to protect its hegemony and doesn’t shy away from using terrorists as proxies – Assad to RT" [Afshin Rattansi's interview, RT]

President Bashar Assad: "The Americans always try to loot other countries in different ways regarding not only their oil or money, or financial resources. They loot their rights, their political rights, every other right. That's their historical role at least after World War II."
    ● 11-Nov-2019 -- UK-Turkey: "British founder of Syria's White Helmets found dead in Turkey
"Investigation launched after body of James Le Mesurier, who helped start volunteer rescue group in Syria, is discovered."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]

See also: "BBC backtrack on their own fake news as claims regarding Istanbul death of White Helmets co-founder are deleted" [RT: Damian Wilson, Op-Ed,]
    ● 11-Nov-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong protester shot at close range, counterprotester set on fire in latest escalation of violence"
[Nicole Darrah, Fox News-AP]
    ● 10-Nov-2019 -- Paris, France: "Topless demonstrator joins thousands [10,000+] of anti-Islamophobia protesters in Paris" [James Gant, Mailonline, Daily Mail]
    ● 10-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Only thing clear about the new Transparency Act is that US senators are about to let Google keep manipulating your search results" [Michael Rectenwald, RT, Op-Ed]
    ● 10-Nov-2019 -- Denmark: "Over 80 gravestones VANDALIZED at Jewish cemetery in Denmark ahead of Kristallnacht [9-10-Nov-1938] anniversary (VIDEO)" [RT]
    ● 10-Nov-2019 -- Iran: "Rouhani: Iran finds new oilfield with 53 billion barrels"
Iran's proven reserved=150 billion barrels
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 10-Nov-2019 -- Jordan-Israel: "Jordan reclaims borderlands as Israel ties under strain
"Amid mounting domestic public pressure last year, Jordan's king said he would not renew land deal with Israel."
[Ali Younes, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 10-Nov-2019 -- Iraq: "Iraq protests death toll rises to 319 [~7.8 deaths/day] with nearly 15,000 injured"
[Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN World]
    ● 10-Nov-2019 -- Iran: "Iran able to enrich uranium up to 60%, says atomic energy agency spokesman" [Middle East Monitor (MEMO)]
    ● 9-Nov-2019 -- Bolivia: "Police join protesters, abandon their posts outside Bolivia's presidential palace"
[Morgan Phillips, Fox News-AP]
    ● 9-Nov-2019 -- Paris, France: "Latest pics of the Hong Kong protests
"Whoops, this is the #GiletsJaunes being beaten to a pulp by Macron & his Neoliberal Globalist thugs in #Paris, France
"Not shown on corrupt Western M$M.
Fully approved by EU's Totalitarian Dictatorship
1:04 From
[Twitter: Ian56 @Ian56789]
    ● 9-Nov-2019 -- Iraq: "Iraq protests death toll rises to 300 [301+; ~7.5/day] with nearly 15,000 injured"
[Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN World]
    ● 9-Nov-2019 -- Germany-Russia-NATO: "‘We are on a path of war again’: 30 years after the Berlin Wall fell, Europe betrays its own hopes (By Willy Wimmer)"
"Anglo-Saxon ‘division’ strategy instead of Gorbachev’s ‘Common House’"
    ● 9-Nov-2019 -- USA-Russia: "How We Betrayed Russia" [ Eric S. Margolis]
    ● 8-Nov-2019 -- USA:
"In Opinion
"The Editorial Board writes, “Let’s get a few things straight. The wealthiest Americans are paying a much smaller share of income in taxes than they did a half-century ago.”"
"Opinion | The Billionaires Are Getting Nervous
"Bill Gates and others warn that higher taxes would lead to lower growth. They have their facts backward."
[NYT, Opinion,] [Twitter: The New York Times, @nytimes,]
    ● 8-Nov-2019 -- Australia: "Wildfires Rage In Australian State: 'We've Simply Never Had This Number Of Fires' [~100 Active Fires]" [Paolo Zialcita, NPR]
    ● 8-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein Accusers Files Defamation Lawsuit Against [Harvard professor] Alan Dershowitz" [Pilar Melendez, Daily Beast]
    ● 8-Nov-2019 -- World: The world’s billionaires lost $388 billion last year
"Billionaire wealth dropped globally for the first time in 15 years [according to the 2019 UBS/PwC Billionaires Report]"
[Nicole Lyn Pesce, MarketWatch]
    ● 8-Nov-2019 -- UK: "Half of citizens think UK might not exist in decade
"Just 42 percent of respondents said UK would exist in its current form in five years' time [Ipsos MORI poll]."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 8-Nov-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon protests: Crisis affecting fuel and medicine imports
"Lebanon's local currency has dropped for the first time in more than 20 years."
[Zeina Khodr, Al Jazeera]
    ● 8-Nov-2019 -- Sweden: "‘No equivalent internationally’: Swedish police chief at wit’s end over wave of bombings in the country"
Number of bomb attacks in 2019 YTD=100+; number of bomb attacks doubled since 2018 [RT]
    ● 8-Nov-2019 -- Iran: "Iran says it shot down infiltrator drone near key port – not one of ours, US responds" [RT]
    ● 8-Nov-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong protesters call for ‘revenge’ after 22-year-old student dies in fall" [Ryan Ho Kilpatrick, Los Angeles Times]
    ● 7-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Debt Is Holding Black Americans Hostage
"To break free, we need an honest conversation about reparations and forgiveness on a mass scale."
"The average student loan debt is $37,102…
"The student loan debt of black Americans is $7,400 more than that of our white peers, and that amount can triple years after graduation—mostly because of accrued interest ..."
[Edna Bonhomme, The Nation]
    ● 7-Nov-2019 -- USA: "1 in 4 Americans defaulted on their student loans, study finds" [Sarah Min, CBS News]
    ● 7-Nov-2019 -- Iran: "Iran earthquake [magnitude 5.9]: Five killed and hundreds injured" [BBC News]
    ● 7-Nov-2019 -- Italy: "This Holocaust survivor [Italian senator-for-life Liliana Segre] receives 200 threats a day. Now she needs police protection" [Gianluca Mezzofiore, CNN World]
    ● 7-Nov-2019 -- Burkina Faso-Canada: "At least 37 killed in attack on Canadian mine convoy in Burkina Faso" [NBC News: Reuters]
    ● 7-Nov-2019 -- South Korea-North Korea-Japan: "If North Korea and Japan went to war, South Koreans would support Kim Jong-un, says new survey" [RT]
    ● 7-Nov-2019 -- China: "China starts development of 6G, having just turned on its 5G mobile network" [Arjun Kharpal, et al., CNBC]
    ● 7-Nov-2019 -- South Korea-North Korea: "North Korean fishermen 'killed 16 colleagues' before fleeing to South" [BBC News]
    ● 7-Nov-2019 -- France-EU-USA: "Nato alliance experiencing brain death, says Macron"; "[President Emmanuel Macron] warned European members that they could no longer rely on the US to defend the alliance, established at the start of the Cold War to bolster Western European and US security" [BBC News-Economist]
    ● 7-Nov-2019 -- Iran: "Iran cancels accreditation of IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] nuclear inspector" [BBC News]
    ● 6-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Jews Are Feeling Guilty: They Should Be. Their Influence Has Been Cancerous to America"
[Gilad Atzmon, Russia Insider]

See also: "A Window Into Jewish Guilt" [The Unz Review: Gilad Atzmon, 28-Oct-2019,]
    ● 6-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Student Loan System Presents Repayment Challenges
"Borrowers at risk of default and delinquency need flexibility and targeted, timely support"
"As of March 2019, 43 million Americans held student loans provided through federal government programs ... The U.S. Department of Education reports that about 20 percent of borrowers are in default ..."
The Pew Charitable Trusts: Sarah Satellmeyer, et al.]
    ● 6-Nov-2019 -- Thailand: "15 Killed In Deadliest Attack To Hit Thailand's Restive South In Years" [Merrit Kennedy, NPR]
    ● 6-Nov-2019 -- Pakistan: "Five things to know about Pakistan's anti-government protests
"Protesters led by right-wing party have been camping in the capital since Thursday calling for PM Khan to step down."
[Al Jazeera News] 
    ● 6-Nov-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon students skip school as protesters eye state institutions
"Demonstrators have demanded politicians be held accountable for economic mismanagement and alleged corruption."
[Timour Azhari, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 6-Nov-2019 -- Iraq: "Three killed in Baghdad protests as military bans live ammunition
"Iraq's military says security forces have been ordered not to use live fire on demonstrators as UN voices criticism."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 6-Nov-2019 -- World: "Syria is Lost.. Lebanon’s Gold is Next"
"Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and the Ukraine have all turned over their physical gold holdings to the IMF ...
"... one can only speculate that along with US sanctions versus Lebanon, the international currency cartel has its eye on Lebanon’s gold reserves...
"... most of the third world and Non-Aligned Movement – with the exception of Iran, Lebanon, and Venezuela – have already turned over their gold to the West. So, there is little physical gold for Washington to cajole, appropriate, or steal ..."
[ Steve Brown]
    ● 5-Nov-2019 -- USA-Antigua: "Antigua reminds Harvard that slave labor paid for its law school. It wants reparations" [Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald]
    ● 5-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Xerox mulls bold $27 billion takeover of HP" [Cara Lombardo, MarketWatch]
    ● 5-Nov-2019 -- Iraq: "Deadly violence continues as Iraq protests escalate
"Demonstrators block roads in Baghdad as security forces shoot dead protesters in Umm Qasr and Shatra."
Iraqi security forces killed 13+ protesters over 24 hours.
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 5-Nov-2019 -- World: "Modern Central Banking Is More Vulnerable than We Think" [John Mauldin, Forbes]
    ● 5-Nov-2019 -- Iran: "In Major Nuclear Step, Iran to Resume Enrichment at Underground Site
"Iran will start enriching uranium at Fordow nuclear facility on Wednesday, officials say"
[Laurence Norman, et al., WSJ]
    ● 5-Nov-2019 -- USA: "1 in 3 Cardholders Are in Credit Card Debt Due to Medical Bills" [Jamie Cattanach, CompareCards]
    ● 4-Nov-2019 -- USA-Mexico: "9 U.S. citizens — including six children — killed in attack in northern Mexico" [Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times, 5-Nov-2019]
    ● 4-Nov-2019 -- Russia-EU: "‘No more schisms’: Patriarch Kirill rejoices as Western European priests unite with Russian Orthodox Church" [RT]
    ● 4-Nov-2019 -- China-World: "Space economy: China wants to set up $10 trillion Earth-Moon economic zone" [RT]
    ● 4-Nov-2019 -- UK: "UK lowers national terrorism threat level to 'substantial'
"An attack is now 'likely', rather than 'highly likely', according to the home secretary."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 4-Nov-2019 -- Iraq: "Three killed as Iraq protesters attack Iran consulate in Karbala" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 4-Nov-2019 -- Iraq: "At least five dead as Iraqi security forces open fire on Baghdad protesters" [Ahmed Aboulenein, et al., Reuters]
    ● 4-Nov-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon anti-government protesters block roads to press demands" [BBC News]
    ● 4-Nov-2019 -- World: "The End Of Money
"Prepare for the coming wealth transfer"
[ Chris Martenson, Peak Prosperity, 1-Nov-2019,]

On "wealth transfer" and associated machinations, see Edward Ayoub's [search Google for "wealth transfer"]
    ● 4-Nov-2019 -- Toronto, Canada: "Jump in food bank use called ‘canary in the coal mine’" [Laurie Monsebraaten, Toronto Star].

See also: "Who's Hungry
"2019 Profile of Hunger in the Toronto Region"
Food Insecurity Among Food Bank Clients: Canada=11.9%; Ontario=11.9%; Toronto=12.6%.
[Talia Bronstein, et al., 4-Nov-2019; Daily Bread Food Bank, North York Harvest Food Bank, The Mississauga Food Bank,]
    ● 3-Nov-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong Politician Attacked, as Violent Protests Continue" [By Preetika Rana, et al., WSJ]
    ● 3-Nov-2019 -- Saudi Arabia: "Saudi Arabia announces IPO of world's most profitable company" [Julia Horowitz, et al., CNN Business]
    ● 2-Nov-2019 -- USA: "United States National Debt Hits 23 Trillion -- Over $1M Per Bitcoin" [Adrian Zmudzinski, CoinTelegraph]
    ● 2-Nov-2019 -- UK: "British Jews are so fearful of Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM that they would leave the country if the Labour leader rose to power, claims Tory chairman James Cleverly" [Daily Mail: Isabella Nikolic, Mailonline]
    ● 2-Nov-2019 -- Mali: "Mali attack leaves more than 50 [53+] soldiers dead" [Samuel Quashie-Idun, et al., CNN]
    ● 2-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Air Force’s secretive [reusable and unmanned] X-37B ‘spaceplane’ lands after record 780 days in orbit" [Mike Murphy (ed.), MarketWatch]
    ● 2-Nov-2019 -- France: "Retour en images sur l’Acte 51 des Gilets Jaunes de ce samedi 2 novembre. Outre la manifestation, des GJ ont rejoint le rassemblement contre #Zemmour devant #CNews. Des tensions en fin de journée près de Gare du Nord.
#GiletsJaunes #Acte51 #Paris #ActeLI #YellowVests #France"
[Twitter: Charles Baudry, @CharlesBaudry,]
    ● 2-Nov-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Nine children killed in Afghanistan landmine blast" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 2-Nov-2019 -- Syria-Turkey: "Bomb kills 13 civilians, injures 20 in Syrian town on Turkish border – Ankara" [RT]
    ● 2-Nov-2019 -- Germany: "German City Declares “Nazi Emergency”" [Elliot Hannon, Slate]
    ● 2-Nov-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong chaos sees tear gas, attack on Chinese news agency [Xinhua News Agency]
"More than 3,000 have been detained over five months of [anti-government] protests"
[CBC News: AP]
    ● 2-Nov-2019 -- World: "Exercise Prescriptions Recommended as Standard Cancer Care" [Joseph Mercola,] [, 2-Nov-02019:]
    ● 2-Nov-2019 -- World: "Yale Insights @YaleInsights 1h
"#Markets are just now starting to recognize #ClimateChange is a major issue and that we just don't have many tools that allow us to manage this risk."
"@YaleSOM's Stefano Giglio #ClimateCrisis #ClimateFinance #ActOnClimate #Finance"
[Twitter: Yale Insights @YaleInsights,]
    ● 1-Nov-2019 -- Toronto, Canada: "Elaborate emergency drill planned for this weekend at Union Station" [Miriam Lafontaine, The Star, 1-Nov-2019]
    ● 1-Nov-2019 -- USA: "Google buys Fitbit [for $2.1 billion], acquiring users’ health histories & triggering privacy backlash" [RT]
    ● 1-Nov-2019 -- USA-Canada: "Meddling in journalism: Google funding [left-leaning] media to fulfil radical liberal agenda"
"Google has taken it upon itself to manually steer the algorithms, which in effect gives audiences a distorted perception of reality. Let’s call it the ‘Google reality'... Google’s ability to literally alter reality with the manipulation of its algorithms represents one of the deepest threats to democracy today, and must be challenged."
[Robert Bridge, Op-Ed, RT]
    ● 1-Nov-2019 -- USA: "BREAKING: CNN President Jeff Zucker CONFRONTED by Project Veritas in ATL airport"
[Eric Spracklen, Project Veritas,]

See also: "BREAKING: @CNN President Jeff Zucker refuses to answer questions on #ExposeCNN when confronted by
@Project_Veritas reporter today in the ATL airport..."
[Twitter: James O'Keefe, @JamesOKeefeIII,]
    ● 1-Nov-2019 -- Pakistan: "Pakistan opposition protesters pressure PM Imran Khan to resign
"Prime minister vows to not step down, as thousands continue anti-government sit-in protest in Islamabad."
Pakistan's problems include: Inflation, unemployment, and corruption. Pakistan finalized a $6 billion IMF bailout package in May-2019.
[Asad Hashim, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 1-Nov-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon's banks re-open after two-week closure
Orderly queues reflect determination by many Lebanese to return to business-as-usual in the wake of mass protests." [Al Jazeera News: Timour Azhari]
    ● 1-Nov-2019 -- Syria-USA: "US smuggles crude worth $30mn per month from occupied Syrian oil fields, violating its own sanctions – Russian Foreign Ministry" [RT]
    ● 31-Oct-2019 -- Islamic State-USA: "Islamic State vows revenge against U.S. for Baghdadi killing" [Hesham Abdulkhalek, et al., Reuters]
    ● 31-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Impeachment inquiry vote's strong support from Democrats spells trouble for Trump" [Ryan Matsumoto, NBC News]
    ● 31-Oct-2019 -- Syria-Turkey: "Fierce clashes erupt between Syrian army, Turkish-led forces
"Syrian troops battle Turkish-backed fighters near the border town of Ras al-Ain, threatening Russia-backed ceasefire."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 31-Oct-2019 -- USA: "What is US impeachment? Six things to know
"How does it work? Which presidents have been impeached? A guide to US impeachment process."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 31-Oct-2019 -- USA-France: "Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot owner announce $48 billion merger" [Charles Riley, et al., CNN]
    ● 31-Oct-2019 -- Pakistan: "70 dead after gas cylinder explosion sparks fire on Pakistan train" [Julia Hollingsworth, et al., CNN World]
    ● 31-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Deep State and It's Feeding the Anti-POTUS Mob" [ David Stockman, David Stockman's Contra Corner] [first published on 29-Oct-2019 at]
    ● 30-Oct-2019 -- Israel-Palestine: "UN expert Michael Lynk: International community must end Israel’s ‘belligerent’ occupation"
[Yumna Patel, Mondoweiss]

See also: "Situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967( Advance Unedited Version)"
"Advance and unedited version the report from the Special Rapporteur on Palestinian territories on Israel’s human rights violations that was filed on 21 October 2019. The report was notable for the Special Rapporteur’s call for an international ban on Israeli settlement goods."
[SCRIBD: Mondoweiss]
    ● 30-Oct-2019 -- UK-Germany: "Roma Holocaust: Amid rising hate, 'forgotten' victims remembered
"New London exhibition includes harrowing Nazi directives and testimony from persecuted Roma and Sinti minorities."
Number of Roma and Sinti people murdered by Nazis and collaborators=250,000 to 500,000
Pensions and social welfare payments by the German government to Jews who suffered under the Nazi regime=$79bn+ (since 1952)
[Al Jazeera: Samira Shackle]
    ● 30-Oct-2019 -- Chile: "Chile unrest: Pinera backs out of hosting APEC and COP25 summits
"President Sebastian Pinera calls decision 'deeply painful', but says Chile is not in a position to host the meetings."
Street protests: Death toll=19+ people.
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 30-Oct-2019 -- Russia: "New Russian submarine fires intercontinental missile for the first time, hitting a target 3,500 miles away, as fears grow of a new arms race" [Daily Mail: Will Stewart, Mailonline]
    ● 30-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Jeffrey Epstein’s injuries look more like murder than suicide, noted pathologist says" [Julie K. Brown, Miami Herald]
    ● 30-Oct-2019 -- Sweden-Palestine: "New Swedish Foreign Minister: ‘BDS legitimate not anti-Semitic movement’" [Middle East Monitor]
    ● 30-Oct-2019 -- UK-USA: "Facebook agrees to pay $643,000 fine in Cambridge Analytica scandal
"Facebook’s associate general counsel says the company has ‘made major changes’ to the platform since the Cambridge Analytica scandal"
[MarketWatch: AP]
    ● 30-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Have The Bankers And Politicians Taken America to The End of Its Financial Rope?" [, Bill Sardi, 30-Oct-2019,]
    ● 29-Oct-2019 -- USA: "America's largest private coal miner files for bankruptcy" [David Goldman, et al., CNN Business]
    ● 29-Oct-2019 -- Iraq: "[Tens of thousands of] Iraqi protesters pack Baghdad's Tahrir square
"Anti-government movement gathers momentum as protests against economic stagnation, political elite continue."
18+ protesters were killed.
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 29-Oct-2019 -- USA: "The California fires show how unprepared we are for climate change
"Climate disasters require a new kind of preparedness"
[Russell Brandom, The Verge]
    ● 29-Oct-2019 -- USA: "How the Student Debt Complex Is Crushing the Next Generation of Americans" [Caitlin Zaloom, Time]
    ● INFORMATION: 29-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Manufacturing Is Now Smallest Share of U.S. Economy in 72 Years" [Reade Pickert, Bloomberg]
    ● 29-Oct-2019 -- Lebanon: "Hundreds of Hezbollah supporters violently tore through the anti-government protest camp in Beirut, Lebanon, Tuesday, October 29." [The Voice of America, @VOANews,]
    ● 29-Oct-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon's PM Saad Hariri resigning amid protests" [BBC News]
    ● 29-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Payday lenders discussed raising money for Trump’s campaign to fend off regulation, audio reveals" [Renae Merle, et al., WaPo]
    ● 28-Oct-2019 -- USA-China: "The United States Should Fear a Faltering China
"Beijing’s Assertiveness Betrays Its Desperation"
[Michael Beckley, Foreign Affairs]
    ● 28-Oct-2019 -- Lebanon: "@HadiNasrallah·10h
"For 40 years Lebanon has been reigned by the same rotten political class responsible for decades of bureaucratic corruption, sectarian feudalism, catastrophic wars, nepotistic leaders, mass immigration and soon our final economic collapse.
And now you expect them to change?
[Twitter: @HadiNasrallah,]
    ● 28-Oct-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong is in a recession as five months of protests take a toll" [Sherisse Pham, CNN Business]
    ● 27-Oct-2019 -- UK: "MI5 and GCHQ warn universities their research and computer systems could be at risk from Beijing spies hidden among the 100,000 Chinese students on UK campuses" [Daily Mail: Isabella Nicolic, Mailonline]
    ● 27-Oct-2019 -- TX, USA: "Attacker still at large after Texas university homecoming mass shooting leaves 2 dead, multiple injured" [RT]
    ● 27-Oct-2019 -- Barcelona, Spain: "[~80,000] Anti-independence protesters march in Barcelona" [RT]
    ● 27-Oct-2019 -- Baghdad, Iraq: "Hundreds continue protests in Baghdad as death toll tops 60
"PM Abdul Mahdi orders special unit's deployment amid rising death toll in latest protests that started on Friday."
Iraq's "political elite" is viewed "as subservient to ... the U.S. and Iran."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 27-Oct-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon protesters form human chain across the country
"Tens of thousands gather to hold hands across the country on the eleventh day of anti-government protests."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 27-Oct-2019 -- USA-Afghanistan: "Afghan, US forces kill over 80 Taliban fighters, officials say
"Air raids conducted in Kandahar and Faryab provinces as US envoy arrives in country following collapse of talks."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 27-Oct-2019 -- Russia-USA-Syria: "Russian MoD doubts Trump’s announcement of killing ISIS chief al-Baghdadi, rejects claims it assisted US forces in op" [RT]
    ● 27-Oct-2019 -- USA-Syria: "Trump says Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi blew himself up as U.S. troops closed in." [Missy Ryan, et al., WaPo]
    ● 26-Oct-2019 -- USA: "51% of Americans Want to END Freedom of Speech (Many Even Want JAIL TIME for “Hate Speech”)" [Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper, 26-Oct-2019,]
    ● 26-Oct-2019 -- France: "A.D  @AD12369002  Oct 26
"#Acte50 #GiletsJaunes Paris #YellowVests superbe cortège, forte mobilisation ! Great march today with a huge crowd! Not bad for a dead movement" [Twitter: A.D, @AD12369002,]
    ● 26-Oct-2019 -- Barcelona, Catalonia: "Catalonia crisis: Separatist protest draws 350,000 in Barcelona" [BBC News]
    ● 26-Oct-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon demonstrations: Anger against political elite grows
"In Lebanon, protests are continuing for the 10th straight day despite President Michael Aoun's call for talks."
[Stefanie Dekker, Al Jazeera]
    ● 26-Oct-2019 -- Argentina: "Argentine voters to head to polls amid debt crisis fears
"Argentina's recurring economic crises have long affected businesses - now they could impact the country's election."
[Teresa Bo, Al Jazeera]
    ● 26-Oct-2019 -- USA-Russia-Syria: "Russian MoD says US protects oil smugglers in Syria, offers aerial images as proof"
Major General Igor Konashenkov: "What Washington is doing right now is seizing and holding the oilfields in eastern Syria under its armed control, which is tantamount to international state-sponsored banditry." [RT]
    ● 26-Oct-2019 -- USA-World: "Climate apocalypse is coming – says US Army, eyeing opportunities for more intervention" [RT]
    ● 26-Oct-2019 -- USA-World: "Implications of Climate Change for the U.S. Army" [Colonel Max Brosig, et al., United States Army War College, 2019,]
    ● 26-Oct-2019 -- Santiago, Chile: "Chile protests: More than one million bring Santiago to a halt
"Protesters, angry over inequality, demand President Pinera's resignation in biggest protests to hit capital in years."
Elites are out of touch." 19+ people were killed.
[Naomi Larsson, Al Jazeera News, 26-Oct-2019]
    ● 25-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Billionaire George Soros says Elizabeth Warren ‘is the most qualified to be president.’" [Tucker Higgins, CNBC]
    ● 25-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Microsoft beats Amazon in battle for $10 billion JEDI cloud-computing project" [Jeremy C. Owens, MarketWatch]
    ● 25-Oct-2019 -- USA: "The U.S. deficit hit $984 billion in 2019, soaring during Trump era
"Spending increases, tax cuts, and political apathy fueled the surge."
[Heather Long, et al., WaPo]
    ● 25-Oct-2019 -- Zimbabwe-West: "Thousands in Zimbabwe denounce 'evil' Western sanctions
"People march in Harare calling on US, EU to lift sanctions on President Emmerson Mnangagwa and other top officials."
[Chris Muronzi, Al Jazeera]
    ● 25-Oct-2019 -- Lebanon: "Hezbollah head says gov't fall could push Lebanon into 'chaos'
"Hassan Nasrallah hails reforms won by protesters but says demands have been hijacked and calls supporters leave streets."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 25-Oct-2019 -- Taiwan-Hong Kong: "Hong Kong Protests Spread to Taiwan
"Universities see a wave of campus protests and vandalism."
[Inside Higher Ed: Joyce Lau, Times Higher Education (THE)]
    ● 25-Oct-2019 -- Russia: "Russian soldier shoots dead eight fellow servicemen" [BBC News]
    ● 25-Oct-2019 -- Iraq: "Dozens killed as fierce anti-government protests sweep Iraq"; security forces killed at laest 42 people. [Al Jazeera-News Agencies, 26-Oct-2019]
    ● 24-Oct-2019 -- Ethiopia: "Ethiopian activist calls for calm after 16 die in clashes
"Jawar Mohammed organised the protests that helped bring Nobel Prize-winning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to power." [Abiy Ahmed, Al Jazeera]
    ● 24-Oct-2019 -- Russia-Africa: "Lack of colonial baggage & investment in peace put Russia ahead of other players on African continent, SA minister tells RT" [RT]
    ● 24-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Virgin Galactic merger wins shareholder approval"
[Jeff Foust, SpaceNews (SN)]
    ● 24-Oct-2019 -- World: "The Loan Landscape for International Students
"An industry emerges to issue loans to international students. Interest rates are high, but the companies say they are filling an unmet need and expanding access."
[Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher Ed]
    ● 24-Oct-2019 -- World: "A single grievance sent protesters to the streets, but wider discontent has kept them there"

"World of unrest
"Countries and territories where significant protests occurred in 2019"
Europe: 8
Americas: 7
Africa: 6
Asia: 4

[Sheena McKenzie, et al., CNN World-CNN Research]
    ● 24-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Facebook Could Do to Banks What It Did to Newspapers
Libra isn't just another cryptocurrency. It's a bid for power."
[Elaine Ou, Bloomberg]
    ● 23-Oct-2019 -- Russia-Africa: "Russia writes off African debt worth over $20 BILLION – Putin" [RT]
    ● 23-Oct-2019 -- Israel-Palestine: "Israeli drone shot down over Lebanon border" [Middle East Monitor]
    ● 23-Oct-2019 -- Iraq: "Iraq Protests Inspired Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg. "False", Says Classmate" [NDTV: Alex Horton, WaPo]
    ● 23-Oct-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon could be headed for a cash crisis [a run on the banks] as banks remain shut a week into mass protests" [Natasha Turak, CNBC]
    ● 23-Oct-2019 -- UK: "Everything We Know About the 39 Dead Bodies Found in a Truck Outside London" [Tim Marcin, Vice News]
    ● 23-Oct-2019 -- Bolivia: "Riots in Bolivia intensify as President Evo Morales nears outright victory" [NBC News: AP]
    ● 22-Oct-2019 -- Iraq: "Iraqi security forces killed 149 protesters, most by shots to head, chest: government inquiry"
8 members of the security forces were also killed. The protests started on 1-Oct-2019 and ended on 7-Oct-2019.
[Ahmed Rasheed, et al., Reuters]
    ● 22-Oct-2019 -- The Holy See, Vatican City: "Bishop Galantino: ‘Vatican not at risk of default’" [Vatican News]
    ● 22-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Forty-six attorneys general have joined a New York-led antitrust investigation into Facebook
"The expanded roster of states and territories taking part in the investigation reflects broad concerns among officials that ‘Facebook may have put consumer data at risk.’"
[Tony Romm, WaPo]
    ● 22-Oct-2019 -- World: "Half the world's banks are too weak to survive downturn - McKinsey" [RT]
    ● 22-Oct-2019 -- USA: "New gene editing technology could correct 89% of genetic defects" [Jessie Yeung, CNN]
    ● INFORMATION: 22-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Did Trump Just Give A Jewish Astronaut The Finger?"
[P.J. Grisar, Forward, 21-Oct-2019]
    ● 22-Oct-2019 -- USA: "CNN Poll: 50% support impeaching Trump and removing him from office" [Jennifer Agiesta, CNN]
    ● 21-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Yale study shows class bias in hiring based on few seconds of speech" [Mike Cummings, Yale News]
    ● 21-Oct-2019 -- World: "'We Should Be Worried': Study Confirms Fear That Intense Ocean Acidification Portends Ecological Collapse
"We have been warned."
[Julia Conley, Common Dreams]
See also: "Mystery solved: ocean acidity in the last mass extinction" [Jim Shelton, Yale News]
    ● 21-Oct-2019 -- Canada: 2019 Federal Election Results:
Party: Seats, Net Change, Vote Share
1. Liberal: 157, -29, 33.1%
2. Conservative: 121, +23, 34.4%
3. Bloc Quebecois: 32, +22, 7.7%
4. New Democrat: 24, -18, 15.9%
5. Green: 3, +1, 6.5%
6. Independent: 1, +1, 0.4%
7. People's Party: 0, 0, 1.6%
8. Other: 0, 0, 0%

Liberals win minority government
[CBC News: Canada Votes 2019, 22-Oct-2019]
    ● 21-Oct-2019 -- Haiti: "Anti-govt. protests in #Haiti: 20 dead, 200+ injured since September" [Twitter: RT, @RT_com,]
    ● 21-Oct-2019 -- Lebanon: "'The people are one': Lebanese unite against political elite
"Hundreds of thousands take to streets in the biggest protests in four days threatening the coalition government."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 21-Oct-2019 -- Saudi Arabia: "Saudi Arabia’s 100% hookah [water-pipe or narghile] tax hike ignites social media fury" [RT]

Compare tax hikes/vigorish/anti-government protests in Saudi Arabia [hookah], Lebanon [WhatsApp calls], Chile [public transportation fares], etc. [MUCHMIND Editor]
    ● 21-Oct-2019 -- EU-USA: "[Christine] Lagarde [Incoming ECB Head] Says U.S. Is at Risk of Losing Global Leader Role
"Incoming ECB head warns of consequences from U.S.-China trade war and urges President Trump not to push for lower interest rates"
[Kate O’Keeffe, WSJ]
    ● 21-Oct-2019 -- Israel: "Netanyahu tells president he can’t form government; now it’s Gantz’s turn to try" [The Times of Israel]
    ● 21-Oct-2019 -- Chile: "Chile protests: Cost of living protests take deadly toll [death toll=11]" [BBC News]
    ● 21-Oct-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanese Central Bank, Lenders Asked to Cough Up Over $3 Billion" [Dana Khraiche, Bloomberg]
    ● 21-Oct-2019 -- OH, USA: "Ohio counties, four drug firms reach $260 million settlement in opioid epidemic case, averting trial" [Lenny Bernstein, et al., WaPo]
    ● 20-Oct-2019 -- Holy See: Vatican City: "Vatican documents detail suspicious investments at Secretariat of State" [Hannah Brockhaus, Catholic News Agency (CNA)-L'Espresso]
    ● INFORMATION: 20-Oct-2019 -- USA: "They Are Telling Us That The Next Recession “Won’t Be As Bad As 2008”. They Are Wrong." [LMichael Snyder, The Economic Collapse, 20-Oct-2019,]

[See also:, 21-Oct-2019,]
    ● 20-Oct-2019 -- Chile: "Three die in supermarket fire amid protests in Chile"
[Daniel Silva Fernandez, et al., CNN World]
    ● 20-Oct-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Protesters hurl petrol bombs at police station as Hong Kong descends into chaos (VIDEOS)" [RT]
    ● 20-Oct-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon's anti-austerity protests enter fourth day
"Demonstrators [tens of thousands] are protesting against dire economic conditions in the heavily indebted country."
Lebanon's public debt=~$86bn (150%+ of GDP)
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 20-Oct-2019 -- World: "The combination of rising temperatures, longer dry seasons, and more fires is driving the “savannization” of the Amazon. The grasses that replace the burned forest are more flammable than trees, so a future fire will burn more fiercely than the first." [Twitter: Yale Environment 360, @YaleE360,]

See also: "Amazon Watch: What Happens When the Forest Disappears?" [Fred Pearce, Yale Environment 360, 17-Oct-2019,]
    ● 19-Oct-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon reforms 'must start from politicians' bank accounts'
"Protesters, angry over lack of jobs and high costs of living, say economic reforms must begin with an end to corruption."
[Timour Azhari, Al Jazeera]
    ● 19-Oct-2019 -- Palestine-Israel: "Thousands of Jewish Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque (VIDEO)" [The Palestine Chronicle: Middle East Monitor, PC, Social Media]
    ● 19-Oct-2019 -- India: "India's Nuclear Weapons Arsenal Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger" [Michael Peck, The National Interest]
    ● 19-Oct-2019 -- Chile: "Chile Suspends Metro Fare Hike After Worst Protests in Decades
"Rise in prices had sparked riots and looting in Santiago"
[Philip Sanders, et al., Bloomberg]

See also: Steven Lundgren, @love4thegameAK
Looks Like HK, Paris, Barcelona, Venezuela Protest.
Santiago burns in this #EvasionMasiva night. So far:
- 7 metro stations
- 5 banks
- the Enel tower
- toll gates at the highway
- supermarket
- numerous buses and bus stops.

[Twitter: Steven Lundgren, @love4thegameAK,]
    ● 19-Oct-2019 -- World: "Cutting rates is bringing us closer to ‘the greatest amount of debt’ in human history – RT’s Boom Bust" [RT]
    ● 19-Oct-2019 -- USA: "#IamTulsi trending after Gabbard hands Hillary Clinton brutal smackdown"
2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard on Hillary Clinton: "You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain.”
    ● 19-Oct-2019 -- UK: "Hundreds of thousands descend on London streets to protest Brexit
"Anti-Brexit protesters gather in London as parliament votes to delay decision on prime minister's withdrawal deal."
[Ylenia Gostoli, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 19-Oct-2019 -- Russia: "Russia dam collapse at Siberia gold mine kills 15" [BBC News]
    ● 19-Oct-2019 -- Syria: "THE MOTHER OF MESSES IN SYRIA" [Eric Margolis,]

See also, "Syria: What a Tangled Web We Wove" [Eric S. Margolis,]
    ● 18-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Facebook Says It’s Here to Help—But It Can’t Explain How
"CEO Mark Zuckerberg had trouble finding evidence backing his case for the platform’s hands-off approach."
"The problems Facebook has helped cause—facilitating the spread of misinformation, exacerbating genocide, contributing to radicalization, giving massive platforms to the most incendiary and least substantive content producers—happened specifically because of how Facebook was designed to make the company’s executives, owners, and shareholders money."
[Twitter: Ali Breland, Mother Jones,] [See also:]
    ● 18-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Johnson & Johnson recalls baby powder due to asbestos concerns" [Jacqueline Howard, et al., CNN]
    ● 18-Oct-2019 -- USA: "A Powerful California Fault Line Is Moving for the First Time on Record
"The Garlock fault could produce a magnitude 8 earthquake."
[Samantha Cole, VICE]
    ● 18-Oct-2019 -- France: "France foiled ‘9/11-inspired’ plane hijacking attack, national security chief reveals" [RT]
    ● 18-Oct-2019 -- Afghanistan: "At least 62 killed in mosque bombing in eastern Afghanistan" [WaPo]
    ● 18-Oct-2019 -- Turkey-Syria: "Turkey's military operation in Syria: All the latest updates
"Ankara agreed to suspend its offensive for five days to allow Kurdish fighters to withdraw from the Turkey-Syria border."
[Al Jazeera]
    ● 18-Oct-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon protests: Thousands demand 'fall of the regime' in Beirut
"Thousands of protesters march for a second day in anti-government demonstrations over country's economic crisis."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 17-Oct-2019 -- Turkey-USA: "Turkey and the U.S. came to an agreement on Thursday [17-Oct-2019] to pause Turkey's anti-terror operation in northern Syria.
"Turkey agreed to pause its Operation Peace Spring for 120 hours in order to allow the withdrawal of terrorist YPG/PKK forces from the planned safe zone."
Operation Peace Spring Death toll: 4 Turkish soldiers and 74 Syrian National Army members.
[Gozde Bayar, Anadolu Agency, 18-Oct-2019]
    ● 17-Oct-2019 -- Turkey-USA: "Turkey's military operation in Syria: All the latest updates
"Turkey agreed to suspend its offensive for five days to allow Kurdish fighters to withdraw from its border with Syria."
[Al Jazeera, News Agencies, 18-Oct-2019]
    ● 17-Oct-2019 -- Lebanon: "Massive protests have popped off all over #Lebanon, with thousands in the streets marching against high taxes, banks, elites and legacy politicians.
"People from every political party and faith are united in their call against decades of government corruption."
[Twitter: Sarah Abdallah, @sahouraxo,]
    ● 17-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Why Has It Taken Google This Long to Ban Predatory Payday Loan Apps?" [Harmon Leon, Observer]
    ● 17-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Suicides and homicides on the rise in young people
"In 2017, suicide was the second leading cause of death among youngsters ages 10 to 24." [Linda Carroll, NBC News-Center for Disease Control and Prevention]
    ● 16-Oct-2019 -- France: "French Yellow Vest Protesters Were Right About Rising Inequality [and Poverty in 2018]" [William Horobin, Bloomberg]
    ● 16-Oct-2019 -- USA: "The Explosion Of Personal Loans Is A Troubling Sign" [Robert Farrington, Forbes]

See also: "Average U.S. Credit Card Debt Statistics"
Average credit card debt per U.S. household=$8,398 (in June 2019); total credit card debt=$1.07 trillion [Kimberly Amadeo, The Balance,]
    ● 16-Oct-2019 -- World: "To Prevent Financial Crises, Regulate Short-Term Debt" [Gary B. Gorton, Yale Insights; by Roberta Kwok]
    ● 16-Oct-2019 -- Spain: "'Consumers are not aware we are slaves inside the greenhouses'
"Exploitation plagues Spain's farming province, with migrant workers paid below minimum wage and living in squalor." greenhouses'
[James Rippingale, Al Jazeera]
    ● 16-Oct-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Taliban truck bomb kills police, wounds children in Afghanistan
"Three security officers dead, 20 children wounded as truck bomb detonates near police building in Laghman province."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 16-Oct-2019 -- USA-Iran: "Exclusive: U.S. carried out secret cyber strike on Iran in wake of Saudi oil attack: officials" [Idrees Ali, et al., Reuters]
    ● 16-Oct-2019 -- World: "6 Warning Signs That Civil Unrest Is IMMINENT" [J. G. Martinez D., et al., The Organic Prepper,]

[See also]
    ● 15-Oct-2019 -- Rodeo, CA, USA: "Massive explosion & fire at California NuStar refinery triggers ‘hazardous materials emergency’ (VIDEOS)" [RT]
    ● 15-Oct-2019 -- Turkey: "Turkey holding 50 US nuclear bombs 'hostage' at air base, report says" [Melissa Leon, Fox News]
    ● 15-Oct-2019 -- Spain-Catalonia: "WATCH LIVE: Catalans face off with police near Spanish govt building in Barcelona"; protest follows "the jailing of 9 prominent separatists by Spain’s supreme court over their roles in the region’s failed secession bid." [RT]
    ● 15-Oct-2019 -- Paris, France: "Riot police blast firefighters with water cannons during Paris protests (VIDEOS)": "French firefighters protest low pay & difficult working conditions in Paris" [RT]
    ● 15-Oct-2019 -- Mexico: "13 Mexican police officers murdered by suspected cartel gunmen in bloody ambush" [Lucia I. Suarez Sang, Fox News]
    ● 14-Oct-2019 -- Peurto Rico-USA: "Puerto Rico governor calls urgent meeting after six people were killed in a mass shooting" [Scottie Andrew, et al., CNN]
    ● 14-Oct-2019 -- London, UK: "Extinction Rebellion activists arrested at Bank of England protest
"Dozens detained on ‘day of disruption’ targeting City firms profiting from climate crisis"
[Damien Gayle, et al., The Guardian]
    ● 14-Oct-2019 -- Brazil: "Brazil oil spill: 2,000km of northern beaches contaminated
"Mystery oil slicks sully 150 northeastern beaches but officials cannot trace source as clean-up takes place.
[Gabriel Elizondo, Al Jazeera]
    ● INFORMATION: 14-Oct-2019 -- Sweden: "The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2019 was awarded jointly to Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer "for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty."" [The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2019]
    ● 14-Oct-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Attacks on Afghan schools soar
"At least 700 schools have closed due to conflict and more than 3.7 million children are currently out of school."
[Charlotte Bellis, Al Jazeera]
    ● 13-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Google Shuts Out Payday Loans With App-Store Ban
Google said it made the change ‘to protect people from deceptive and exploitative personal-loan terms’" [Yuka Hayashi, WSJ]
    ● 13-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Billionaires Could Face Tax Rates Up to 97.5% Under Sanders"; "Warren would levy taxes up to 62% on richest Americans" [Rich Miller, et al., Bloomberg]
    ● 13-Oct-2019 -- Syria-Turkey: "Syria's army to deploy along Turkey border as Kurds strike deal
"In a major shift in alliance, Kurdish forces announce deal with Damascus on Syrian troop deployment near Turkey border."
Casualties from Turkish air attacks=9 people, including 5 civilians.
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies, 14-Oct-2019]
    ● 13-Oct-2019 -- Quito, Ecuador: "After 10 days of mass protests, Ecuadoreans have defeated IMF-imposed austerity measures! #EcuadorEnResistencia" [Twitter: Redfish, @redfishstream, 14-Oct-2019,]
    ● 13-Oct-2019 -- Port-au-Prince, Haiti: "Tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Haiti against the government and the IMF." [Twitter: Redfish, @redfishstream, 14-Oct-2019,]
    ● 13-Oct-2019 -- Japan: "Typhoon death toll in Japan climbs to 35 after storm unleashes widespread flooding" [Simon Denyer, WaPo]
    ● 13-Oct-2019 -- World: "Firms ignoring climate crisis will go bankrupt, says Mark Carney
"Bank of England governor warns of financial collapse linked to climate emergency"
[Damian Carrington, The Guardian]
    ● 13-Oct-2019 -- USA: "‘Dozens’ of soon-to-be-released videos document political bias at ‘the highest levels of CNN’, Project Veritas claims" [RT]"

See also: "In a country governed by public opinion, and where public opinion is largely governed by the press, isn’t it critical to understand what governs the press? A CNN whistleblower will show you how the synthetic commodify is made, in their own words. It’s time to #ExposeCNN" [James O'Keefe, @JamesOKeefelll,]
    ● 13-Oct-2019 -- Russia-Saudi Arabia: "Russia to build $1bn oil complex in Saudi Arabia & further boost investment in joint projects" [RT]
    ● 13-Oct-2019 -- World: "Scientists [395 academics] endorse mass civil disobedience to force climate action" [Matthew Green, et al., Reuters]
    ● 13-Oct-2019 -- USA-Syria: "U.S. "preparing to evacuate" remaining troops [~1,000 US troops] from northern Syria, defense secretary says" [Emily Tillett, et al., CBS News]
    ● 12-Oct-2019 -- USA: "A Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein That Bill Gates Now ‘Regrets’
"Mr. Gates, the Microsoft co-founder, met several times with Mr. Epstein, a sex criminal, a Times investigation found. Mr. Gates now concedes an error in judgment." [Twitter: The New York Times, @nytimes,]
    ● 12-Oct-2019 -- Germany-Turkey: "Germany bans arms sales to Turkey" [huaxia (ed.), Xinhua, Xinhuanet]
    ● 12-Oct-2019 -- Hong-Kong-USA: "Hong Kong Protesters to Trump: We’re Not Done Yet" [Mike Cherney, et al., WSJ]
    ● 12-Oct-2019 -- UK: "Extinction Rebellion arrests near 1,300 after Billingsgate protest" [Damien Gayle, The Guardian]
    ● 12-Oct-2019 -- Japan: "Powerful typhoon [Hagibis] makes landfall in Japan as earthquake [magnitude 5.3] strikes" [CBS News-AP]
    ● 11-Oct-2019 -- Burkina Faso: "More than a dozen killed in Burkina Faso mosque attack" [Al Jazeera: News Agencies, 13-Oct-2019]
    ● 11-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Federal Reserve to buy $60 billion of Treasury bills per month" [Los Angeles Times: Joe Rennison, et al., Financial Times]
    ● 11-Oct-2019 -- Vatican-Turkey-Syria: "Archbishop of Aleppo condemns Turkish military offensive in northeast Syria" [Linda Bordoni, Vatican News]
    ● 11-Oct-2019 -- Vatican: "President of Vatican Bank: Reforms have completely renewed the IOR [Institute for the Works of Religion, or the Vatican Bank" [Vatican News:“Il Sole 24 Ore”]
    ● 11-Oct-2019 -- China: "No limits: China to allow foreigners to own local finance firms
"China wants to lure foreign firms to its financial sector in 2020 amid rising trade tensions with the US."
[Al Jazeera: Bloomberg News, Bloomberg]
    ● 11-Oct-2019 -- Iran: "Oil prices jump after Iranian oil tanker explosions
"Crude oil prices surged about two percent on concerns over potential disruption to supplies."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 11-Oct-2019 -- UAE-Saudi Arabia-Qatar: "Al Jazeera target of UAE campaign in US to hobble network
"UAE lobbying and Twitter campaigns aim to force Al Jazeera to register as a foreign agent with US Department of Justice."
[Joe Light, at al., Bloomberg]
    ● 11-Oct-2019 -- Iran: "Iranian oil tanker near Saudi Arabia coast hit by missiles, officials say" [Lucia I. Suarez Sang, Fox News]
    ● 10-Oct-2019 -- USA: "A wealth of knowledge about debt" [Hannah Appel, associate faculty director at the Institute on Inequality and Democracy at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs]  [Les Dunseith, UCLA]
    ● 10-Oct-2019 -- USA-Russia: "Propaganda 101: The New York Times pumps another ‘evil Russia’ plot"; on “Unit 29155": purportedly directed by the Kremlin to “destabilize Europe” with “subversion, sabotage and assassination." [Finian Cunningham, RT, Op-Ed]
    ● 10-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Is Your Job In Danger As Robots Cut 200,000 U.S. Bank Positions?" [Robin Ryan, Forbes]
    ● 10-Oct-2019 -- Turkey-Syria: "Turkey says 109 people killed as troops continue advance into Syria" [Saphora Smith, NBC News-Aziz Akyavas, Reuters]
    ● INFORMATION: 10-Oct-2019 -- Did the credibility of The Norwegian Nobel Committee suffer as a result of deciding to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 to President Barack Obama "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples?"
See: [1] "The Nobel Peace Prize 2009 was awarded to Barack H. Obama "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." [Oslo, The Nobel Prize: The Nobel Peace Prize for 2009, 9-Oct-2009,]
[2] "Did Barack Obama Deserve the Nobel Prize?
"Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. He took the award not as a reward for accomplishments but as a “call to action.”" [Farah Mohammed, JSTOR Daily, 2-Jun-2018,]
    ● 9-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Newsonomics: The Gannett–GateHouse merger is really happening, but expect to see more than 10% of jobs cut off the top" [Ken Doctor, Nieman Journalism Lab, Harvard]
    ● 9-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Shameful US Corporations Capitulate To Chinese Communists" [Gab News]
    ● 9-Oct-2019 -- Afghanistan: "US meth lab [5-May-2019] strikes in Afghanistan killed at least 30 civilians, says UN" [BBC News]
    ● 9-Oct-2019 -- Germany: "2 dead in Germany shooting near synagogue [on Yom Kippur]" [Mike Hayes, et al., CNN World]
    ● 9-Oct-2019 -- Turkey-Syria: "Turkey launches military assault in Syria as Kurdish fighters say warplanes are bombing region" [Greg Norman, et al., Fox News-AP]
    ● 9-Oct-2019 -- Israel-USA: "Israelis Watch U.S. Abandon Kurds, and Worry: Who’s Next?" [Twitter: The New York Times, @nytimes, ]
    ● 8-Oct-2019 -- CA: "Column: New California law blocks debt collectors from emptying your bank account" [David Lazarus, Los Angeles Times]
    ● 8-Oct-2019 -- USA: "For the first time in history, U.S. billionaires paid a lower tax rate than the working class last year" [Source: Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman]  [Christopher Ingraham, WaPo]
    ● 8-Oct-2019 -- Iraq: "Death toll rises in Iraq protest crackdown
"In the past week, more than 110 people [~16 people/day] have died during a nationwide uprising against the government."
[Imran Khan, Al Jazeera]
    ● 8-Oct-2019 -- USA-China: "US blacklists major Chinese AI startups 2 days ahead of trade talks"; blacklisted companies include: SenseTime, Megvii, and Yitu. [RT]
    ● 8-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Federal Reserve’s Latest Bailouts More Proof Bad Times Ahead"
Some banks are running out of cash; the Federal Reserve Bank of New York "will continue to inject as much as 75 billion dollars a day into the repo market until November 4"
[ Ron Paul, Ron Paul Institute]
    ● 7-Oct-2019 -- Germany: "German lorry attack in Limburg seen as 'act of terrorism'"; the attacker is originally from Syria; 8 people were injured. [BBC News, 8-Oct-2019]
    ● 7-Oct-2019 -- Turkey-USA: "'Stab in the back': Kurdish forces decry US pullout from Syria" [Al Jazeera News]
    ● 7-Oct-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Army recruits targeted by suicide bomb in eastern Afghanistan
"At least 10 killed and 27 others injured after bomb detonated in a rickshaw near a minibus carrying recruits."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 7-Oct-2019 -- World: "'Sorry, this is an emergency': Climate protesters block streets around world [UK, Germany, Austria, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, …]" [Peter Nicholls, et al., Reuters]
    ● 7-Oct-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong mask ban leads to weekend of violent and destructive protests" [Joshua Berlinger, et al., CNN World]
    ● 7-Oct-2019 -- North Korea-USA: "North Korea Issues Fresh Warning to U.S. After Talks Stumble" [Jihye Lee, et al., Bloomberg]
    ● 7-Oct-2019 -- USA: "GE freezes pension benefits for 20,000 employees in an effort to reduce its massive debt pile (GE)" [Daniel Strauss, Business Insider]
    ● 7-Oct-2019 -- China: "China’s central bank buys more gold [100+ tonnes of gold over 10 months]
"Central banks have been buying gold to diversify their reserve assets away from the dollar"
[Harry Dempsey, FT]
    ● 6-Oct-2019 -- USA: "The Rich Really Do Pay Lower Taxes Than You" [David Leonhardt, NYT, Op-Ed]
    ● 6-Oct-2019 -- Libya-Africa-West: "Libya was destroyed due to Western leaders’ lust to continue exploiting Africa’s riches – Gaddafi spokesman"; Moussa Ibrahim: "Look at Libya now. Killings, civil conflict, tribal war, murder, terrorism, robbing of national wealth. What does it remind you of? Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen. It’s the same story happening every time" [RT]
    ● 6-Oct-2019 -- World: "HSBC to axe up to 10,000 jobs in cost-cutting drive" [David Crow, FT]
    ● 6-Oct-2019 -- Russia: "Half of Russians earn less than $550 monthly
"To get by, many families are taking out risky and high-cost loans - but that is only making them worse off."
[Step Vaessen, Al Jazeera]
    ● 6-Oct-2019 -- Kansas City, KS: "Kansas City: Gunman [a Hispanic man] on run after four shot dead in bar"; 5 others were wounded [BBC News]
    ● INFORMATION: 5-Oct-2019 -- UK-Israel: "THE BBC’S TAKE ON ‘ZIONISM’" [Roza I.M. El-Eini, The Jerusalem Post]
    ● 5-Oct-2019 -- World: "These are the 5 largest mega-mergers so far in 2019":
1. Bristol-Myers Squibb+Gelgene
2. United Technologies+Raytheon
3. AbbVie+Allergan
4. Saudi Aramco+Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
5. Occidental Petroleum+Anadarko Petroleum
[Source: Mergermarket] [Daniel Strauss, Business Insider]
    ● 5-Oct-2019 -- France: "VIDEO. Des militants pour le climat et des "gilets jaunes" occupent un centre commercial à Paris" [franceinfo]
    ● 5-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Opinion: The GM strike is really about the switch to electric cars" [MarketWatch, Op-Ed: Daron Gifford, Plante Moran’s automotive industry consulting services]
    ● 5-Oct-2019 -- Iraq: "Iraq protests: All the latest updates
"Almost 100 people killed and nearly 4,000 wounded across Iraq, rights commission says, as political crisis deepens,"
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 5-Oct-2019 -- New York City, NY: "4 homeless men killed in New York City's Chinatown area, apparently while they slept, police say" [Melissa Alonso, et al., CNN]
    ● INFORMATION: 5-Oct-2019 -- China: "Beware Awakening China" [Eric S. Margolis,,]
    ● 5-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Sacklers Received as Much as $13 Billion in Profits From Purdue Pharma [Maker of OxyContin]" [Jared S. Hopkins, et al., WSJ]
    ● 4-Oct-2019 -- China-Russia: "Russia is helping China build a new missile attack warning system, Putin says" [Daria Litvinova, CBS News]
    ● 4-Oct-2019 -- Ecuador: "Ecuador In State Of Emergency: End Of Fuel Subsidies Sparks Mass Protests" [Bill Chappell, NPR]
    ● 4-Oct-2019 -- Iraq: "At Least 42 Dead After Days Of Violent Protests In Iraq" [Scott Neuman, NPR]
    ● 3-Oct-2019 -- USA: "HP to slash 7,000 to 9,000 jobs over three years as part of major restructuring" [Jon Swartz, MarketWatch]
    ● 3-Oct-2019 -- USA: "MGM to pay Las Vegas shooting survivors, families up to $800m" [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 3-Oct-2019 -- Poland: "Fierce anti-Semitic slurs ["w***e Jews, get the f**k out of Poland"] & swastika appear on Krakow ghetto wall (PHOTOS)" [RT]
    ● 3-Oct-2019 -- USA: "A new ad tech merger is the latest sign rivals need to get big quickly to take on Facebook and Google’s dominance" [Megan Graham, CNBC]
    ● 3-Oct-2019 -- North Korea: "North Korea tests submarine-capable [Pukguksong-3 ballistic] missile fired from sea" [BBC News]
    ● 3-Oct-2019 -- Paris, France: "Paris knife attacker kills 4 people at police headquarters"; the knife attacker, a police employee, was shot dead. [Eliza Mackintosh, CNN World]
    ● 2-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Bank fees around the U.S. climb to record highs [Irina Ivanova, CBS News]
    ● 2-Oct-2019 -- EU-USA: "US to impose tariffs on EU aircraft and agricultural products" [Jacob Pramuk, et al., CNBC]
    ● 2-Oct-2019 -- Iraq: "Iraq protests: Shots fired as demonstrators defy Baghdad curfew"; people are angry "at high unemployment, poor services and corruption." 19+ people were killed since 1-Oct-2019. [BBC News]
    ● 1-Oct-2019 -- USA: "Robots to Cut 200,000 U.S. Bank Jobs in Next Decade, Study Says" [Alfred Liu, Bloomberg]
    ● 1-Oct-2019 -- China-Hong Kong: "Hong Kong protester shot as police disperse anti-China protests on National Day" [Shibani Mahtani, et al., WaPo]
    ● 1-Oct-2019 -- China: "The 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China" []
    ● 30-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Colleges, Students Tell DOJ McGraw-Hill/Cengage Merger Would Create a Textbook Duopoly" [The National Law Review: Timothy Z. LaComb, Tom Hagy (ed.), MoginRubin LLP Blog]
    ● 30-Sep-2019 -- Saudi Arabia: "Massive fire at Saudi high-speed train station injures at least five" [CNBC: Reuters]
    ● 30-Sep-2019 -- USA-CA: "Some L.A. officials want a state of emergency declared as homelessness crisis worsens" [Gale Holland, Los Angeles Times]
    ● 30-Sep-2019 -- EU-Iran: "8 more EU countries join sanctions-circumventing exchange INSTEX to trade with Iran – EU high representative’s aide" [RT]
    ● 30-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Trump tweets quote warning that impeachment will cause ‘Civil War-like fracture’ in US" [RT]
    ● 30-Sep-2019 -- Beijing-Hong Kong: "Beijing marks 70 years of Communist rule as Hong Kong protesters take to the streets" [Jessie Yeung, et al., CNN World]
    ● 29-Sep-2019 -- Malaysia-UN: "Malaysian PM: Israel is the origin of modern terrorism
"'Israel can break all the international laws and norms of the world and it will continue to be supported and defended…There is no justice in the world,’ he said."
[Middle East Monitor]
    ● 29-Sep-2019 -- New York, NY: "New York: Thousands rally for human rights in Kashmir" [Samira Sadeque, Al Jazeera]
    ● 29-Sep-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Thousands across Asia Pacific march in solidarity with Hong Kong
"People take to streets of Sydney, Taipei and Tokyo as part of global day of action in support of Hong Kong protesters."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 29-Sep-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon: Protests over worsening economic crisis"; Lebanon's debt=$86 billion (or 150%+of GDP) [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 29-Sep-2019 -- France-Iraq: "Ex-French President Jacques Chirac was ‘bribed’ by Saddam Hussein: report" [Laura Italiano, New York Post]
    ● 29-Sep-2019 -- Yemen-Saudi Arabia: "Houthis claim to have killed 500 Saudi soldiers in major attack
"Yemen militant group says it captured further 2,000 troops in operation in Saudi Arabia"
[Patrick Wintour, Diplomatic ed., The Guardian]
    ● 28-Sep-2019 -- USA: "George Soros Emerges as Major Funder of ‘Global Climate Strike’ Groups" [Dr. Thomas D. Williams, Breitbart]
    ● 28-Sep-2019 -- World: "Climate change: Greta Thunberg calls out the 'haters'" [Justin Rowlat, et al., BBC News]
    ● 27-Sep-2019 -- World: "From New Zealand to Italy, hundreds of thousands are protesting again for Earth Strike" [Grace Hauck, et al., USA Today]
    ● 27-Sep-2019 -- USA-Libya: "U.S. air strike kills 17 [on 24-Sep-2019] in southern Libya" [Ulf Laessing, et al., Reuters]
    ● 27-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Pope urges Silicon Valley to avoid slide toward new 'barbarism'" [Philip Pullella, Reuters]
    ● 27-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Harvard’s 6.5% Return Lags Elite Peers After Strategy Revamp" [Michael McDonald, Bloomberg]
    ● 27-Sep-2019 -- China: "China's central bank vows to lower real interest rates through market-oriented reform" [Xinhuanet: Xinhua, yan (ed.)]
    ● 27-Sep-2019 -- USA: "US military suicides surge to record high among active duty troops"; military suicides surged to 541 in 2018, up from 511 in 2017. [The Guardian: AP]
    ● 26-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Whistleblower painstakingly gathered material and almost single-handedly set impeachment in motion" [Greg Miller, WaPo]
    ● 26-Sep-2019 -- USA: "[Stuart] Resnick [the biggest farmer in America] explains $750-million gift to Caltech for climate research. ‘The kids are concerned’" [James Rainey, Los Angeles Times]
    ● 26-Sep-2019 -- UN-Yemen-Saudi Arabia: "UN condemns Saudi air attacks on Yemen"; 17 civilians were killed [Mohammed al-Attab, Al Jazeera]
    ● INFORMATION: 26-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Income inequality in America is at its highest level in more than 50 years"; states with worst income inequality: California, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, and New York [Aimee Picchi, CBS News]
    ● 25-Sep-2019 -- World: "Greta Thunberg wants you afraid, and big business will make a killing off it"
"Put simply, financial giants want your pensions and your taxes to support their investments half a world away. Greta Thunberg and The Climate Emergency Movement are paralyzing you with fear, and knowingly or unknowingly aiding the interests of the world’s mega-rich."
[Graham Dockery, RT]
    ● INFORMATION: 25-Sep-2019 -- China: "China officially opens its massive new airport in Beijing"; cost of the airport=$17.47 billion; the airport is expected to handle up to 72 million passengers per year by 2025 [RT]
    ● INFORMATION: 24-Sep-2019 -- USA: “'It’s Degrading' – Mothers of Vaccine-Injured Children Speak Out" [Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution, ]
    ● 24-Sep-2019 -- USA: "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry of Trump, says his actions were a ‘betrayal of national security’" [Rachael Bade, et al., WaPo]
    ● 24-Sep-2019 -- Greece: "Thousands of Greeks strike over planned labour reforms" [John Psaropoulos, Al Jazeera]
    ● 24-Sep-2019 -- Kashmir: "At least 20 killed as [magnitude 5.8] quake hits Pakistan-administered Kashmir" [Asad Hashim, Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 24-Sep-2019 -- New York, NY: UN General Assembly [UNGA] 2019: "Special Coverage of the 74th General Debate, 24 September-30 September 2019," [UN News,]
    ● 24-Sep-2019 -- Baghdad, Iraq: "Two rockets 'hit' near US embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone
"No casualties reported and no group claims responsibility for reported rocket attacks."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 23-Sep-2019 -- UN: "The United Nations General Assembly" [Meg Wagner, et al., CNN]

Greta Thunberg: "I should be back in school, on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words — and yet, I'm one of the lucky ones. People are suffering, people are dying."

See also: "Greta Thunberg tells world leaders ‘you are failing us’, as nations announce fresh climate action" [UN News,
    ● 23-Sep-2019 -- West Papua, Indonesia: "At least 20 dead in protests in Indonesia's West Papua
"Clashes between protesters and government forces in Jayapura have killed at least four people, including a policeman."
[Febriana Firdaus, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 23-Sep-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Dozens of civilians killed in Afghan forces' anti-Taliban attack
"At least 40 civilians killed in air raid and ground assault on Taliban hideouts by Afghan special forces."
14+ fighters were also killed.
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 23-Sep-2019 -- Omran, Yemen: "Civilians [5 civilians from one family] killed in Saudi-led air attacks in Yemen: Report" [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 23-Sep-2019 -- UK: "Thomas Cook Collapse Sets Up $250 Million Hedge Fund Windfall"; jobs at risk=21,000; speculators can earn "$250 million from the bankruptcy" [Yahoo! Finance: Katie Linsell, Bloomberg]
"Drugs make up the largest criminal market in the EU. More than one-third of the 5 000 criminal groups active in the EU are involved in the production, trafficking or distribution of various types of drugs...
"The EU retail drug market is estimated to be worth at least €24 billion a year."
[Europol, Press Release]
    ● 22-Sep-2019 -- UK: "Parents shocked as UK schools teach 6-10yo kids to touch their ‘private parts’ in beds & showers" [RT]
    ● 22-Sep-2019 -- DC, USA: "'We the People March': Protest in DC to 'hold Trump accountable'
"Perceived assault on US democracy decried in rally billed as reminder to elected officials that they work for people."
[Martin de Bourmont, Al Jazeera]
    ● 22-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Trump and Elizabeth Warren have the same very bad idea about the dollar"
"Both President Trump and presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren have floated the idea of weakening the dollar to help sell US exports."
[Linette Lopez, Business Insider]
    ● 22-Sep-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong [anti-government] protests: China flag desecrated as fresh unrest erupts" [BBC News]
    ● 21-Sep-2019 -- "Danish and Swiss Banks to Charge Customers 0.75% Interest on Large Deposits"
[Michael Shedlock, Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis, 21-Sep-2019,]
    ● 21-Sep-2019 -- Iraq: "ISIL claims bus bombing in Iraq's Karbala that killed 12
"Bombing was one of the worst attacks targeting civilians since the declaration of the group's defeat in Iraq in 2017."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 21-Sep-2019 -- Egypt: "In rare protests, Egyptians [thousands of protesters] demand President el-Sisi's removal
"Rallies in several Egyptian cities after businessman Mohamed Ali accused el-Sisi of corruption, called for resignation."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 21-Sep-2019 -- Canada-World: "Eco-anxiety spurs youth to take action on climate change"
"With fires, floods, and pollution growing faster and more serious every year, children and young people are scared that they'll be bearing the brunt of this crisis. It's spawning a condition called eco-anxiety, a fear of environmental catastrophe."
[Marcy Cuttler, et al., CBC News]
    ● 20-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Department of Homeland Security strategy adds white supremacy to list of threats
"Recent mass shootings have 'galvanized the Department of Homeland Security to expand its counterterrorism mission focus beyond terrorists operating aboard,' acting DHS Sec. Kevin McAleenan."
[Pete Williams, NBC News]
    ● 20-Sep-2019 -- "Over 4 million on #ClimateStrike today. In 163 countries. And counting... If you belong to the small number of people who feel threatened by us, then we we have some very bad news for you: This is just the beginning. Change is coming - like it or not. #FridaysForFuture" [Twitter: Greta Thunberg, @GretaThunberg]
    ● 20-Sep-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Afghanistan hospital attack death toll soars to 39
"At least 39 people killed and 90 wounded in a suicide attack carried out by the Taliban in the southern city of Qalat."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 20-Sep-2019 -- Russia-China-India: "Center-2019: 128,000 troops participate in massive Russia, China & India drill (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)" [RT]
    ● 20-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Not a free speech platform: Facebook declares it’s a ‘publisher’ & can censor whomever it wants, walking into legal trap" [RT]
    ● 20-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Fed rushes to plug cash shortage [~$275 billion injection over 4 days] in short-term loan market" [CBS News: AP]
    ● 19-Sep-2019 -- USA-World: "Bank Reserves: What Are They and Why a Shortage Is Roiling a Key Interest Rate [the overnight repo rate]" [Paul J. Davies, WSJ]
    ● 19-Sep-2019 -- Saudi Arabia-Iran: "Expert on why Saudi Arabia won't explicitly blame Iran for attacks: 'They would be toast'" [Matt London, Fox News]
    ● 19-Sep-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Why Starbucks is now on Hong Kong protesters’ business boycott list" [Mary Hui, tripti (ed.), Quartz]
    ● 19-Sep-2019 -- USA-Afghanistan: "U.S. drone strike [targeting Islamic State (IS)] kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan"; a separate suicide truck bombing attack by the Taliban killed 20+ people. [Ahmad Sultan, et al., Reuters]
    ● 19-Sep-2019 -- Belgium-France: "Belgian F-16 crash pilot ejects on to power line" [BBC News]
    ● 19-Sep-2019 -- Iran-USA-Saudi Arabia: "Iran warns of ‘all-out war’ if US retaliates in wake of Saudi oil facility bombings" [Greg Norman, et al., Fox News-AP]
    ● 19-Sep-2019 -- Israel-Palestine: "An anti-Zionist Movement That Promoted Judaism as a Secular Culture Shuts Its Doors
"They believed in a just society and wanted to teach Palestinians Yiddish…"
[Shany Littman, Haaretz]
    ● 18-Sep-2019 -- Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): "DRC army says Rwandan Hutu rebel commander Mudacumura killed" [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 18-Sep-2019 -- Yemen-UAE: "‘Protect your glass skyscrapers’: Yemen’s Houthis claim to have NEW ATTACK DRONE & threaten UAE [United Arab Emirates] with DOZENS OF STRIKES" [RT]
    ● 18-Sep-2019 -- World: "Cycle of panic & death: Humankind totally not ready for global pandemic, emergency preparedness group warns" [RT]

"Citing a reactionary 'cycle of panic and neglect' in which health emergencies are dealt with as they arise, rather than before they start, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board – an entity formed last year by the World Bank and the World Health Organization – has called for immediate and massive investment in emergency preparedness systems in its first-ever report, titled 'A World At Risk.'"

[For the GPMB's annual report, 'A World at Risk,' see]
    ● 18-Sep-2019 -- Israel: "Israel’s Election Too Close to Call After First Exit Polls
"Neither Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud nor Benny Gantz’s Blue and White have sure path to majority"
[Felicia Schwartz, et al., WSJ]
    ● 18-Sep-2019 -- World: "Annual Investments in Robots Rose to World Record $16.5 Billion" [Alexandre Tanzi, Bloomberg]
    ● 18-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Fed carries out repo operation for second straight day" [Sunny Oh, MarketWatch]
    ● 17-Sep-2019 -- Mexico: "Fire & EXPLOSION reported at Pemex oil refinery in southern Mexico" [RT, 17-18-Sep-2019]
    ● 17-Sep-2019 -- "Israel Spies and Spies and Spies
"This time the target was Donald Trump."
[Philip Giraldi, The Unz Review,, 17-Sep-2019] [See also, 18-Sep-2019]

"And the notion that Mossad and CIA work hand-in-hand is also a fiction. Working level Agency officers dislike their reckless Mossad counterparts. Newsweek magazine’s “Spy Talk” once cited a poll of CIA officers that ranked Israel “dead last” among friendly countries in actual intelligence cooperation with Washington...
"Israel, where government and business work hand in hand, has obtained significant advantage by systematically stealing American technology with both military and civilian applications."
    ● 17-Sep-2019 -- Philippines: "Philippines: Worst dengue outbreak in years kills over a thousand
"Some 271,480 dengue cases reported since January, 1,107 confirmed fatalities as of end of August."
[Ana P Santos, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 17-Sep-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Ghani [President Ashraf Ghani] 'unhurt' as blast kills dozens at Afghan president's rally
"Taliban claims responsibility for suicide bombing at campaign rally in Charikar, as well as for separate blast in Kabul."
26+ people were killed. The Taliban claimed responsibility.
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 17-Sep-2019 -- Italy: "Flames & smoke as blast rocks one of Italy’s largest oil refineries" [RT]
    ● 17-Sep-2019 -- France: "French doctors, lawyers, pilots protest [President Emmanuel Macron's] pension reforms" [France 24: Reuters]
    ● 16-Sep-2019 -- USA: "JP Morgan traders accused of manipulating price of gold, silver for a DECADE, as DoJ tries to look tough on Wall Street" [RT, 16-17-Sep-2019]
    ● 16-Sep-2019 -- Russia: "World sleepwalking into total nuclear war as callous elites fear no bloodshed – Russian scholar" [Sergey Karaganov, a researcher of international relations and a dean at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics] [RT]
    ● 16-Sep-2019 -- Saudi Arabia: "Attacks have disrupted 5% of the world's oil production. Here's what you need to know" [Tamara Qiblawi, CNN]
    ● 15-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Nearly 50,000 UAW workers go on strike against GM, America's biggest automaker" [Chris Isidore, et al., CNN, 16-Sep-2019]
    ● 15-Sep-2019 -- USA: "OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma Files for Bankruptcy to Wipe Out 2,000 Lawsuits" [Jef Feeley, et al., Bloomberg, 15-16-Sep-2019]
    ● 15-Sep-2019 -- Central African Republic: "Fresh fighting kills 23 in Central African Republic
"Renewed clashes between two armed groups in Birao raise doubts about sustainability of peace deal signed in February."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 15-Sep-2019 -- Israel-Ethiopia: "Israel’s Ethiopian community denounces racism ahead of election" [Arwa Ibrahim, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 15-Sep-2019 -- USA-Saudi Arabia-Iran: "Iran Rejects U.S. Accusation It Is Behind Saudi Attacks" [Michael Wolgelenter, NYT]
    ● 15-Sep-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong Protesters Hurl Gasoline Bombs at Government Offices"; "tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators" [Mike Ives, et al., NYT]
    ● 14-Sep-2019 -- Russia-EU-Constantinople: "Orthodox schism: Priests in Western Europe reject Constantinople, side with Moscow" [RT]
    ● 14-Sep-2019 -- Nantes, France: "A little after lunchtime and #Nantes looks like a war zone, every weekend the public are treated like this, every weekend this is not considered newsworthy. #MediaBias
#GiletsJaunes #Acte44 [From Clément Lanot] [Twitter: Darren of Plymouth, @DarrenPlymouth]
    ● 14-Sep-2019 -- Paris, France: "Today marks 44 straight weeks of anti-Macron #YellowVests protests in #France, but we would never know it by watching the corporate propaganda outlets pretending to be news operations. #GiletsJaunes #Paris" [From Call me Blaise] [Twitter: Sarah Abdallah, @sahouraxo]
    ● 14-Sep-2019 -- Sacramento, CA, USA: "California advances bill to cap consumer loan interest rates
"Measure aims to tame what supporters call predatory lending practices"
[The Mercury News: AP]
    ● 14-Sep-2019 -- Saudi Arabia-Yemen: "Saudi Arabia reportedly shuts down half its oil production after drone attack"; Houthis claimed responsibility; 10 drones were involved. [Yun Li, CNBC] [WSJ]
    ● INFORMATION: 14-Sep-2019 -- USA "Trump confirms Osama bin Laden's son Hamza killed in US counterterrorism operation" [Sarah Westwood, et al., CNN]
    ● INFORMATION: 14-Sep-2019 -- USA-Saudi Arabia-Israel: "Dead Men Tell No Tales – Bin Laden and 9/11"; "... What’s also pretty clear is that Israel–at minimum–knew the attack was coming yet failed to warn its American ‘allies.’ Israel was the chief beneficiary of the 9/11 attacks ..." [Lew Rockwell: Eric S. Margolis, Op-Ed]
    ● 13-Sep-2019 -- Russia: "Why has Russia cut its debt to ZERO?" [Ksenia Zubacheva, Russia Beyond]
    ● 13-Sep-2019 -- Afghanistan-USA: "‘We can fight Americans for 100 years,’ Taliban tells RT after scrapped peace talks" [RT]
    ● 13-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Bank stocks rise again, with J.P. Morgan's stock headed for 8th-straight gain to record close" [Tomi Kilgore, MarketWatch]
    ● 13-Sep-2019 -- USA: "New York AG Says Sacklers [the family that owns Purdue Pharma, maker of the opioid Oxycontin] Transferred $1B From Pharma Accounts To Themselves" [Richard Gonzales, NPR]
    ● 12-Sep-2019 -- Turkey: "Several dead [7 people], injured in explosion in Turkey's restive southeast
"Roadside explosives believed to have been placed by Kurdistan Workers' Party fighters in troubled Diyarbakir province."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 12-Sep-2019 -- France: "Google accepts half a BILLION euro fine in French fiscal fraud settlement" [RT]
    ● 12-Sep-2019 -- France: "France vows to block development of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency on European soil" [RT]
    ● 12-Sep-2019 -- Kabul, Afghanistan: "Taliban suicide attack in Kabul kills Afghan troops
"Afghan officials said at least four soldiers killed in the attack in Chahar Asyab district of Kabul."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 12-Sep-2019 -- DR Congo: "Dozens feared dead after train derails in DR Congo
"Minister says at least 50 killed after train derails in southeastern province of Tanganyika."
[AlJazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 12-Sep-2019 -- South Africa: "South Africa Unsecured Loan Boom [$15 Billion] Leaves 40% of Borrowers [~7.8 Million Borrowers] in Default" [Antony Sguazzin, Bloomberg, 11-12-Sep-2019]
    ● 12-Sep-2019 -- EU: "ECB cuts key rate, relaunches QE to shore up eurozone economy" [William Watts, MarketWatch]
    ● 12-Sep-2019 -- Israel-USA: "Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices [Stingray devices] near the White House
"The likely Israeli spying efforts were uncovered during the Trump presidency, several former top U.S. officials said."
[Daniel Lippman, Politico]
    ● 11-Sep-2019 -- Israel-USA-China: "There's A Growing Sore Spot In Israeli-U.S. Relations: China" [Daniel Estrin, NPR]
    ● 11-Sep-2019 -- World: "Get out of my face! Facial recognition technology could enslave mankind like never before" [Robert Bridge, RT, Op-Ed]
    ● 11-Sep-2019 -- USA-Israel: "Elusive Al Qaeda leader Zawahri marks 9/11 anniversary by calling for jihadists to attack US, Israel [EU and Russia]" [Hollie McKay, Fox News]
    ● 11-Sep-2019 -- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: "OIC [The Organization of Islamic Cooperation] foreign ministers to meet over Netanyahu ‘escalation’ [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pre-election pledge to annex part of the West Bank]" [Al Arabiya]
    ● 11-Sep-2019 -- Hong Kong-UK: "Hong Kong exchange launches takeover bid for LSE"; "Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing … offered £29.6 billion ($36.6 billion) for the London Stock Exchange" [Steve Goldstein, MarketWatch]
    ● 10-Sep-2019 -- Israel-USA: "The Dancing Israelis: FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks" [Whitney Webb, Mint Press News, 10-Sep-2019,]
    ● 10-Sep-2019 -- Qanus Island, Iraq: "US warplanes drop 40 tons of bombs on ISIS-infested island in Iraq" [Ben Feuerherd, New York Post-Post  Wires]
    ● 10-Sep-2019 -- USA: ""Fictitious Markets, False Economics, and the Reality of Fraud"

"... Economically speaking, this country’s financials are an unmitigated disaster, and the charge toward insolvency is quickening. Debt at every level is staggering, prices are out of control, and a triple bubble is obvious. Stocks and real estate prices are extreme, and the bond market is literally insane ... Nothing of this magnitude has been seen before, and a bubble economy of this degree when it explodes will be devastating beyond the imagination of most."

[Gary D. Barnett, 10-Sep-2019,]
    ● INFORMATION: 10-Sep-2019 -- Israel: "Netanyahu Says Will Annex Jordan Valley if Reelected
Trump peace plan 'historic opportunity' for West Bank annexation, PM says" [Noa Landau, Haaretz]
    ● 10-Sep-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Taliban threatens US with jihad, seizes more land in Afghanistan after failed peace talks" [RT]
    ● 10-Sep-2019 -- Sudan: "Sudan's new leader faces daunting economic challenges
"Wrecked by decades of economic mismanagement and civil war Sudan has $52bn in foreign debt and high unemployment."
[Mohammed Vall, Al Jazeera]
    ● 10-Sep-2019 -- Karbala, Iraq: "More than 30 [31+] killed in mass stampede at Iraqi Shia shrine
"Rush of panicked Ashoura pilgrims after walkway collapse with the death toll expected to rise, says health ministry."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● INFORMATION: 10-Sep-2019 -- USA: "9/11 After 18 Years"
"On the basis of the known evidence, knowledgable and informed people have concluded that 9/11 was an inside job organized by Vice President Dick Cheney, his stable of neoconservatives, and Israel for the purpose of reconstructing the Middle East in Israel’s interest and enriching the US military/security complex in the process."
[Paul Craig Roberts, 10-Sep-2019,]
    ● 9-Sep-2019 -- China: "China boosts gold reserves by nearly 100 tons"; "the value of China’s gold holdings increased to $95.45 billion at the end of August from $87.876 billion at the end of July." [RT]
    ● 9-Sep-2019 -- Pakistan-Kashmir: "Pakistan arrests protesters after pro-independence Kashmir rally
"At least 22 arrested after demonstrators clashed with police near Tatrinote village in Pakistan-administered Kashmir."
[Asad Hashim, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 9-Sep-2019 -- Burkina Faso: "Dozens [29+ people] killed in two Burkina Faso attacks" [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 9-Sep-2019 -- Lebanon-Israel: "Lebanon's Hezbollah downs Israeli drone in southern town" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 9-Sep-2019 -- USA: "U.S. corporate insiders selling shares at fastest pace since financial crisis a decade ago"; Analyst Winston Chua with TrimTabs: "not a very positive sign." [Pete Evans, CBC News]
    ● 9-Sep-2019 -- France: "Summer heat killed nearly 1,500 [1,435 people] in France, officials say" [BBC News]
    ● 8-Sep-2019 -- USA-Afghanistan: "After Trump Calls Off Talks, Afghanistan Braces for Violence" [David E. Sanger, et al., NYT]
    ● 8-Sep-2019 -- Madagascar: "Huge crowds [~one million people] attend Pope's Mass in Madagascar" [BBC News]
    ● 8-Sep-2019 -- Hong Kong-USA: "Hong Kong protesters march to US consulate calling for support
"Demonstrators seek to bring international attention to Hong Kong's political crisis, now in its 14th week."
[Violet Law, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 8-Sep-2019 -- Jordan: "Teachers in Jordan launch strike demanding salary hike
"Teachers launch nationwide strike following days of protests calling for a 50 percent salary increase."
[Al Jazeera News]
    ● 8-Sep-2019 -- USA: "The Moral Rot of the MIT Media Lab
"Like its parent university, the famed research center became far too comfortable selling its prestige. Even to Jeffrey Epstein."
"... Rather than protect the inherent specialness of this brand [MIT], the Media Lab soiled it again and again by selling its prestige to banks, drug companies, petroleum companies, carmakers, multinational retailers, at least one serial sexual predator ..."
[Justin Peters, Slate]
    ● 8-Sep-2019 -- China-USA: "China exports fall in August as US trade war bites"; exports from China to the US fell 16% YOY; imports from the US fell 22.4% [BBC News]
    ● 7-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Hurricane Dorian death toll tops 40, hundreds remain missing
"As new death toll of 43 from Hurricane Dorian is confirmed, Bahamas officials warn number will rise 'significantly.'"
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 7-Sep-2019 -- North Korea: "North Korea touts quantum computing for economic development" [Elizabeth Shim, UPI]
    ● 7-Sep-2019 -- World: "Mind-reading AI may spell end to humanity as we know it, but not because it will enslave us – Zizek" [RT]
    ● 7-Sep-2019 -- Iran-IAEA: "IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] inspectors in Tehran to report new activities as Iran launches advanced centrifuges" [Press TV]
    ● 7-Sep-2019 -- USA-Iran: "The end of white America and Israel lobby"
"It seems as if the West is dead in every way. The rule of law is dead throughout the West. Democracy is a scam. There is oligarchic rule.  Everything is done for organized interest groups. Nothing is done for the people. Putin just declared: 'West’s leading role is ending.' How right he is."
[Paul Craig Roberts, Press TV]
    ● 6-Sep-2019 -- France-China: "France's cash-strapped Aigle Azur to cancel all flights"; "the largest shareholder in Aigle Azur is the Chinese conglomerate HNA Group, which owns Hainan Airlines, with a 49 percent stake." [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 6-Seb-2019 -- Palestine-Israel: "Two Palestinian teenagers shot dead by Israeli army
"Official says 76 people were also wounded by Israeli army at protests attended by more than 5,000 people."
[Ali Younes, Al Jazeera]
    ● 6-Sep-2019 -- Israel-Lebanon: "Israel abandons compound, leaves armor & ammo behind: RT films GHOST BASE at Lebanon’s border" [RT]
    ● 6-Sep-2019 -- Bahamas-USA-China: "US worried China's Dorian relief effort in Bahamas may be bid to gain influence — and foothold, reports say"; Bahamas death toll rose to 30 people; damage is estimated at $7 billion. [Greg Norman, Fox News-AP]
    ● 6-Sep-2019 -- China: "China cuts banks’ reserve requirements in latest effort to boost economy amid US trade war" [Frank Tang, South China Morning Post]
    ● 6-Sep-2019 -- USA: "States to Launch Google, Facebook Antitrust Probes" [John D. McKinnon, WaPo]
    ● INFORMATION: 6-Sep-2019 -- USA-Israel: "Noam Chomsky Calls Out Israel For Interfering In US Elections & Says Russian Interference Is “A Joke”" [Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution, 6-Sep-2019,]

See also: "Supplementary Notes on the Overturning of [Debt-Based] Capitalism" in Bank-Induced Risks
[Edward E. Ayoub, 1998,]
    ● 5-Sep-2019 -- Russia-USA: "Putin warned Bush about impending attack TWO DAYS before 9/11 – ex-CIA analyst" [RT]
    ● 5-Sep-2019 -- Palestine-Israel: "Israel Steals Palestinian Land in Bethlehem to Expand Illegal Settlements" [The Palestine Chronicle]
    ● 5-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Congress Promised Student Borrowers A Break. Education Dept. Rejected 99% Of Them" [Cory Turner, NPR]
    ● 5-Sep-2019 -- Afghanistan-USA-Romania: "Taliban claim deadly attack near US embassy in Kabul
"10 civilians killed along with US and Romanian soldiers after car bomb explodes near a heavily fortified area in Kabul."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 4-Sep-2019 -- USA-China: "Huawei accuses the US of ‘launching cyber attacks’ against the company" [Colin Lecher, The Verge]

See: "Media Statement Regarding Reported US DoJ Probes into Huawei" [Huawei, 30-Aug-2019,]
    ● 4-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Column: He died Sunday on a West L.A. sidewalk. He was homeless. He is part of an epidemic [666 homeless people died in L.A. County as of 25-Aug-2019]"

"On average, nearly three homeless people are dying daily in the county, nearly double the rate of deaths by homicide. Illness, addiction, accidents, suicide and the ravages of being unsheltered are among the primary causes of death..."

[Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times]
    ● 4-Sep-2019 -- Pakistan: "Pakistan ‘most dangerous country’ in the world with ‘fastest-growing nuclear arsenal,’ says Mattis [former US defense secretary James Mattis]" [RT]
    ● 4-Sep-2019 -- Iran-EU: "Iran's Press TV says Tehran rejects EU $15 billion loan offer" [Reuters]
    ● 4-Sep-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong Government Withdraws Extradition Bill, A Key Demand Of Protesters" [Emily Feng, NPR]
    ● 4-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Regulators Fine Google $170 Million for Violating Children’s Privacy on YouTube" [Natasha Singer, et al., NYT]
    ● 3-Sep-2019 -- USA: "University Study Finds Fire Did Not Bring Down World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11" [AE911Truth Staff, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth,]
    ● 3-Sep-2019 -- India: "Multiple casualties after massive blaze breaks out at oil refinery outside Mumbai, India (VIDEOS)"; toll reported: 5 people killed and 11+ injured. [RT]
    ● 3-Sep-2019 -- Sudan: "Sudan floods kill at least 78 people" [Mohammed Vall, Al Jazeera]
    ● 3-Sep-2019 -- South Africa: "'Pure criminality': 5 killed in [Xenophobic] attacks on foreigners in S Africa" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 3-Sep-2019 -- China: "Man kills eight schoolchildren in China on first day of class" [Ben Westcott, et al., CNN World]
    ● 3-Sep-2019 -- World: "Cancer now tops heart disease as the No. 1 cause of death in these countries" [Jacqueline Howard, CNN]

"Variations in common diseases, hospital admissions, and deaths in middle-aged adults in 21 countries from five continents (PURE): a prospective cohort study" [Prof Gilles R Dagenais, MD. et al., The Lancet,]
"Among adults aged 35–70 years, cardiovascular disease is the major cause of mortality globally. However, in HICs and some upper-MICs, deaths from cancer are now more common than those from cardiovascular disease, indicating a transition in the predominant causes of deaths in middle-age..."
    ● 3-Sep-2019 -- UN-Yemen-USA-UK-France: "U.N. report says U.S., Britain, France may be complicit in potential war crimes in Yemen" [Sudarsan Raghavan, WaPo]

"Yemen: Collective failure, collective responsibility – UN expert report" [Group of International and Regional Eminent Experts on Yemen, UN,]
    ● 2-Sep-2019 -- Bahamas: "‘Bahamas is presently at war’: Slow-moving Dorian wreaks devastation across island nation"; first fatalities: 5+ died [Jasper Ward, et al., WaPo]
    ● INFORMATION: 2-Sep-2019 -- USA: "DEMORALIZED, DEPRESSED, DETACHED & DEFIANT" [Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform (TBP),]
[Reprinted, 3-Sep-2019, at]
    ● 2-Sep-2019 -- ON, Canada: "Province's cuts to OSAP [Ontario Student Assistance Plan] mean more debt, stress as students head back to school" [CBC: Allison Jones, The Canadian Press]
    ● 2-Sep-2019 -- Tunisia-Algeria: "Tunisia security boss, three fighters killed in clash near border [with Algeria]" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 2-Sep-2019 -- USA: "Here’s a list of recession signals that are flashing red" [Maggie Fitzgerald, CNBC]
    ● 2-Sep-2019 -- Santa Cruz Island, CA: "34 people feared dead after boat catches fire off California's Santa Cruz Island: officials" [Robert Gearty, et al., Fox News]
    ● 1-Sep-2019 -- Yemen-Saudi Arabia: "Yemen war: More than 100 dead in Saudi-led strike, says Red Cross"; death toll, according to UN: 70,000+ people were killed since 2016. [BBC News]
    ● 1-Sep-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Taliban launch 'massive attack' on northern Afghanistan city, government says"; 60 Taliban fighters were killed and 80+ civilians were wounded. [David Aaro, Fox News]
    ● 1-Sep-2019 -- Lebanon-Israel: "Israeli army says multiple targets hit by missiles from Lebanon
"Israel's military said it retaliated by firing into southern Lebanon after Hezbollah's claim it destroyed Israeli tank."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 31-Aug-2019 -- Odessa, TX: "Texas’s second mass shooting in August kills at least 7 [and wounds 19 others]" [Ben Guarino, WaPo, 1-Sep-2019]
    ● 31-Aug-2019 -- UK: "Tens of Thousands Take to Streets to Protest Boris Johnson Maneuver in Parliament" [Palko Karasz, et al., NYT]
    ● 31-Aug-2019 -- India: "Assam NRC: What next for 1.9 million 'stateless' Indians?
"India has published the final version of a list which effectively strips about 1.9 million people in the north-eastern state of Assam of their citizenship."
[BBC News]
    ● 31-Aug-2019 -- China-Hong Kong: "Rioters in Hong Kong vandalize government buildings, set fires on main street" [华夏 (ed.), XINHUANET]
    ● INFORMATION: 31-Aug-2019 -- USA-Affghanistan: "Beware The Vengeance Of The Afghans [Eric S. Margolis]
    ● INFORMATION: 31-Aug-2019 -- "Ça devient excessif et invivable
" … Les revendications de ce mouvement hétéroclite convergent vers un même constat, la perte de pouvoir d'achat [loss of purchasing power]."
[20 Minutes: nxp/afp, 22-Nov-2018]
    ● 31-Aug-2019 -- France-Switzerland: Gilets Jaunes Paris #Acte42 #ActeXLII @GiletsJaunesGo . 1h
⚡️#Genève [#Suisse] - #Acte42⚡️
Les #GiletsJaunes remercient les Suisses et leurs autorités, pour avoir permis au plus grand nombre, de se rassembler ce samedi à Genève.
#ViolencesPolicieres #StopMutilés
[Twitter: @GiletsJaunesGo]
    ● 30-Aug-2019 -- Gulf-Israel: "Gulf elites cheer Israeli attacks on Arab countries" [Tamara Nassar, The Electronic Intifada]
    ● 30-Aug-2019 -- Pakistan: "PM Imran Khan leads Kashmir solidarity rallies in Pakistan"; tens of thousands protested across Pakistan [Asad Hashim, Al Jazeera]
    ● INFORMATION: 30-Aug-2019 -- USA: "No surprise US patriotism is sinking; Americans at war with themselves" [Robert Bridge, RT, Op-Ed]
    ● 30-Aug-2019 -- India: "Modi Creates Bank Behemoths to Spur India’s Slowing Economy"
"Four new lenders that result from a series of state-bank mergers will hold business worth 55.8 trillion rupees ($781 billion), or about 56% of the Indian banking industry"
[Yahoo! Finance: Suvashree Ghosh, et al., Bloomberg]
    ● INFORMATION: 29-Aug-2019 -- Brazil: "Pesticides Linked to Deaths of Millions of Bees in Brazil"

"More than 500 million bees were found dead by beekeepers in Brazil over a three-month period earlier this year. Now, scientists are linking these mass bee die-offs to an increase in the use of pesticides, fueled by the weakening of chemical regulations by the Bolsonaro administration."
[Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies: Yale Environment 360: E360 Digest, 29-Aug-2019]
    ● 29-Aug-2019 -- Quebec, Canada: "Hydro-Québec ends collaboration with Israeli power firm" [Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada]
    ● 29-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Dick Bove: Banks could take ‘the easy road’ on loans and cause a recession" [Richard X. Bove, CNBC, Commentary]
    ● 29-Aug-2019 -- Yemen: "Yemen official says airstrikes killed at least 30 troops near Aden" [New York Post: AP]
    ● 29-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Many Genes Influence Same-Sex Sexuality, Not a Single ‘Gay Gene’
"The largest study of same-sex sexual behavior finds the genetics are complicated, and social and environmental factors are also key."
[Pam Belluck, NYT]
    ● 29-Aug-2019 -- Moldova, Israel: "Moldova’s Jews feel an anti-Semitic backlash after a corrupt Jewish politician flees to Israel" [Cnaan Liphshiz, Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)]
    ● 28-Aug-2019 -- USA: "The U.S. Is Spending More on Debt Even as Other Rich Countries Spend Less" [Justin Fox, Bloomberg Opinion]
    ● 28-Aug-2019 -- Kashmir-India-Pakistan: "Kashmir saw 500 protests, hundreds injured in three weeks: Report" [Al Jazeera: AFP News Agency]
    ● 28-Aug-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Taliban kills 14 pro-government fighters in Afghanistan" [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 28-Aug-2019 -- UK: "MPs accuse Johnson of ‘attempted coup’ by requesting parliament suspension before Brexit" [RT]
    ● 28-Aug-2019 -- UK: "Boris Johnson asks Queen to suspend UK Parliament ahead of Brexit" [Ivana Kottasová, CNN World]
    ● 27-Aug-2019 -- Palestine-Israel: "Gaza on state of alert after blasts kill 3 Hamas policemen"
Death tolls for The Great March of Return: the Israeli army killed 300+ Palestinian demonstrators; 7 Israelis were also killed.
 [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 27-Aug-2019 -- Libya-Mediterranean: "Dozens feared dead after boat capsizes off Libya coast"; 65+ people were rescued; 40+ people are feared dead [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 27-Aug-2019 -- West Helena, AR: "2 dead, gunman shooting at police in Arkansas hostage situation" [RT]
    ● 27-Aug-2019 -- Russia-USA: "Russian company is first to sue Boeing to cancel 737 Max order and claim damages" [CBS News-AFP]
    ● INFORMATION: 27-Aug-2019 -- Indonesia: "Indonesia to move capital from sinking Jakarta to Borneo" [NBC Nws: AP]
    ● 27-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Ex-Google engineer charged with taking self-driving car trade secrets" [Lauren Feiner, et al., CNBC]
    ● 27-Aug-2019 -- USA-Lebanon: "Harvard student from Lebanon denied entry into U.S." [Daniella Silva, NBC News]
    ● 27-Aug-2019 -- Brazil: "Brazil Rejects G-7's Offer Of $22 Million To Fight Amazon Fires" [Bill Chappell, NPR]
    ● 26-Aug-2019 -- Lebanon: "Israel attacks Palestinian base [the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command (PFLP-GC)] in Lebanon: Reports" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 26-Aug-2019 -- Yemen-Saudi Arabia: "Houthis claim attack on military target in Saudi capital Riyadh" [Al Jazeera News]
    ● 26-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Student leaders seek DOJ intervention in textbook company merger"; students are concerned about a proposed merger of Cengage and McGraw-Hill -- "two of the largest textbook publishers in the United States" [Kaylie Mclaughlin, the Collegian]
    ● 26-Aug-2019 -- World: "How global military spending hit a record high"; "Global military spending increased to a record $1.8 trillion in 2018 — the largest amount since the Cold War." [Andrew Davis, CNBC]
    ● 25-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Apple and Samsung sued over ‘cancer risk’ from cell phone radiation" [RT]
    ● 25-Aug-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong police fire gun and use water cannon on [anti-government] protesters" [BBC News]
    ● 25-Aug-2019 -- Hendaye, France: "G7 protests: Thousands march against summit
"Most protesters say they are fed up with what they regard as elite politicians who are out of touch with ordinary people. [Natacha Butler, Al Jazeera]
    ● 25-Aug-2019 -- Bangladesh: "'Genocide Day': Thousands [almost 200,000] of Rohingya rally in Bangladesh camps" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 25-Aug-2019 -- Lebanon-Israel: "Hezbollah chief: 'We will down Israeli drones in Lebanon skies'
"Hassan Nasrallah says his movement 'will not allow such an aggression' after 2 drones crash in Beirut."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 25-Aug-2019 -- Columbia, MD, USA: "Massive gas explosion wrecks Maryland shopping center, office building" [Doha Madani, NBC News]
    ● 24-Aug-2019 -- NASA: "An astronaut may have committed the first space crime while aboard the International Space Station" [Ellen Cranley, INSIDER]
    ● 24-Aug-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon Cut Deeper Into Junk by Fitch as Diaspora Dollars Dry Up" [Dana Khraiche, et al., Bloomberg, 23-24-Aug-2019]

Fitch Ratings: "Fitch Downgrades Lebanon to 'CCC' [from B-]" [Fitch Ratings, 23-Aug-2019,]
    ● 24-Aug-2019 -- Biarritz, France: "Trump arrives for G7 summit as global disputes threaten unity" [Kevin Liptak, CNN]
    ● 24-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Koch and Soros Unite To Censor The Internet"

"Establishment left-wing and establishment conservative billionaires are teaming up to censor the Internet."

[ Mac Slavo,, 21-Aug-2019]
    ● 23-Aug-2019 -- Algeria: "No let-up in sight as Algeria's protest movement enters 7th month
"Thousands rally in Algiers and other major cities to call for political overhaul and removal of ruling elite."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 23-Aug-2019 -- World: "[Bank of England Governor Mark] Carney Urges Libra-Like Reserve Currency to End Dollar Dominance"
[Brian Swint, Bloomberg]

USA-UK-Russia: "Abandon sinking US dollar ship? Top UK bankster pushes for new 'synthetic hegemonic currency'" [RT, 24-Aug-2019,]
    ● 23-Aug-2019 -- EU: "EU drafts plan for hundred billion-dollar fund to take on US tech firms, reports say" [Elizabeth Schulze, CNBC]
    ● 23-Aug-2019 -- USA: Dow Jones Indusrial Average tumbled: 25,628.90 -623.34 (-2.37%) [Yahoo! Finance]
    ● 23-Aug-2019 -- USA-China: "Trump Orders American Companies to ‘Start Looking for an Alternative to China’" [Alan Rappeport, et al., NYT]
    ● 23-Aug-2019 -- West Bank, Palestine: "One [17-year old female] killed, two wounded in Israeli settlement bomb attack" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 23-Aug-2019 -- Belgium: "Ritual animal slaughter ban unites Muslims & Jews against European 'ecofascism' – Zizek" [RT, 22-23-Aug-2019]
    ● 23-Aug-2019 -- USA: "THE CONSUMER BUREAU'S RECKLESS PLAN FOR DEBT COLLECTION"; "debt buyers sell and resell debts for years on end, typically without account records verifying that the debts are accurate." [David Vladeck, WIRED]
    ● 23-Aug-2019 -- China-USA: "China Threatens New Tariffs [on $75 billion in American-made goods] if Trump Escalates Trade War" [Keith Bradsher, NYT]
    ● 22-Aug-2019 -- China: "China’s Tianhe-2 Supercomputer to Crunch Space Data From New Radio Telescope" [Sputnik]
    ● 22-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Why politicians don't want you to think about the national debt this year" [Zachary B. Wolf, CNN]
    ● 22-Aug-2019 -- Iran: "Iran unveils new missile defence system [Bavar-373], calls US talks 'useless'" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 22-Aug-2019 -- Brazil: "Blame humans for starting the Amazon fires, environmentalists say"; environmentalists are alarmed and blame President Jair Bolsonaro [Jessie Yeung, CNN World]
    ● 21-Aug-2019 -- Russia-Kazakhstan: "Russia Launches Humanoid Robot 'Fyodor' [Skybot F-850 robot] to Space Station on Rare Soyuz Test Flight" [Elizabeth Howell,]
    ● 21-Aug-2019 -- USA-Afghanistan: "2 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan as Talks With Taliban Resume" [Mujib Mashal, et al., NYT]
    ● 21-Aug-2019 -- USA: "‘I am the chosen one’: Trump again plays on messianic claims as he embraces ‘King of Israel’ title" [Sarah Pulliam Bailey, et al., WaPo]
    ● 21-Aug-2019 -- Kashmir-India-Pakistan: "Two killed in first Kashmir gun battle since lockdown began"; 3 Pakistani civilians were also killed. [Daanish Bin Nabi, et al., Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 21-Aug-2019 -- Japan-North Korea: "Japan warns North Korea now has miniaturized nukes small enough to fit on its ballistic missiles and is a 'serious and imminent threat'" [Tim Stickings, Daily Mail-Reuters]
    ● 21-Aug-2019 -- USA-Denmark: "Trump cancels visit with Denmark PM after she rebuffs 'absurd' idea of US buying Greenland" [Gregg Re, Fox News]
    ● 21-Aug-2019 -- USA-Yemen: "US military drone [MQ-9 Reaper] shot down over Yemen" [Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post]
    ● 21-Aug-2019 -- USA: "U.S. Budget Gap Set to Top $1 Trillion in 2020, Two Years Sooner Than Expected" [Katia Dmitrieva, Bloomberg]
    ● 21-Aug-2019 -- UAE:-Israel: "Mysterious Israeli Businessman Behind Mega-deal to Supply Spy Planes to UAE"; the deal is valued at ~3 billion shekels (~$846 million) [Uri Blau, et al., Haaretz]
    ● 20-Aug-2019 -- USA-Taiwan: "US approves $8bn sale of 66 F-16 fighters to Taiwan" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 20-Aug-2019 -- Iraq: "Explosion rocks arms depot north of Iraq's Baghdad"; 2 fighters were killed; Israel is suspected. [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 20-Aug-2019 -- USA: "U.S. Tests Missile With A Range Prohibited By Now-Abandoned Treaty [Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty]" [Scott Neuman, NPR]
    ● 19-Aug-2019 -- USA: "College Admissions Scam: $100,000 Bribe Got Teen UCLA Soccer Scholarship Without Even Playing" [KTLA 5: Los Angeles Times]
    ● 19-Aug-2019 -- Uganda: "Uganda: At least 19 killed after fuel tanker crashes and explodes" [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 19-Aug-2019 -- Indonesia: "Indonesia's West Papua protests turn violent"; police abuse of Papuan students is alleged [Andrew Chappelle, Al Jazeera]
    ● 19-Aug-2019 -- USA-Israel: "If You Think Trump Is Helping Israel, You’re a Fool … If you’re an American Jew and you’re planning on voting for Donald Trump because you think he is pro-Israel, you’re a damn fool." [Thomas L. Friedman, NYT, Op-Ed]
    ● 19-Aug-2019 -- Germany: "Germany's central bank just warned a recession could be coming. Its government is prepared to spend $55 billion to fight it." [Yusuf Khan, INSIDER]
    ● 18-Aug-2019 -- Punjab, India: "After losing father, activist leads fight against farmer suicide
"Kiranjit's farmer father died facing crippling debt. Now she's an activist working to reduce the suicide rate in Punjab." [Sunaina Kumar, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 18-Aug-2019 -- Palestine-Israel: "Israel kills three Palestinians in besieged Gaza Strip" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 18-Aug-2019 -- USA: "‘We are moving into a new, controlled society worse than old totalitarianism’ – Zizek on Google leak" [RT, 17-18-Aug-2019]
    ● 18-Aug-2019 -- Bangladesh: "Bangladesh slum fire leaves 10,000 people homeless" [Sugam Pokharel, et al., CNN World]
    ● 18-Aug-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Why Hong Kong is protesting: Their five demands listed" [Tara John, et al., CNN World]
    ● 18-Aug-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Afghanistan: Bomb kills 63 at wedding in Kabul" [BBC News]
    ● 17-Aug-2019 -- France: "Gilets Jaunes Paris #Acte40 希望
🗣#Acte40 #GiletsJaunes : On ne lâche rien !!! ✊ Pouvoir d’achat, Logement, Santé, Éducation, Emploi, Retraite, Chômage, RSA, AAH, APL, RIC…" [Twitter: @GiletsJaunesGo]
    ● 17-Aug-2019 -- Iraq: "Iraq Closes Airspace Even To US Coalition Flights After Suspected Israeli Raid [on a pro-Iranian militia ammunition depot]" [Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge]
    ● 17-Aug-2019 -- Syria: "Idlib airstrikes target IDP camp
"At least 18 people [including 6+ children] have been killed in a suspected Russian air strike on a camp for internally-displaced Syrians." [Andrew Chappelle, Al Jazeera]
    ● 17-Aug-2019 -- Syria: "Syria: At least 13 killed in Idlib air raid" [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 17-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Antifa may be branded ‘organization of terror,’ Trump warns, ahead of Portland right-left showdown" [RT]
    ● 17-Aug-2019 -- China: "China’s Central Bank Reforms Rates to Boost Cheap Funding for Businesses" [WSJ]
    ● 16-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Director of M.I.T. Media Lab [and a member of the New York Times Company's board] Apologizes for Ties to Jeffrey Epstein" [Marc Tracy, et al., NYT]
    ● 16-Aug-2019 -- Zimbabwe: "Chaos in Harare as Zimbabwe riot police violently disperse protesters" [Jason Burke, The Guardian] [see Zimbabwe, 15-Aug-2019]
    ● 16-Aug-2019 -- Pakistan-India: "Pakistan army says Indian firing across LoC kills another soldier
"Casualties rise to six in last 24 hours ..., adding that five Indian soldiers were killed on Thursday." [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 16-Aug-2019 -- Pakistan: "Pakistan: Deadly bomb blast targets Friday prayers in Quetta"; 4+ people were killed [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 16-Aug-2019 -- USA-Israel: "Tlaib [US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib] won't visit West Bank under 'oppressive' Israeli conditions
"US congresswoman says she will not be silenced and treated 'like a criminal' after receiving permission from Israel." [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 15-Aug-2019 -- Zimbabwe: "Zimbabwe Has a Plan to End 20-Year Standoff With Creditors"; interest rate to be lowered from 50% [Antony Sguazzin, et al., Bloomberg]
    ● 15-Aug-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong Adds $2.4 Billion in Stimulus as Protests Hit Economy" [Eric Lam, et al., Bloomberg]
    ● 15-Aug-2019 -- Yemen: "Yemen: Thousands march in Aden in support of separatists" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 15-Aug-2019 -- USA: "NOAA [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] Data Confirms July Was Hottest Month Ever Recorded" [Henry Fountain, NYT]
    ● 15-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Madoff whistleblower claims General Electric is committing fraud ‘bigger than Enron and Worldcom combined’ [$38 billion in accounting fraud]" [Ethan Wolff-Mann, Yahoo! Finance]

For allegations and discovery claims, see "General Electric, a Bigger Fraud than Enron,"
    ● 15-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Report Suggests Unusual Broken Neck Bones: Report" [Greg Evans, Deadline]
    ● 15-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Pelosi calls decision to ban 'Squad' members 'beneath the dignity' of Israel" [Sam Dorman, Fox News]
    ● 15-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Israel Denies Entry to Omar and Tlaib [2 American Democratic Congresswomen] After Trump’s Call to Block Them" [Isabel Kershner, NYT]
    ● 14-Aug-2019 -- Chad: "Suicide bomber 'kills six' in Chad including soldier"; Boko Haram is blamed [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 14-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Mortgage debt in US exceeds 2008 financial crisis peak", mortgage balances soared to a record $13.86 trillion in 2019Q2 -- up from $12.68 trillion in 2008Q3 [NY Fed] [RT]
    ● 14-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Dow tumbles 800 points after bond market flashes a recession warning" [David Goldman, CNN Business]; DJIA at close: 25,479.42 -800.49 (-3.05%) [Yahoo! Finance]
    ● 14-Aug-2019 -- Germany: "German economy slips back into negative growth [GDP 2019Q2=-0.1" [BBC News]
    ● 14-Aug-2019 -- Canada: "Recruitment, retention 'issues of concern' for CSIS [Canadian Security Intelligence Service]: internal docs" [Catharine Tunney, CBC News]
    ● 13-Aug-2019 -- USA: "FBI: Man Arrested for Threatening Massacre Had 10,000 Rounds of Ammo" [Kelly Weill, Daily Beast]
    ● 13-Aug-2019 -- USA: "CBS and Viacom agree to $30 billion media merger" [Irina Ivanova, CBS News]
    ● 13-Aug-2019 -- Hong-Kong-China: "Hong Kong riot police, armed with pepper spray and batons, clash with protesters at airport" [Gerry Shih, et al., WaPo]
    ● 13-Aug-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong's billionaires are calling for order to be restored" [Sherisse Pham, et al., CNN Business]
    ● 13-Aug-2019 -- Russia-USA: "Russian failed nuclear test hints at Putin's dangerous plans to beat U.S. defenses" [Alexander Smith, et al., NBC News]
    ● 12-Aug-2019 -- Denmark: "A Danish bank [Jyske Bank] is offering mortgages with negative interest rates [-0.5%] — why you shouldn’t wish for that to happen in the U.S." [Jacob Passy, MarketWatch]
    ● 12-Aug-2019 -- Saudi Arabia-Asia: "Saudi Aramco has struck a $15 billion deal with Asia's richest man [Mukesh Ambani] for a [20%] stake in the world's biggest refinery [Reliance Industries]" [Yusuf Khan, Business Insider]
    ● INFORMATION: 12-Aug-2019 -- USA: "Koch Industries: Secretly Funding the Climate Denial Machine
"Koch Family Foundations have spent $127,006,756 directly financing 92 groups that have attacked climate change science and policy solutions, from 1997-2017." [Greenpeace]
    ● 12-Aug-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Hong Kong grounds all flights as [anti-government] protest paralyzes airport" [Helen Regan, et al., CNN World]
    ● 11-Aug-2019 -- World: "Critical Windows 10 Warning: Millions Of Users At Risk" [Davey Winder, Forbes]
    ● 11-Aug-2019 -- Libya-UN: "3 UN staff killed, dozens of civilians injured in car bombing in Benghazi, Libya (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)" [RT]
    ● 11-Aug-2019 -- India: "Death toll from Indian floods reaches 147, thousands evacuated" [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 11-Aug-2019 -- Hong Kong-China: "Police fire tear gas as thousands once again rally in Hong Kong" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 10-Aug-2019 -- Norrebro, Denmark: "Denmark: Capital hit by second blast in four days" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 10-Aug-2019 -- Oslo, Norway: "Shooting at Oslo mosque, 1 shot & 1 arrested – Norway police" [RT, 10/11-Aug-2019]
    ● 10-Aug-2019 -- NYC, NY: "Jeffrey Epstein's high-profile associates 'breathing a sigh of relief' after death: Deroy Murdock" [Lukas Mikelionis, et al., Fox News]
    ● 10-Aug-2019 -- Tanzania: "More Than 60 [62+] Killed in Fuel Tank Explosion in Tanzania" [NYT: AP]
    ● 10-Aug-2019 -- Moscow-Russia: "Moscow protests: Tens of thousands [~50,000, according to organizers] attend huge rally [demand fair elections]" [BBC News]
    ● 10-Aug-2019 -- Israel-Palestine: "Israel kills 4 Palestinian militants carrying RPG launchers and assault rifles, Hamas denies involvement" [Lukas Mikelionis, Fox News-AP]
    ● 9-Aug-2019 -- Russia: "Experimental ‘isotope & liquid-propellant’ engine blast kills 5 Russian nuclear experts – Rosatom" [RT]
    ● 9-Aug-2019 -- USA: "'Formal Impeachment Proceedings' [Against President Trump] Have Begun. Here’s What That Really Means." [Greg Walters, Vice News]
    ● 9-Aug-2019 -- China: "Huawei launches own operating system [HarmonyOS] to replace Google’s Android" [RT]
    ● 9-Aug-2019 -- Malaysia: "Goldman Sachs' top international banker among 17 charged over 1MDB scandal" [Jill Disis, CNN Business]
    ● INFORMATION: 8-Aug-2019 -- USA: "The inconvenient truth about the El Paso shooter
"The motivations of this weekend’s mass shooters have been so partially reported [Charles Moore, Spectator]
    ● 8-Aug-2019 -- USA-China: "U.S. Holds Off on Huawei Licenses as China Halts Crop-Buying" [Jenny Leonard, et al., Yahoo!  Finance: Bloomberg]
    ● 8-Aug-2019 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon's Daily Star publishes 'no news' protest edition
"Each page of The Daily Star's Thursday edition bore a single phrase relating to a problem facing the country."
Lebanon's national debt: ~$85 billion (150% of GDP).
The Daily Star is owned by Prime Minister Saad Hariri's family.
[The Daily Star Lebanon]
    ● 7-Aug-2019 -- USA-Israel: "Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal" [Whitney Webb, MintPress News]
    ● 7-Aug-2019 -- World: "Amount of global debt with negative yields balloons to $15 trillion [according to Deutsche Bank]" [Maggie Fitzgerald, CNBC]
    ● 7-Aug-2019 -- NATO: "NATO is carefully monitoring the ‘security implications’ of China’s increased presence in the Arctic" [Sam Meredith, CNBC-Reuters]
    ● 7-Aug-2019 -- Pakistan-India: "Pakistan to downgrade diplomatic relations, suspend bilateral trade with India [~2.5 billion in 2018; ~3% of annual trade]" [RT]
    ● 7-Aug-2019 -- Afghanistan: "Afghan violence: Taliban bomb kills many amid peace talks with US"; death toll=14+ [BBC News]
    ● INFORMATION: 6-Aug-2019 -- USA: "TRAVEL ADVISORY: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" [Amnesty International]
    ● 6-Aug-2019 -- USA: "America’s nuclear-weapons policy isn’t what you think—it’s much worse" [Alex Wellerstein, Quartz]'
    ● 6-Aug-2019 -- Burundi: "1,800 dead as malaria 'epidemic' rages in Burundi: UN" [Al Jazeera: AFP News Agency]
    ● 6-Aug-2019 -- China-USA: "China responds to US after Treasury designates Beijing as a currency manipulator" [Sam Meredith, et al., CNBC, 6-Aug-2019]
    ● 5-Aug-2019 -- Krasnoyarsk, Russia: "WATCH jaw-dropping moment of ‘nuke-like’ explosion at Siberian ammo depot" [RT]
    ● 5-Aug-2019 -- USA: Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled to 25,717.74 -767.27 (-2.90%) [Yahoo! Finance]
    ● 5-Aug-2019 -- USA-China: "US Treasury declares China ‘currency manipulator’ after Wall Street suffers worst day of 2019" [RT]
    ● 5-Aug-2019 -- USA: "New Media Investment to Buy Gannett for About $1.38B" [Nick Lichtenberg, Bloomberg]
    ● 5-Aug-2019 -- World: "HSBC to cut 4,000 jobs [~2% of total workforce] to reduce costs" [MarketWatch: AP]
    ● 5-Aug-2019 -- India-Kashmir: "'Darkest day': Uproar as India strips Kashmir of special status" [Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 5-Aug-2019 -- Libya: "Airstrike [drone strike] by Libya Strongman [Khalifa Haftar] Kills 43 in Growing Proxy War" [Saleh Sarrar, Bloomberg]
    ● 5-Aug-2019 -- UK: "Tesco to cut 4,500 jobs across 153 Metro stores" [BBC News]
    ● 5-Aug-2019 -- Cairo, Egypt: "Car Bomb Explosion in Cairo Kills at Least 20 People" [Jared Malsin, WSJ]
    ● 4-Aug-2019 -- France: "France protest: Rally against police brutality in Nantes" [Nadim Baba, Al Jazeera]
    ● 4-Aug-2019 -- Iran: "Iran seizes oil tanker carrying 'smuggled fuel' in Persian Gulf, state media reports" [Nicole Darrah, Fox News-AP]
    ● INFORMATION: 4-Aug-2019 -- USA: Gun Violence Archive []
    ● 4-Aug-2019 -- Dayton, OH: "Dayton, Ohio shooting: Nine dead, 26 injured; suspected gunman killed, police say" [Sharon Coolidge, et al., USA Today]
    ● 3-Aug-2019 -- Russia: "Putin’s Pledge to Ditch the Dollar Is Slowly Becoming a Reality" [Andrey Biryukov, Bloomberg]
    ● 3-Aug-2019 -- Brazil: "Scientist who called out Bolsonaro on Amazon deforestation is fired" [Sheena McKenzie, et al., CNN World]
    ● 3-Aug-2019 -- El Paso, TX: "El Paso shooting leaves 20 dead, 26 injured; investigators probing potential 'nexus to hate crime'" [Lucia I. Suarez Sang, et al., Fox News-AP]