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    ● BREAKING NEWS: 7-Mar-2020 -- Lebanon: "Lebanese leaders oppose paying sovereign debt: Presidency"
[CNBC: Reuters]"

See also: "Lebanon says it can't pay debts, seeks restructuring talks"
Lebanon's public debt is ~170% of GDP.
[Laila Bassam, et al., Reuters,]
    ● BREAKING NEWS: 7-Mar-2020 -- Chile: "High school students lead protest resurgence in Chile
"School year kicks off with renewed rallies as students take to streets to denounce structural inequality in education."
[Sandra Cuffe, Al Jazeera News]
    ● BREAKING NEWS: 7-Mar-2020 -- USA-Israel-China: "Who Made Coronavirus? Was It the U.S., Israel or China Itself?"
[ Philip Giraldi, Strategic Culture] 
    ● 6-Mar-2020 -- USA: "Stephen King: Hachette Dropping The Woody Allen Memoir “Makes Me Very Uneasy”"
[Bruce Haring, Deadline]
    ● 6-Mar-2020 -- Saudi Arabia: "Top Saudi Royal Family Members Detained
"Move consolidates power for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman"
[Summer Said, et al., WSJ]
    ● 6-Mar-2020 -- USA-Russia: "Starting a nuclear conflict now ‘a political option’ for Washington, Moscow believes"
    ● 6-Mar-2020 -- Tunisia: "[2] Suicide bombers launch attack near US embassy in Tunisia"; one policeman died.
[Hamdi Alkhshali, et al., CNN]
    ● 6-Mar-2020 -- Afghanistan: "Gunmen kill at least 27 at memorial for Afghan Shiite leader"
[Fox News: AP]
    ● 5-Mar-2020 -- Syria-Russia: "At least 15 displaced Syrians killed in Idlib air attack
"Witnesses, activists blame Russia for the attack that targeted a poultry farm in Maaret Misreen town."
[Linah Alsaafin, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 5-Mar-2020 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon prosecutor orders assets frozen at 20 local banks
"Assets of banks' executives and boards of directors have also been ordered to be frozen as part of an investigation."
[Timour Azhari, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 5-Mar-2020 -- World-USA: "Democracy is in decline around the world — and Trump is part of the problem"
[Ishaan Tharoor, WaPo]
    ● 5-Mar-2020 -- CA, USA: "Gunman at large after California mass shooting that left one dead"
[James Ward, et al., Visalia Times-Delta-AP]
    ● 5-Mar-2020 -- USA: "House panel rips Wells Fargo as ‘reckless’ and unwilling ‘to stop harming its customers’
"Scathing report says bank has failed to comply with regulators following series of scandals"
[Mike Murphy, MarketWatch]

See also: "In Advance of Wells Fargo Hearings, Waters and Green Release Investigative Report Exposing Failures of Megabank’s Management, Board, and Regulators"
[U.S. House Committee on Financial Services, 4-Mar-2020,]
    ● 5-Mar-2020 -- World-WHO: "We are eight weeks into this #COVID19 outbreak: yet we have identified the virus, we have the genetic sequence, PCR & serological assay in use. This wealth of knowledge is unprecedented for a new disease."
Twitter: @WHO, World Health Organization (WHO),]
    ● 5-Mar-2020 -- China-Iran: "Iranian General: Coronavirus Is A Manmade Bio-Weapon
"An Iranian military leader has suggested that the coronavirus is not a naturally occurring disease, and that it is a manmade bioweapon cultivated and released against China and Iran by a ‘hostile state’".
[Steve Watson, Summit News]
    ● 4-Mar-2020 -- Lebanon: "Most Lebanese MPs oppose paying debt even if it means default
"The announcement added to fears that heavily indebted Lebanon may default on a $1.2bn Eurobond maturity due on March 9."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 4-Mar-2020 -- Nigeria: "Six killed in attack on Nigeria military base
"Suspected Boko Haram fighters launch a dawn raid on army base in the town of Damboa, sparking intense fighting."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 4-Mar-2020 -- Turkey-Syria: "Two Turkish soldiers killed in Syria on eve of key Moscow meeting
"Turkey retaliates to attack by government forces in Idlib as clashes continue a day before Erdogan-Putin talks."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 4-Mar-2020 -- Israel-Palestine: "Palestinians protest as Israeli bulldozers clear land"
[Ali Sawafta, et al., Reuters]
    ● 4-Mar-2020 -- USA-Afghanistan: "US military targets Taliban forces in 'defensive' airstrike, first strike since historic peace deal"
Death toll: 11 troops and 4 civilians; 17 Taliban members.
[Brie Stimson, Lucia, et al., Fox News-AP]
    ● 4-Mar-2020 -- "Highlight: “February was an absolute disaster,” @ChinaBeigeBook
"CEO Leland Miller says about China. “It was so much of a disaster that there’s really no way of seeing anything other than a Q1 contraction… we’re not seeing growth anywhere.”"
[Twitter: Yahoo Finance, @YahooFinance,]
    ● 3-Mar-2020 -- Turkey: "Battle for Idlib: Turkey's drones and a new way of war
"What gives drones an edge over manned aircraft in certain missions and why is Turkey suddenly excelling at them?"
[Alex Gatopoulos, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 3-Mar-2020 -- USA: Dow Jones Industrial Average
25,917.41 -785.91 (-2.94%)
At close
    ● 3-Mar-2020 -- USA: "For First Time in 150 Years, World's Benchmark Bond Is Sub-1% [Below 1%]
"Markets appear to interpret Powell’s cut as a measure of desperation"
[John Authers, Bloomberg]
    ● 3-Mar-2020 -- USA: "US Federal Reserve cuts interest rates to shield economy from coronavirus impact"
    ● 3-Mar-2020 -- Turkey-Syria: "Turkey shoots down third plane as Syrian forces retake town
"Rebel commander says key Saraqeb city now under the full control of Syrian government forces after Russian air strikes."
[Linah Alsaafin, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 3-Mar-2020 -- USA: "Hydrogen Truckmaker Nikola Listing On Nasdaq Via Surprise Merger With VectoIQ Worth $3.3 Billion"
[Alan Ohnsman, Forbes]
    ● 3-Mar-2020 -- TN, USA: "Tornadoes Kill 19 in Tennessee"
[VOA News]
    ● 3-Mar-2020 -- Iran-UN: "Iran’s Stockpile of Enriched Uranium Has Jumped, U.N. Atomic Agency Says
"Experts and diplomats warn that Tehran has slashed the time it would need to amass enough fuel for a nuclear weapon"
[Laurence Norman, et al., WSJ]
    ● 3-Mar-2020 -- World: "Coronavirus update: 91,313 cases, 3,118 deaths, at least 105 sickened in the U.S."
[Jaimy Lee, MarketWatch]
    ● 3-Mar-2020 -- France: [ THREAD ] Après un rassemblement devant l'Assemblée nationale ce weekend et une mobilisation hier soir à #République, nouvelle #manifestation pour les retraites et contre le 49.3 à l'appel de l'intersyndicale #reformedesretraites #retraites #paris #49al3 #greve #GreveGenerale  "
[Twitter: Thibault Izoret, @TIM_7375,]
    ● 2-Mar-2020 -- World-Israel: "100-Plus LGBTQ Filmmakers to Boycott Israeli Festival (Exclusive)"
"The group has signed a pledge not to participate in Tel Aviv's TLVFest in "solidarity" with LGBTQIA+ Palestinians."
[Alex Ritman, The Hollywood Reporter]
    ● 2-Mar-2020 -- USA: "Dow Jones Industrial Average
26,703.32 +1,293.96 (+5.09%)
At close: 4:20PM EST
[Yahoo! Finance]
    ● 2-Mar-2020 -- Israel: "Israel Election Results: Netanyahu Surges Past Gantz, but One Seat Shy of Ruling Majority, Exit Polls Show"
    ● 2-Mar-2020 -- Russia: "Russian billionaire banker Tinkov battles extradition to the US on tax fraud charges – reports"
    ● 2-Mar-2020 -- Russia-World: "Russia seeks to ‘create conditions so that NOBODY wants to fight us’ – Putin"
    ● 2-Mar-2020 -- Nigeria: "At least 50 killed in northern Nigeria 'bandit' attacks
"About 100 armed assailants stormed the villages of Kerawa, Zareyawa, and Minda in Kaduna state at dawn."
[Al Jazeera: AFP News Agency]
    ● 1-Mar-2020 -- Canada: "Understanding the Wet'suwet'en struggle in Canada
"Wet'suwet'en hereditary chief, gov't announce proposed deal in dispute that raised key questions on Aboriginal title."
[Al Jazeera News: Jillian Kestler-D'Amours]
    ● 1-Mar-2020 -- Turkey-Syria: "Turkey shoots down two Syrian fighter jets over Idlib
"Syrian media says no one hurt in the Turkish attack over Idlib with pilots parachuting to safety."
[Linah Alsaafin, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 1-Mar-2020 -- Canada: "First Nations receive death threats over Canada pipeline battle
"Indigenous people report a rise in racist attacks as tensions grow over construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline."
[Al Jazeera News: Brandi Morin]
    ● 1-Mar-2020 -- USA-Afghanistan-China: "Taliban peace deal part of broader US goal to refocus on China, Defense Secretary Mark Esper says"
[Bradford Betz, Fox News]
    ● 1-Mar-2020 -- France-Israel: "How Jews fleeing anti-Semitism in France are influencing Israeli politics
"Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has made public overtures to French Jews"
[Don Murray, CBC News]
    ● 29-Feb-2020 -- USA-India-China: "Trump Does The Taj"
On "Trump [Doing] the Taj and the "terrifying Chinese coronavirus": "VP Mike Pence, who believes in Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark, was put in charge of combating the new virus."
[ Eric S. Margolis]
    ● 29-Feb-2020 -- USA-Russia: "The threat of a nuclear war between the US and Russia is now at its greatest since 1983"
[Scott Ritter, RT]
    ● 29-Feb-2020 -- USA-Afghanistan: "Afghan conflict: Trump hails deal with Taliban to end 18-year war"
[BBC News]
    ● 29-Feb-2020 -- USA: "Republican mega-donor buys stake in Twitter and seeks to oust "Jack Dorsey – report
Billionaire Paul Singer’s Elliott Management has taken a ‘sizable stake’ and intends to ‘push for changes’, reports Bloomberg News"
[Martin Pengelly, The Guardian]
    ● 28-Feb-2020 -- World: "World’s Richest Lose $444 Billion After Hellish Week for Markets"
[Tom Metcalf, et al., Bloomberg]
    ● 28-Feb-2020 -- Dow tumbled 3,938.67 points over 7 days
Date:            Adj. Close  Change  % Change
28-Feb-2020: 25,409.36 -357.28 -1.39%
27-Feb-2020: 25,766.64 -1,190.95 -4.42%
26-Feb-2020: 26,957.59 -123.77 -0.46%
25-Feb-2020: 27,081.36 -879.44 -3.15%
24-Feb-2020: 27,960.80 -1,031.61 -3.56%
21-Feb-2020: 28,992.41 -227.57 -0.78%
20-Feb-2020: 29,219.98 -128.05 -0.44%
[Adj. Close data from Yahoo! Finance,]
    ● 28-Feb-2020 -- Russia-Turkey-NATO: "Russia denies responsibility after strikes kill at least 33 Turkish troops in Syria
"NATO to meet at Turkey's request following the incident."
[Patrick Reevell, ABC News]
    ● 28-Feb-2020 -- World: "Coronavirus spreads to more countries as markets take historic tumble"
[Helen Regan, et al., CNN World]
    ● 28-Feb-2020 -- World: "Coronavirus crash wipes $5 trillion off world stocks"
[Marc Jones, et al., Reuters]
    ● 27-Feb-2020 -- USA: Dow Jones Industrial Average
25,766.64 -1,190.95 (-4.42%)
At close: 5:20PM EST
[Yahoo! Finance]
    ● 27-Feb-2020 -- Syria-Turkey: "Three Turkish soldiers killed as Syrian rebels regain key town
"President Erdogan says developments in Idlib now in Ankara's favour as opposition regains northwestern town of Saraqeb."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 27-Feb-2020 -- New Delhi, India: "New Delhi riots leave 38 dead [in 4 days] as India balks at U.S. reaction to the religious violence"
[Arshad R. Zargar, CBS News]
    ● 26-Feb-2020 -- WI, USA: "Brewery employee at Molson Coors fatally shoots 5 in Milwaukee rampage, then kills self"
[USA Today: Sophie Carson, et al., Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
    ● 26-Feb-2020 -- USA: "Hillary Clinton took more cash from Harvey Weinstein than any other Democrat"
[Ebony Bowden, New York Post]
    ● 26-Feb-2020 -- Burundi: "22 'evil-doers' killed in Burundi clashes: Police
"Fighting between armed group and security forces near Bujumbura also killed two police officers, officials say."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 26-Feb-2020 -- Syria-Russia: "Russia-backed Syrian forces kill more than 20 civilians in Idlib
"Children and teachers among those killed overnight as Russian delegation set to visit Turkey to discuss Idlib situation."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 26-Feb-2020 -- India: "At least 25 killed in India violence: Latest updates
"Death toll in worst violence in decades to hit Indian capital rises to 25, with police accused of partisanship."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 26-Feb-2020 -- Pakistan-Russia: " Pakistan paves way for trade with Russia by settling Soviet-era debt"
    ● 26-Feb-2020 -- CA, USA: " WATCH: Largest oil refinery on US West Coast erupts in flames"
    ● 25-Feb-2020 -- USA: "The Dow logged its worst 2-day percentage drop in two years on Tuesday — here are 5 reasons the stock market is tanking, and only one of them is the coronavirus"
Dow Jones Market Data: "The Dow finished Tuesday down nearly 880 points to mark its sharpest-ever two-session slide in point terms, losing about 1,910 points"
[Mark Decambre, MarketWatch]
    ● 25-Feb-2020 -- USA: "‘Bang-bang-bang’: Bloomberg says he’d DRONE his critics & shield banks if elected president in leaked audio"
"Asked why he did not run in 2016, Bloomberg responded: “Well, to start, my first campaign platform would be to defend the banks, and you know how well that’s gonna sell in this country.”"
    ● 25-Feb-2020 -- EU: "Credibility of European Court of Human Rights lies in ruins after judges’ links to Soros revealed"
[John Laughland, Op-Ed, RT]
    ● 25-Feb-2020 -- UK: "Austerity is killing Britons, says landmark new report
"Life expectancy has stalled and mortality rates have risen after spending cuts led to a 'lost decade' for public health."
[Pennie R Quinton, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 25-Feb-2020 -- India-USA: "Trump and Modi hold talks as Delhi rocked by violent unrest
"Trump says India agreed to buy $3bn worth of military equipment from US, while sounding optimism on trade pact."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 25-Feb-2020 -- Lebanon: "Distrust in Lebanese banks spurs bitcoin boom
"More Lebanese are embracing the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency as the country's economy founders."
[Timour Azhari, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 25-Feb-2020 -- India: "Delhi rocked by deadly protests during Donald Trump's India visit
"Protesters clash before US president’s visit, with further conflict over controversial citizenship laws"
Death toll=11.
[Hannah Ellis-Petersen, The Guardian]
    ● 25-Feb-2020 -- USA: "Amazon to open its first full-size, cashierless grocery store
"Shoppers can walk in, scan a QR code from their Amazon mobile app at a turnstile, carry or add whatever they want to their baskets — and walk out."
[NBC News: Lauren Thomas, CNBC]
    ● 24-Feb-2020 -- USA: "The Dow Is Down 1000 Points. Here’s What History Says Happens Next.
[Updated Feb. 24, 2020 at 1:04 p.m. ET]
[MarketWatch: Ben Levisohn, Barron's]
    ● 24-Feb-2020 -- Hollywood-USA: "Good riddance to Harvey Weinstein, a repugnant pig who brutalized both women and cinema"
[RT: Michael McCaffrey, Op-Ed,]
    ● 24-Feb-2020 -- Germany: "Many injured as German man 'intentionally' rams car into crowd
"About 30 people injured, including children, after man slams car into crowd celebrating carnival in Volkmarsen."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 24-Feb-2020 -- Israel-Syria: "Six killed in Israeli air raid on Damascus: Monitor
"Palestinian Islamic Jihad says two of its fighters killed in Israeli bombing in Syria as air raids are reported in Gaza."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 24-Feb-2020 -- India: "3 killed, DCP [Delhi Police cop] injured, cars-shops-petrol pump gutted as CAA [Citizenship Amendment Act] protesters clash in Maujpur, Jafrabad | 10 points"
[Chirag Gothi, et al., India Today]
    ● 24-Feb-2020 -- Canada: "The latest on protests across Canada in support of anti-pipeline demonstrators"
[National Post: The Canadian Press]
    ● 24-Feb-2020 -- USA: "Warren Buffett: Cryptocurrency ‘has no value’ – ‘I don’t own any and never will’"
[Jessica Bursztynsky, CNBC]
    ● 23-Feb-2020 -- NY, USA: "Almost 2 Dozen Jewish Centers Targeted by Emailed Bomb Threat"
[Emma Tucker, Daily Beast]
    ● 23-Feb-2020 -- USA: "Sanders won't attend AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] conference, accuses it of providing platform for 'bigotry'"
[John Bowden, The Hill]
    ● 23-Feb-2020 -- France-Lebanon: "Exclusive: If Lebanon needs financial aid, France will be there, finance minister says"
[Stephen Kalin, Reuters]
    ● 23-Feb-2020 -- Vatican-World: "Pope Cautions against 'Unfair' Middle East Peace Plans"
    ● 23-Feb-2020 -- Palestine-Israel: "Global outrage after israel shoots a Palestinian man dead and video footage shows him being dragged through the dirt with a bulldozer"
[Twitter: Sarah Wilkinson, @swilkinsonbc,]
    ● 22-Feb-2020 -- Canada: "Thousands rally at Queen’s Park to support Wet’suwet’en solidarity movement"
[Raneem Alozzi, et al., The Star]
    ● 22-Feb-2020 -- Israel-Palestine: "Israeli forces kill Palestinian in Jerusalem after alleged attack
"Israeli police said in a statement they 'neutralised' the man because he had 'the aim of harming them'".
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 21-Feb-2020 -- USA: "US government fines Wells Fargo $3 billion for its 'staggering' fake-accounts scandal"
[Matt Egan, CNN, 22-Feb-2020]
    ● 21-Feb-2020 -- New Zealand: " Physicists [at University of Otago] grab individual atoms and merge them for 1st time, paving way for ATOMIC construction"
    ● 20-Feb-2020 -- USA: " Hundreds of Oracle workers stage walkout to protest Larry Ellison’s fundraiser for Trump"
[Mike Murphy, MarketWatch]
    ● 20-Feb-2020 -- NYC, NY, USA: "NYC combatting anti-Semitic incidents with new ad campaign featured in Hasidic, Orthodox outlets"
[Justine Coleman, The Hill]
    ● 20-Feb-2020 -- USA: "Yale’s low-income student population grows"
"The American Talent Initiative (ATI), a national alliance of leading colleges and universities, announced this week that it is on track to reach its goal of enrolling 50,000 additional low-income students at colleges and universities with the highest graduation rates, including Yale, by 2025."
[Karen N. Peart, Yale News]
    ● 20-Feb-2020 -- Germany: "Timeline: Far-right attacks in Germany
"Germany's intelligence agency estimates that far-right linked crimes rose by 3 percent in 2018."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 20-Feb-2020 -- Syria-Turkey: "Fighting rages in northwest Syria; two Turkish troops killed
"Deadly air strikes come a day after President Erdogan warned of an imminent Turkish military offensive in Idlib."
50+ Syrian forces were "killed in retaliation"
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 20-Feb-2020 -- USA: "16 Years After Freeing Itself From Debt, Apple Now Owes Over $100 Billion [Total Debt, Including Term Debt and Commercial Paper=$108 Billion]
"'Today is a historic day of sorts for our company,' Steve Jobs wrote to employees at the time."
[Evan Niu, The Motley Fool]
    ● 20-Feb-2020 -- Canada-USA: "Canada's Rail System Shuts Down Over Gas Pipeline Protest - Will The United States Be Next?"
[Daniel Markind, Forbes]
    ● 20-Feb-2020 -- USA: "Morgan Stanley is buying E-Trade for $13 billion"
[Paul R. La Monica, CNN]
    ● 20-Feb-2020 -- Germany: "Germany shooting: far-right gunman kills 10 in Hanau
"Police say attack suspect killed nine people at two shisha bars then killed his mother and himself at home"
[Philip Oltermann, et al., The Guardian]
    ● 20-Feb-2020 -- USA: "USC offers free tuition to families making under $80,000 and a break for homeowners"
"At USC, the total cost of attendance for 2019-20, including housing, food, books and materials, is $77,459, with tuition alone at $57,256."
[Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times]
    ● INFORMATION: 19-Feb-2020 -- USA: " Spielberg’s daughter chooses career in PORN & says her director dad approves"
    ● 19-Feb-2020 -- USA-World: "Having a ball on the dance floor"
"For a few hours every week, Yale sophomore Maile Harris puts on her suede-bottomed dancing shoes and waltzes, cha-chas, foxtrots, or swings... That’s ballroom."
"The applied physics major learned or perfected these dance styles as a member of the Yale Ballroom Dance Team (YBDT) ..."
[Susan Gonzalez, Yale News]
    ● 19-Feb-2020 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon’s Yields Hit 1,000% as Government Calls in Bond Advisers"
"The nation's next maturing Eurobond, $1.2 billion of notes due on March 9, fell to a record low of 57 cents on Wednesday, sending the annualized yield to 1,470%."
[Netty Idayu Ismail, Bloomberg]
    ● 19-Feb-2020 -- USA: "Your own bank is getting in the way of your financial stability"
[Quartz: Alex Mashinsky]
    ● 19-Feb-2020 -- USA: "RT!: Visible Explosions at World Trade Center building 7 before collapsing!"
[Twitter: Deep State Exposed®, @DeepStateExpose]
    ● 18-Feb-2020 -- USA: "‘Oligarch v oligarch’ in 2020? Democrats could rob Bernie & nominate Bloomberg in Wall Street win-win – Lee Camp"
    ● INFORMATION: 18-Feb-2020 -- India-UK-France: "It’s official! India overtakes UK & France to become world’s 5th LARGEST economy"
    ● 18-Feb-2020 -- UN-Syria: "'Horror' in Syria: UN cites deliberate attacks on civilians
"Nearly 300 civilians killed [~6 civilians per day, since 1-Jan-2020] in attacks in northwest Syria with 93 percent caused by Syrian and Russian forces, UN says."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 18-Feb-2020 -- UK-World: "HSBC to cut headcount by 35,000, shed $100 billion in assets"
[CBS News: AP]
    ● 18-Feb-2020 -- China-World: "Coronavirus update: more than 73,000 cases, 1,873 deaths, Apple warns on second quarter
"The outbreak, which has spread to 25 countries beyond China, has forced retailers, restaurants and manufacturers to at least partially shut down their operations in recent weeks"
[Jaimy Lee, et al., MarketWatch]
    ● 17-Feb-2020 -- Pakistan: "Suicide bomber in SW Pakistan kills 8 at Islamist rally
"Local police in Pakistan's Baluchistan province say a powerful suicide bombing has killed eight people and wounded 16 others after hitting an Islamist rally in the regional capital"
[ABC News: AP]
    ● 17-Feb-2020 -- UAE-IAEA: "The UAE gets green light to operate the Arab world’s first nuclear power plant"
[Natasha Turak, CNBC]
    ● 17-Feb-2020 -- UN-Cameroon: "UN: 14 children among at least 22 dead in Cameroon massacre
"Armed men carried out the killings on Friday in the village of Ntumbo in the Northwest Region."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 17-Feb-2020 -- Burkina Faso: "Gunmen kill 24 near Burkina Faso church as attacks against Christians increasing 'at alarming rate'"
[Greg Norman, Fox News-AP]
    ● 17-Feb-2020 -- Japan-USA: "Japan’s Horrific GDP Spiral Poses Major U.S. Stock Market Threat
"Japan's GDP is crumbling, China's housing market is slowing and Germany's exports have stalled. How is the U.S. stock market at record highs?"
Japan GDP: -6.3% YoY
[Francois Aure, CCN]
    ● 17-Feb-2020 -- China-USA: "China accuses US of hypocrisy over Huawei, highlighting claims it spied on German leader Merkel"
[Arjun Kharpal, CNBC]
    ● 16-Feb-2020 -- Germany-UN-Libya: "Powers renew pledge to uphold Libya arms embargo
"Germany, UN host ministers and top officials in bid to cut off external military support to Libya's warring sides.
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 15-Feb-2020 -- Vatican-China: "'The Vatican lost everything, got nothing': An interview with Cardinal Zen"
Cardinal Joseph Zen, emeritus bishop of Hong Kong: “More and more, the Church is under persecution [in China]. Both the official Church, and the underground. Actually, the underground is doomed to disappear. Why? Because even the Holy See is not helping. The older bishops are dying, there are less than 30 bishops left in the underground Church, and no new priests being ordained.
“But we hope that [Chinese Catholics] can keep the faith in their families -- so we have to say, ‘back to the catacombs!’"
[Matt Hadro, Catholic News Agency (CAN)]
    ● 15-Feb-2020 -- USA-Israel: "America and Israel Against the World"
"... Trump has dubbed his Israel-Palestine plan the “Deal of the Century.” But even a cursory reading of the lengthy proposal, and an elementary understanding of the contested region’s history, reveal that it’s nothing more than a “raw deal” that effectively erases the Palestinian people. “Scam,” “Betrayal,” “Deceit,” or “Shame of the Century” would all be more accurate descriptions.
"... It’s the Palestinians who stand to lose the most in this proposal: all semblance of a contiguous sovereign state, control of their own borders, an equal-status capital in East Jerusalem, any “right of return” for expelled refugees or restitution of lands stolen by Israeli settlers."
[ Maj. Danny Sjursen, Truthdig, 12-Feb-2020,]
    ● 15-Feb-2020 -- Israel-USA: "With Sanders surging in the polls, Israel lobby spends big bucks to sink his chances in Nevada"
    ● 15-Feb-2020 -- Libya: "Libya faces 'catastrophic financial crisis' due to oil blockade
"Forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar have closed major oil ports since January 18, causing a sharp fall in Libya's output."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 15-Feb-2020 -- Germany: "Scuffles between police & protesters break out as Munich Security Conference takes place (VIDEO)
    ● 15-Feb-2020 -- USA-China: "Mark Esper: 'Rising threat' China tops US's adversary list
"Pentagon chief's condemnation of Beijing denounced by Chinese foreign minister accusing Washington of 'smear campaign'".
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 15-Feb-2020 -- Syria: "Syrian military helicopter downed as Idlib fighting intensifies
"Syrian state media says all crew members killed as government push on rebel-held northwest causes mass displacement."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 15-Feb-2020 -- Saudi Arabia-Yemen: "Saudi fighter jet crashes in northern Yemen's al-Jawf province
"Houthi rebels earlier claimed they shot down a military plane belonging to 'enemy forces' in the same province."
"Houthi health officials [said] that at least 30 civilians were killed in coalition air raids"
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 14-Feb-2020 -- USA: "Former Generic Pharmaceutical Executive Pleads Guilty for Role in Criminal Antitrust Conspiracy
"Fourth Executive to Be Charged in Ongoing Investigation
"A former senior executive pleaded guilty today for his role in a conspiracy to fix prices, rig bids, and allocate customers for generic drugs, the Department of Justice announced."
[The US Department of Justice (DoJ)]
    ● 14-Feb-2020 -- India-Russia: "India plans to get new frigates from Russia while the US threatens New Delhi with sanctions over purchase of S-400 missile system"
[RT: Shishir Upadhyaya, Op-Ed]
    ● 14-Feb-2020 -- Germany-World: "What to expect from the Munich Security Conference?
"'Westlessness' to be discussed against backdrop of Middle East conflicts, coronavirus woes and Kashmir crackdown."
[Ruairi Casey, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 14-Feb-2020 -- USA-China: "US files superseding indictment against Huawei, CFO Meng
"The trade secret theft relates to internet router source code, cellular antenna technology and robotics."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 14-Feb-2020 -- USA: "Education Department Probes Foreign Gifts to Yale, Harvard"
    ● 13-Feb-2020 -- USA-Israel: "Jewish and anti-Zionist: Harvard Students Launch pro-BDS Organization
#Group of undergrads says it will focus on Palestinian solidarity work, states it doesn't represent the vision of most Jewish students attending the university"
[JTA and Marcy Oster, Haaretz]
    ● 13-Feb-2020 -- USA: " Almost a THIRD of US workers can’t live on their paychecks, spelling doom for a service economy based on discretionary spending
[RT: Helen Buyniski, Op-Ed]
    ● 13-Feb-2020 -- Syria-Israel: "Syria air defenses shot down ‘hostile missiles’ over Damascus fired from Israeli-occupied Golans – state media"
    ● 13-Feb-2020 -- Germany: "Top security partner... & second biggest threat to world? "Germans are increasingly unsure about role of US"
"The greatest threat to international peace" as perceived by Germans: 1. Iran; 2. USA; 3. North Korea; 4. Turkey
[RT] [Reference: The Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach (IfD Allensbach)]
    ● 13-Feb-2020 -- Netherlands: "Letter bomb explodes, catches fire in Amsterdam office, fourth for Netherlands in two days"
[Danielle Wallace, Fox News-AP]
    ● 13-Feb-2020 -- Canada: "'An emergency for the Canadian economy': Rail disruption hurting industries, groups say
"Damage 'compounds' each day protests continue to hamper railways"
[Mark Gollom, CBC News]
    ● 12-Feb-2020 -- USA: "[U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven] Mnuchin and [Former Goldman Sachs head Lloyd] Blankfein say Bernie Sanders would 'ruin' U.S. economy"
[David Lawder, et al., Reuters]
    ● 12-Feb-2020 -- Russia-EU: "Russia & EU on path to cut out the dollar by boosting settlements in national currencies" [RT]
    ● 12-Feb-2020 -- Canada: "Canada's Trudeau urges quick end to protests blocking rail lines"
"Canadian National Railway transports more than C$250 billion ($188.2 billion) worth of goods annually."
[Steve Scherer, et al., Reuters]
    ● 12-Feb-2020 -- UN-Israel: "@UN human rights office identifies 112 companies linked to Israeli settlements"
[Twitter: Press TV,  @PressTV,]

See also: "Israel lashes out at UNHRC after LIST of companies doing business in occupied Palestine is finally released"
    ● 11-Feb-2020 -- Syria-World: "Syria Warns of 'Terrorists' Using Nuclear Weapons as War Worsens at Home"
[Tom O'Connor, Newsweek]
    ● 11-Feb-2020 -- USA: " Big Tech keeps getting bigger, as antitrust inquiries continue to multiply
"Tech’s five biggest players made a combined $55.2 billion in net profit in the most recent quarter, more than 20% of entire S&P 500 net income, and represent nearly 20% of entire market’s value"
[Jon Swartz, MarketWatch]
    ● 11-Feb-2020 -- France: "Student-teacher strikes across France are met with even more heavy-handed policing (VIDEOS)"
    ● 11-Feb-2020 -- Jordan: "Jordan: Destitution fears as gov't tackles public debtJordan's tax increase has left people wondering how they will be able to make ends meet."
[Natasha Ghoneim, Al Jazeera]
    ● 11-Feb-2020 -- Nigeria: "30 dead, including pregnant woman and baby, in Nigeria militant attack"
[Bukola Adebayo, CNN World]
    ● 11-Feb-2020 -- USA-Iran: "109 U.S. Troops Suffered Brain Injuries In Iran Strike, Pentagon Says"
[Bill Chappell, NPR]
    ● 11-Feb-2020 -- Iran: "Thousands of Iranians mark revolution anniversary amid peak tensions with U.S."
[Babak Dehghanpisheh, et al., Reuters]
    ● 11-Feb-2020 -- Philippines: "Philippines Says It Will End U.S. Security Agreement"
[Scott Neuman, et al., NPR]
    ● 11-Feb-2020 -- China-World: "China reports the most coronavirus deaths in one day [103 deaths] as total surpasses 1,000; US confirms 13th case"
[John Bacon, USA Today]
    ● 11-Feb-2020 -- Canada: "'Food halls are the way to go': Malls experimenting with fancy marketplaces to lure back shoppers
"Shopping centres experimenting with new strategy in era when growing number of people shop online"
[Dianne Buckner, CBC News]
    ● 11-Feb-2020 -- USA-Germany-Switzerland: "‘The intelligence coup of the century’.
"For decades, the CIA read the encrypted communications of allies and adversaries."
[Greg Miller, et al., WaPo] 
    ● 10-Feb-2020 -- China: "Coronavirus Death Smog: Is China Burning Thousands of Infected Bodies?
"Rising sulfur dioxide levels in air around Wuhan suggests Chinese government could be burning thousands of bodies to contain coronavirus outbreak."
[Ayush Singh, Op-Ed, CCN]
    ● 10-Feb-2020 -- Turkey-Syria: "5 Turkish troops killed in 'intense' Syrian army attack in Idlib
"Turkish defence ministry says army retaliated by destroying 'targets' after attack on its forces in northwest Syria."
The ministry said it "had 'neutralised' 101 Syrian military personnel."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 10-Feb-2020 -- USA-China: "U.S. charges four members of Chinese military in connection with 2017 Equifax hack"
[Devlin Barrett, et al., WaPo]
    ● 9-Feb-2020 -- Puerto Rico, USA: "Puerto Rico bondholders, oversight board strike $35 billion debt restructuring deal"
The new deal will cut outstanding bond debt from $35 billion to ~$11 billion.
[Dawn Giel, CNBC]
    ● 9-Feb-2020 -- Israel: " Stones thrown by SECT rioters as police arrest rabbi accused of rape & ‘HEALING’ for money (VIDEOS)"
    ● 9-Feb-2020 -- Thailand: "Thai commandos kill rogue soldier who shot dead 29 people
"Gunman, identified as junior army officer, had holed himself up in basement of shopping centre in Nakhon Ratchasima.'
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 9-Feb-2020 -- Morocco: [Thousands of] "Moroccans protest Trump's Mideast plan, support Palestinians"
[The Washington Times: AP]
    ● 9-Feb-2020 -- USA-Israel: "U.S. warns Israel against 'unilateral' West Bank moves"
[Dan Williams, et al., Reuters]
    ● 8-Feb-2020 -- Oregon, USA: "A bank employee gave $20 to a customer in need. She and her supervisor were fired.
"The employees were fired after one of them left work to give a customer $20 because he could not access his bank funds."
[Minyvonne Bur, NBC News]
    ● 8-Feb-2020 -- Argentina-IMF: "Argentina won't repay IMF debt till recession over, VP Fernandez says"
"Argentina needs to restructure $100 billion in sovereign debt with creditors"
[Sarah Marsh, et al., Reuters]
    ● 8-Feb-2020 -- USA-Afghanistan: "Afghanistan 'insider attack' leaves 2 US soldiers dead, 6 wounded"
[Nick Givas, et al., Fox News-AP]
    ● 8-Feb-2020 -- Hungary-EU: "Neo-Nazis from across Europe rally in Budapest
"Some 600 far-right activists join 'Day of Honour' event, marking breakout by besieged Nazi forces in occupied Hungary."
[Michael Colborne, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 8-Feb-2020 -- Kazakhstan: "Kazakhstan: 'Ethnic clashes' kill eight, injure dozens"
[BBC News]
    ● 8-Feb-2020 -- Iran-North Korea: "Iran and North Korea Are Building New, Better Submarines to Counter Enemies At Sea"
[Tom O'Connor, Newsweek]
    ● 8-Feb-2020 -- USA: "Air Force suicides surged last year to highest in 3 decades"
Air Force suicides among active-duty members (preliminary data): 84 in 2019, up from 60 in 2018.
[Robert Burns, AP]
    ● 8-Feb-2020 -- Thailand: "Thailand shooting: Soldier who killed 26 in Korat shot dead"
[BBC News, 9-Feb-2020]
    ● INFORMATION: 8-Feb-2020 -- Soviet Union: "The Gulag Was More Murderous Than Hitler’s Camps"

"An estimated 10 million political prisoners were murdered in the Soviet Gulag during Trotsky and Stalin’s regimes. Some leading Russians historians say up to 20 million died in the Gulag. That’s well double the number claimed to have died or been killed in Nazi camps."

"At least Russians know that their nation defeated Nazi Germany. Westerners still are falsely told that the Allies won the war at Normandy."

[ Eric S. Margolis]
[See also: Eric S. Margolis, "Remember Stalin's Gulag,"]
    ● 7-Feb-2020 -- Iraq: "Iraqi students stand by protesters: 'Your education is a failure'
"Thousands of students in Iraq put education on hold to protest demanding a better future."
[Simona Foltyn, Al Jazeera]
    ● 7-Feb-2020 -- USA-Yemen: "Yemen Al-Qaeda leader al-Raymi killed by US strike"
[BBC News]
    ● 7-Feb-2020 -- Alaska, USA: "5 people killed in Alaska commuter plane crash"
[USA Today: AP]
    ● INFORMATION: 7-Feb-2020 -- China: "Death of a Hero Doctor Sparks Crisis of Confidence in Xi’s China"
[With assistance by Dandan Li, et al., Bloomberg News]
    ● 6-Feb-2020 -- Israel-Syria-Iran: "Israel strikes Iran-backed fighters in Syria, killing more than 20, monitoring group says"
[Louis Casiano, Fox News]
    ● 6-Feb-2020 -- World: "Pope Francis endorses wealth redistribution, calls for an end to tax cuts for the ‘richest people’"
Pope Francis: "The 50 richest people in the world have an equity equivalent to 2.2 billion dollars. Those fifty people alone could finance the medical care and education of every poor child in the world, whether through taxes, philanthropic initiatives or both. Those fifty people could save millions of lives every year”
    ● 6-Feb-2020 -- Israel-Palestine: "Israeli forces kill 4 Palestinians in a day as tensions heighten
"The escalation comes days after US President Donald Trump released his controversial Middle East plan."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 6-Feb-2020 -- China-USA: "China halves tariffs on $75 billion worth of US goods, as coronavirus outbreak escalates"
[Sherisse Pham, et al., CNN]
    ● 6-Feb-2020 -- China: "Coronavirus live updates: Ten more people test positive on quarantined cruise ship; Chinese doctor who tried to sound alarm has died from disease"
[Simon Denyer, et al., WaPo]
    ● 6-Feb-2020 -- USA: "Here are the 31 Macy’s stores in 19 states closing so far
"Macy’s announced 125 store closures over the next three years"
[Tonya Garcia, et al., MarketWatch]
    ● 6-Feb-2020 -- Lyon, France: "Torchlight march against pension reform in #Lyon"
[Twitter: RT, @RT_com,]
    ● 5-Feb-2020 -- USA: "US Launches Criminal Probe Into JPMorgan For Gold Price Manipulation"
[Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge]
    ● 5-Feb-2020 -- USA: "Collaboration generates most complete cancer genome map
"Pan-Cancer Project brings researchers closer to identifying all major cancer-causing genetic mutations"
[The Harvard Gazette: Stephanie McPherson, Broad Institute Communications]
    ● 5-Feb-2020 -- USA: "US Senate Acquits Trump of 2 Articles of Impeachment"
[Kenneth Schwartz, et al., VOA]
    ● 5-Feb-2020 -- China: "China coronavirus outbreak: All the latest updates
"New outbreak death toll nears 500 [490], as confirmed cases pass 24,500, with majority of infections and deaths in China."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 5-Feb-2020 -- USA-El Salvador: "At least 138 deported from US to El Salvador were killed: HRW
"Human Rights Watch report comes as the Trump administration makes it harder for Central Americans to seek asylum in US."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 5-Feb-2020 -- USA-France: "Tiffany stockholders approve merger with LVMH
"The company anticipates that the merger will be completed in the middle of 2020"
[Ken Martin, et al., Fox Business]
    ● 5-Feb-2020 -- USA: "3 Democrats walked out of Trump’s State of the Union in protest
"Another 10, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley, stayed home."
[Cameron Peters, Vox]
    ● 4-Feb-2020 -- Russia-India: "Russia starts production of S-400 missile defense systems for India, ‘all commitments being fulfilled’ despite US pressure"
    ● 4-Feb-2020 -- EU-Israel-Palestine: "Top EU diplomat warns against Trump's Middle East peace plan
"Josep Borrell calls for direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, who have rejected US president's vision.
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 4-Feb-2020 -- EU-Israel-Palestine: "EU: Israeli Steps Toward West Bank Annexation Would 'Not Pass Unchallenged'
"Israel's Foreign Ministry says 'pursuing such conduct is the best way to ensure that the EU's role in any process will be minimized'"
[Noa Landau, Haaretz]
    ● 4-Feb-2020 -- USA: "US deploys submarine-launched low-yield nuke"
[Rebecca Kheel, The Hill]
    ● 3-Feb-2020 -- Israel-Syria: "Ex-Israel army chief admits arming Syria opposition"
[Middle East Monitor]
    ● 3-Feb-2020 -- China: "China bans Christian funerals as new rules take effect
"Regulations aim to end bad customs and establish scientific, civilized and economical funerals"
[UCA News]
    ● 3-Feb-2020 -- USA-World: "Woke Yale stops teaching ‘problematic’ European art canon, proving we no longer deserve the classics"
[RT: Alexander Adams, Op-Ed]
    ● 3-Feb-2020 -- Russia-Syria: "Russian military shoots down drone approaching Khmeimim Air Base from Med Sea"
    ● 3-Feb-2020 -- TX, USA: "2 dead, 1 injured in dorm shooting at Texas A&M university"
    ● 3-Feb-2020 -- Kenya: "More than a dozen students killed in Kenya school stampede
"Dozens of others seriously wounded during the incident at Kakamega Primary School."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 3-Feb-2020 -- Lebanon: "'Not legal' but necessary: Lebanon's banks tighten restrictions
"Lebanon's banks further restrict US dollar withdrawals as country's financial and economic crisis deepens."
[Timour Azhari, Al Jazeeral]
    ● 3-Feb-2020 -- Turkey-Syria: "Turkey hits back after soldiers killed in Syrian gov't shelling
"Ankara says it struck Syrian army after five Turkish troops and three civilians were killed in Idlib."
"Erdogan said the counterfire killed between 30 and 35 Syrian troops."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 3-Feb-2020 -- Paris, France: "Lawyers and doctors protest in Paris as pensions row deepens
"Self-employed private sector workers march as French MPs meet to examine proposals"
[Kim Willsher, The Guardian]
    ● 3-Feb-2020 -- CA, USA: "6 passengers were shot on a Greyhound bus in California, including 1 who was killed"
[Stella Chan, CNN]
    ● 3-Feb-2020 -- USA: "The Corporate Debt Bubble Is A Train Wreck In Slow Motion"
"The official corporate debt load now stands at over $10 trillion, and that’s not even counting derivatives exposure. According to the Bank for International Settlements, the amount of derivatives still held by corporations stands at around $544 trillion in notional value (theoretical value), while the current market value is only around $10 trillion. This is a massive discrepancy that can only lead to disaster."
"In terms of debt-to-GDP, the credit cycle peak has spiked beyond any other peak in the past 40 years."
[ Brandon Smith,,]
    ● 2-Feb-2020 -- Canada: "Foreign enemies 'increasingly targeting Canada,' Privy Council warns new minister"
"Memo says interference beyond the electoral cycle will require 'focused attention'"
[Catharine Tunney, CBC News] 
    ● 2-Feb-2020 -- Ghent-Belgium: " Police shoot suspected stabber in Belgium – immediately after London attack (PHOTOS)"
    ● 2-Feb-2020 -- France-Sahel-Africa: "France to send 600 more troops to fight armed groups in Sahel
"Planned deployment would bring French military presence in Africa's Sahel region to 5,100 troops."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 2-Feb-2020 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon: Protesters gather in Tripoli against poverty, corruption
"Impoverished and ignored, Tripoli rises to become the heart of Lebanon's anti-government protest movement."
[Sara Khairat, Al Jazeera]
    ● 2-Feb-2020 -- London, UK: "London stabbings declared 'terrorist-related' after 2 injured, suspect shot dead by police, officials say"
[Travis Fedschun, Fox News-AP]
    ● 1-Feb-2020 -- Arab League-USA: "Arab League rejects Trump's Middle East plan
"Arab leaders say US initiative does not meet 'minimum rights and aspirations of Palestinian people'".
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 1-Feb-2020 -- Palestine-USA-Israel: "Palestinian Authority says it cuts security ties with Israel, U.S."
[Omar Fahmy, et al., Reuters]
    ● 1-Feb-2020 -- France: "La situation est désormais très tendue place de la Comédie. Les forces de l'ordre ne parviennent pas à disperser les manifestants
"#GiletsJaunes #acte64 #Montpellier"
[Twitter: Frédéric RT France, @frederic_RTfr,]
    ● 1-Feb-2020 -- Israel-USA: "Grand Theft Property"
"... the real godfather in this historic theft ... Billionaire gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson and his wife ..."
"Kushner’s father, Charles, served 14 months in federal prison for illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering. Such is the milieu from which real estate developer Trump emerged."
"The rich oil Arabs of the Gulf and Saudi Arabia will be asked to buy off Palestinian refugees. They have stabbed the Palestinians in the back."
"As they ask in my native New York City, “Is it good for the Jews?”, the answer is a resounding no!"
[ Eric S. Margolis]
    ● 31-Jan-2020 -- USA: "'The new normal': Growing number in US cannot afford rent
"Almost half of the renters in US spend more than 30 percent of income on housing, report shows, part of a global trend."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 31-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Bezos Wealth Rises $7.9 Billion on the Worst Day of the Year for Market"
[Tom Maloney, et al., Bloomberg]
    ● 31-Jan-2020 -- NYC, NY, USA: "ANTIFA Thugs swarmed Grand Central Station!
"Protesting for FREE TRANSIT & NO COPS!!
See what the Democrats have created...
New York has become a shit hole like California!
From Joshua Potash"
[Twitter: Pismo, @Pismo_B,]
    ● 31-Jan-2020 -- USA: Dow Jones Industrial Average
28,256.03 -603.41 (-2.09%)
At close
[Yahoo! Finance]
    ● 31-Jan-2020 -- UK-EU: "The UK has left the EU -- and the implications for the world are huge"
[Luke McGee, CNN World]
    ● 31-Jan-2020 -- West Palm Beach, FL, USA: "‘Shots fired’ by police responding to incident at Mar-a-Lago Trump Florida resort – reports" [RT]
    ● 31-Jan-2020 -- Australia: "'Invasion Day' seeks to reclaim what Aboriginal Australians lost
"For Australia's indigenous people, Australia Day represents colonisation and dispossession of their land since 1788."
[Ali MC, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 31-Jan-2020 -- Palestine-USA-Israel: "'Not an inch': Palestinians at Al-Aqsa vow to fight Trump's plan
"Thousands denounce US president's Middle East plan and face-off with Israeli forces during Friday prayers at holy site."
[Arwa Ibrahim, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 31-Jan-2020 -- New York, NY, USA: "NYPD prepares for massive ‘F--- The Police’ protest in NYC"
[Thomas Tracy, Daily News]
    ● 31-Jan-2020 -- Yemen-Palestine-USA: "LIVE: Yemenis hold massive rally in Sa’ada to protest Trump’s so-called deal of century"
[Twitter: Press TV, @PressTV,]
    ● 30-Jan-2020 -- Berlin, Germany: "Berlin Declares War on Rising Rents
"Law could halve rents in the most expensive parts of the German capital"
[Bojan Pancevski, WSJ]
    ● 30-Jan-2020 -- Syria-Russia: " Syria: Russian jets kill 10 in Idlib, hospital targeted
"Violating cease-fire, attacks by regime and allies continue strike de-escalation zone"
[Esref Musa, et al., Anadolu Agency]
    ● INFORMATION: 30-Jan-2020 -- UK-EU: "What Brexit will mean for travelers"
"… the UK exits the EU on January 31."
[Joe Minihane, CNN]
    ● 29-Jan-2020 -- UK: "BBC News to close 450 posts as part of £80m savings drive"
[BBC News]
    ● INFORMATION: 29-Jan-2020 -- World: "Democracy in meltdown: In almost every country, people’s faith in democratic systems is at rock-bottom levels" [RT]

See also: "World War III Against the Money Trusts?" [Dr. Edward E. Ayoub, 1998,]
    ● 29-Jan-2020 -- Palestine-Turkey-USA: "Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ is about ignoring Palestinian rights & legitimizing Israel’s occupation – Turkish President Erdogan" [RT]
    ● 29-Jan-2020 -- Palestine-Israel: "Palestinian anger over Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ met with Israeli tear gas & rubber bullets in West Bank" [RT]
    ● 29-Jan-2020 -- Palestine-USA-Israel: "Trump's Middle East plan denies Palestinians right of return
"After 1948 Arab-Israeli war, 750,000 Palestinians fled abroad. But Trump's plan their rescinds right of return."
[Sara Khairat, Al Jazeera]
    ● 29-Jan-2020 -- Palestine-USA-Israel: "Trump leaps into Middle East fray with peace plan that Palestinians denounce"
Abbas ... said: “Jerusalem is not for sale, our rights are not for sale and are not for bargain and your deal, the conspiracy will not pass.”
"Before the Trump announcement, thousands of Palestinians demonstrated in Gaza City ..."
[Steve Holland, et al., Reuters]
    ● 29-Jan-2020 -- USA-Israel: "Trump’s Plan for the Middle East Has Nothing to Do With Peace
"This isn’t a peace plan. It’s a power play."
[Fred Kaplan, Slate] 
    ● 29-Jan-2020 -- France: "Firefighters set themselves on fire and get doused by water cannons during violent clashes with police in #Paris" [Twitter: RT, @RT_com,]
    ● 28-Jan-2020 -- Iran-USA-Israel: "So funny!
"The two leaders on trial for corruption present the so called ”deal of century”, of course without asking Palestinian people opinions!
[Twitter: Iran, @Iran,]
    ● 28-Jan-2020 -- Cuba, Jamaica: "Magnitude 7.7 earthquake strikes between Cuba, Jamaica"
[Nick Givas, Fox News]
    ● 28-Jan-2020 -- USA: "The low-yield nuclear warhead: A dangerous weapon based on bad strategic thinking"
[Andrew Facini, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists]
    ● 28-Jan-2020 -- Palestine-USA: "'Jerusalem is not for sale, your conspiracy deal will not pass' - Abbas reacts to Trump's Middle east peace deal"
    ● 28-Jan-2020 -- USA: "U.S. National Debt Will Rise to 98% of GDP by 2030, CBO Projects
"Deficits will exceed $1 trillion a year for at least 11 years, budget office says"
[Richard Rubin, WSJ]
    ● 28-Jan-2020 -- Israel: "Netanyahu formally indicted in court on corruption charges
"Israeli PM withdrew his bid for immunity on Tuesday, hours before Knesset due to hold debate."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 28-Jan-2020 -- Lebanon: "Poverty set to deepen with Lebanon's economic crisis
"Fear of what the future may hold is palpable, as economic crisis deepens and living standards plummet rapidly."
[Michal Kranz, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 28-Jan-2020 -- US-Israel: "Trump unveils US-Israeli plan: All the latest updates
"Trump's plan, negotiated without the Palestinians, aims to revive the long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process."
[Al Jazeera News]
    ● 28-Jan-2020 -- France: "Le calme commence à revenir vers Cours de Vincennes. Certains #pompiers attendent près des bus pour pouvoir partir mais les FDO bloquent encore les accès.
"#PompiersEnColère #Paris #greve #greve28janvier #pompier #France"
[Twitter: Charles Baudry, @CharlesBaudry, ]
    ● 28-Jan-2020 -- Paris, France: "French police clash with firefighters at Paris demonstration"
Key issues include: Working conditions, pay, and pension benefits.
[Matthieu Protard, et al., Reuters]
    ● 28-Jan-2020 -- USA-China: "US is evacuating Americans from Wuhan as death toll from new coronavirus exceeds 100 in China"
[John Bacon, USA Today]
    ● 27-Jan-2020 -- USA: "What the new FICO credit score reveals about the precarious state of Americans’ finances
"Experts say current FICO scoring inflates people’s credit scores
Author photo"
[Elisabeth Buchwald, MarketWatch]
    ● 27-Jan-2020 -- Russia-Germany-USA: "‘Embarrassing mistake’ or revising history? German paper says AMERICANS liberated Auschwitz – and it’s not the only one"
Actuallly, Auschwitz was liberated by SOVIETS [not AMERICANS] -- more specifically, by the "322nd Rifle Division of the Red Army’s 1st Ukrainian Front" -- on January 27, 1945.
[Nebojsa Malic, Op-Ed, RT]
    ● 27-Jan-2020 -- Palestine-Israel: "Israel's settlements: Over 50 years of land theft explained"
[By 2018, there were 611,000 Israeli settlers living in 250 settlements in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, in contravention of international law."
[Produced by Zena Tahhan, Al Jazeera; Published: 21-Nov-2017; Updated: 27-Jan-2020]
    ● 27-Jan-2020 -- USA-Afghanistan: "U.S. Air Force plane [Bombardier E-11A] crashes in Taliban-held territory in Afghanistan"; 2 pilots were killed.
[Tucker Reals, CBS News]
    ● 26-Jan-2020 -- Libya: "Deadly clashes erupt in Libya rendering ceasefire 'useless'
"Three killed and 28 wounded as GNA forces push back General Haftar's surprise offensive east of Misrata."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 26-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Hundreds of [340+] Amazon employees risk firing to protest the company’s climate policies
[Annie Palmer, CNBC, 27-Jan-2020]
    ● 26-Jan-2020 -- New Delhi, India: "'Fight for India's soul': Protests mark Republic Day celebrations
"To commemorate the day Indian constitution came into effect, thousands protest against 'anti-Muslim' citizenship law."
[Bilal Kuchay, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 26-Jan-2020 -- Lebanon: "Rolexes and cars; Lebanese spend big to prise savings from the bank"
[WTVB: Ellen Francis, et al., Reuters]
    ● 26-Jan-2020 -- Mali: "Mali: Militants on motorbikes kill 15 troops, officials say"
[BBC News]
    ● 26-Jan-2020 -- Afghanistan: "Afghan forces launch air, ground attacks on Taliban, killing 51 [includinf 3+ women and 4+ children]"
[Abdul Qadir Sediqi, et al., Reuters]
    ● 26-Jan-2020 -- Hartsville, SC, USA: "7 people were shot at a South Carolina bar, including 2 fatally"
[Alta Spells, CNN]
    ● 25-Jan-2020 -- China: "China expands coronavirus outbreak lockdown to 56 million people
"Number of confirmed cases climbs sharply to more than 1,321 worldwide, with 41 deaths reported in China as of Saturday."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 25-Jan-2020 -- Turkey: "Rescue efforts under way after deadly quake rattles east Turkey
"Magnitude 6.8 quake hits Elazig and Malatya provinces, killing at least 22 and injuring more than 1,000."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 25-Jan-2020 -- China-World: "The Plagues From China"
[LewRockwell: Eric S. Margolis]
    ● 24-Jan-2020 -- London, UK: "London will use live facial recognition cameras to police the city"
[Hanna Ziady, CNN]
    ● 24-Jan-2020 -- World: "'Never again': Anti-Semitism surges as memories of Holocaust fade
"“Young people are the ones that have to carry the memory of our loved ones forever,” said Auschwitz survivor Sonia Klein, 94."
"An alarming trend is that 1-in-4 Europeans harbor pernicious and pervasive attitudes toward Jews, according to a November study on anti-Semitism by the U.S.-based Anti-Defamation League."
[Saphora Smith, NBC News]

See also: New York,NY,USA: "ADL Global Survey of 18 Countries Finds Hardcore Anti-Semitic Attitudes Remain Pervasive"
[ADL, 21-Nov-2019,]
    ● 24-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Why the record $1.2 trillion pile of junk-rated debt [from U.S. speculative-grade or junk-rated businesses] coming due is a worry"
[Joy Wiltermuth,  MarketWatch]
    ● 24-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Jamie Dimon’s Salary Rises To $31.5 Million In 2019, Amid Record Bank Profits"
[Sergei Klebnikov, Forbes]
    ● 24-Jan-2020 -- USA: " US to grant $35 million to promote its fake news bubble in Syria & control local media
[RT: Eva Bartlett, Op-Ed}
    ● 24-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Would you like brain damage with that? America’s favorite cooking oil causes neurological changes, says animal study"
[Peter Andrews, RT]
    ● 24-Jan-2020 -- Jerusalem, Palestine: "Suspected arson attack at East Jerusalem mosque
"Police search for suspects after a mosque room in Beit Safafa area was 'ignited', and Hebrew graffiti sprayed outside."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 24-Jan-2020 -- Davos, Switzerland: "More women now: Goldman's strategy for increasing board diversity
"Investment bank says it will not take company public if its directors are all straight, white men."
[Al Jazeera: Jeff Green, Bloomberg]
    ● 24-Jan-2020 -- Iraq-USA: "[Million Man March] Hundreds of thousands protest US troop presence in Iraq"
    ● 24-Jan-2020 -- Houston, TX, USA: "2 deaths confirmed after massive manufacturing plant explosion rocks Houston (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)"
[Jason Hanna, et al., CNN]
    ● 23-Jan-2020 -- USA-World: "5 Things Everyone Should Know About the 2019 Novel Coronavirus
"While doctors need to learn more, it's important to take precautions."
[Kathy Katella, Yale Medicine]
    ● 23-Jan-2020 -- USA: "States charge feds of giving payday lenders a loophole around usury laws
"A proposed rule change would allow small loan lenders to affiliate with banks that are exempt"“
Mark Herring, Virginia Attorney General: "The Trump Administration has continued to show that its prerogative is to protect predatory lenders instead of protecting borrowers and this proposed OCC regulation change is no exception"
[Mark Huffman, ConsumerAffairs]
    ● 23-Jan-2020 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon 'seeks $4-5bn' in foreign loans amid financial crisis
"New finance minister says will ask international donors for soft loans to finance purchase of wheat, fuel and medicines."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 23-Jan-2020 -- USA: "George Soros warns Trump of potential economic doom before election"
[Thomas Franck, et al., CNBC]
    ● 23-Jan-2020 -- World: "George Soros to Start $1 Billion School to Fight Nationalists, Climate Change"
[Katherine Burton, et al., Bloomberg]
    ● 23-Jan-2020 -- France: "Massive, absolutely massive crowds out on the streets of #France against #Macron tonight
"Tens of thousands out on the streets in "Marches of Light" in every of the 10-15 largest cities of France (video from #Lyon)
Show this thread"
[Twitter: BasedPoland, @BasedPoland,]
    ● 23-Jan-2020 -- Vatican: "Declaration of the President of the Financial Information Authority (AIF), Dr. Carmelo Barbagallo, 23.01.2020
"I am pleased to announce that, last night, the President of the Egmont Group, Mr Mariano Federici, decided to revoke the decision taken on 13 November 2019 to suspend the Financial Information Authority (AIF) from the international information circuit, Egmont Secure Web."
[Holy See Press Office: Summary of Bulletin]
    ● 23-Jan-2020 -- USA-World: 2020 Doomsday Clock
"Closer than ever: It is 100 seconds to midnight"
[2019: It is still 2 minutes to midnight]

2020 Doomsday Clock Statement
"Humanity continues to face two simultaneous existential dangers—nuclear war and climate change—that are compounded by a threat multiplier, cyber-enabled information warfare, that undercuts society’s ability to respond. The international security situation is dire, not just because these threats exist, but because world leaders have allowed the international political infrastructure for managing them to erode."
[Science and Security Board, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists]
    ● 23-Jan-2020 -- Pakistan: "‘A landmark achievement’: Pakistan test-launches new surface-to-surface ballistic missile (VIDEO)"
Hatf-3, the Ghaznavi, is nuclear-capable; its operating range is 290 km.
    ● 23-Jan-2020 -- Syria: "Rebels kill dozens of soldiers [up to 40 soldiers] in Syria's Idlib: State media
"But the National Liberation Front coalition of rebel groups denies the reported attack on government forces."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 22-Jan-2020 -- USA: "America’s Best Banks 2020"
[Antoine Gara, Forbes]
    ● 22-Jan-2020 -- Davos, Switzerland: "Deepfakes: Do Not Believe What You See
"Deepfakes are a new dimension of fake news that pose a danger to democracy and vulnerable groups. Join leading deepfake artist Hao Li to explore the known and potential implications of this technology on society and how we need to react."
[Hao Li, et al., World Economic Forum]
    ● 22-Jan-2020 -- Russia: "IMF warns of new ‘Great Depression’, Russia ahead of the curve due to increased cash & gold reserves"
"Since January 2015, the Kremlin has boosted its ‘rainy day’ fund from $376 billion to $557 billion, despite a deep recession and subsequent anemic economic growth."
[RT: Bryan MacDonald, Op-Ed]
    ● 22-Jan-2020 -- Jerusalem, Palestine: "«Sortez !» : les images du coup de colère d’Emmanuel Macron contre la police israélienne
"Le président français, en visite à Jérusalem, s’en est pris à la police israélienne. Notre reporter était sur place."
[Ava Djamshidi, Le Parisien]
    ● 21-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Big Tech joins up with Big Brother to turn your private health data into $38bn ‘public treasure’"
[RT: Helen Buyniski, Op-Ed]
    ● 21-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Founder of world’s largest hedge fund says ‘cash is trash’ as the Dow soars to records
"Dalio advocates maintaining a diversified portfolio of stocks despite huge rally"
[Mark Decambre, MarketWatch]
    ● 21-Jan-2020 -- Saudi Arabia-USA: "Amazon boss Jeff Bezos's phone 'hacked by Saudi crown prince'
"Exclusive: investigation suggests Washington Post owner was targeted five months before murder of Jamal Khashoggi"
[Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian]
    ● 21-Jan-2020 -- Iraq: "At least 10 killed in two days of violent protests across Iraq
"Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to try to disperse stone-throwing youth."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 21-Jan-2020 -- Iran-USA: "Iranian MP puts $3m bounty on President Donald Trump's head
"Lawmaker offers cash to 'anyone who kills' the US president after drone-strike assassination of top Iranian general."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 21-Jan-2020 -- USA-China: "First US case of Wuhan coronavirus confirmed by CDC
[Elizabeth Cohen, CNN]
    ● 20-Jan-2020 -- Vatican: "Pope Francis Decries ‘Resurgent, Barbaric’ Anti-Semitism in Meeting with Simon Wiesenthal Center Delegation on Eve of 75th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation"
[Simon Wiesenthal Center]

[Dr. Edward Ayoub's notes: For an understanding of the nature and roots of Judeophobia, from a Judaic perspective, see Schafer. For an analysis of the "us" vs. "them" complex, see Pagels. For Martin Luther on Jews and usury, see Luther. For a general investigation of Anti-Semitism, see Sartre. For philosophical utterances on Judaism, see Buber. For Albert Einstein (brightest Jewish mind) on Israel and political Zionism, see Einstein. For a Jewish human rights perspective, see The Simon Wiesenthal Center. For a comparative analysis of major religions, see Religion. For a brief critique, Learning from History by Dr. Edward E. Ayoub, see Publius Cornelius Tacitus at]
    ● 20-Jan-2020 -- Chad: "[Female] Suicide bomber kills nine civilians in western Chad
"Deadly attack by a female bomber in the village of Kaiga-Kindjiria was blamed on the armed group, Boko Haram."
[Al Jazeera: AFP News Agency]
    ● 20-Jan-2020 -- Iraq: "'Here to stay', vow Iraqi protesters as deadly violence surges
"At least five demonstrators killed in Baghdad, Karbala, and Baqubah as security forces open fire."
[Arwa Ibrahim, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 20-Jan-2020 -- USA-EU: "Europe’s Cheap Debt Draws Record Borrowing by U.S. Companies
"Medtronic, Coca-Cola and IBM among the businesses that raised an unprecedented $113.5 billion from so-called reverse Yankees in 2019"
[Anna Hirtenstein, et al., WSJ]
    ● 20-Jan-2020 -- USA: "What is the statute of limitations on debt?"
[Anna Baluch, Bankrate]
    ● 20-Jan-2020 -- World: "The End of Libor Is a $12 Trillion Headache for Loan Bankers
[WaPo: Jacqueline Poh, et al., Bloomberg]
    ● 20-Jan-2020 -- Hong Kong: "Moody’s Downgrades Protest-Torn Hong Kong
"Move reflects concerns over city’s institutions, governance strength, greater constraints on territory’s autonomy"
[Steven Russolillo, WSJ]
    ● 20-Jan-2020 -- Richmond, VA, USA: "Richmond Gun Rally: Thousands Of Gun Owners Converge On Virginia Capitol On MLK Day"
[Bill Chappell, NPR]
    ● 19-Jan-2020 -- Angola-Africa: "Isabel dos Santos: Africa's richest woman 'ripped off Angola'"
[BBC Panorama Team]

See also: "The Angolan government is accusing Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of former Angolan president José Eduardo dos Santos, of owing the state more than N$14 billion. Read more on this in today’s newspaper. #LuandaLeaks"
[Twitter: The Namibian, @TheNamibian, 20-Jan-2020,]
    ● 19-Jan-2020 -- UN-Palestine-Israel: "Former UN official slams Israel 'humiliation' of Palestinians
"Former UN Assistant Secretary-General Andrew Gilmour has described the situation for Palestinians as 'appalling' and 'indescribable'".
[James Bays, Al Jazeera]
    ● 19-Jan-2020 -- Iraq: "Iraq protests swell with people angry at slow pace of reforms
"Rallies demanding overhaul of the ruling system rock capital Baghdad and Shia-majority parts of southern Iraq."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 19-Jan-2020 -- Hong Kong-China: "Police fire tear gas to disperse thousands of anti-government protesters in Hong Kong [Twitter: Reuters, @Reuters, ]
    ● 19-Jan-2020 -- Paris, France: "30+ arrested during #clashes between #protesters and police during 62nd consecutive weekend of #YellowVests demonstrations"
[Twitter: RT, @RT_com,]
    ● 18-Jan-2020 -- USA: " HBO hires ‘king of fake news’ Brian Stelter from CNN to produce documentary on… the dangers of fake news
[Zachary Leeman, Op-Ed, RT]
    ● 18-Jan-2020 -- Yemen: "79 [Yemeni] soldiers killed by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen"
Retaliatory ballistic missile and drone attacks.
[Schams Elwazer, et al., CNN, 19-Jan-2020]
    ● 18-Jan-2020 -- Paris, France: "Quelques milliers de « gilets jaunes » manifestent à Paris, des tensions avec la police
"Des vidéos diffusées sur les réseaux sociaux montraient le très important dispositif policier, et de nouveaux actes de violence sur des manifestants."
[Le Monde-AFP]
    ● 18-Jan-2020 -- Libya:"Pro-Haftar forces 'block oil exports' from key Libya ports
"Groups loyal to Khalifa Haftar, whose forces control eastern Libya, seized several large oil export terminals on Friday."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 18-Jan-2020 -- Somalia-Turkey: "Somalia: Turkish workers wounded in deadly al-Shabab car bombing
"Four killed in blast claimed by al-Shabab that apparently targeted Turkish engineers working on a road near Mogadishu."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 18-Jan-2020 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon: Anti-government protests turn violent in Beirut
"Police use tear gas, water cannon to disperse protesters in Beirut who tried to reach Parliament square."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 17-Jan-2020 -- Davos, Switzerland: "‘A new world disorder’: Global leaders head to Davos 2020 in search of stability"
[Silvia Amaro, CNBC]
    ● 17-Jan-2020 -- Lebanon: "Protesters in Lebanon's capital Beirut vandalized several banks in the city's central Hamra neighborhood overnight, January 16, after two nights of violent anti-government demonstrations."
[Twitter: The Voice of America, @VOANews, ]
    ● 17-Jan-2020 -- Poland: "'Nobody in Poland cares about WWII anymore': Warsaw ignores 75th anniversary of its liberation from fascism" [RT]
    ● 17-Jan-2020 -- Mexico: "Mexican soldiers kill 11 attackers near Texas border" [ AP]
    ● 17-Jan-2020 -- Germany: "Germany: Thousands of farmers protest in Berlin
"Long convoys of vehicles blocked roads in Bavaria, Baden Württemberg and Bremen, as well as the German capital. Agriculturists are angry at what they perceive as unwarranted environmental regulations."
    ● 17-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Trump adds Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz to impeachment defense team"
[Kaitlan Collins, et al., CNN]
    ● 17-Jan-2020 -- World: "7 Major Earth Changes That Are Happening Right Now That Everyone Needs To Know About""
"Sadly, most people don’t even realize what is happening, and that is because the mainstream media only emphasizes stories that fit with the particular narratives that they are currently pushing.
"But it has gotten to the point where nobody can deny that really weird things are happening.  The following are 7 major earth changes that are happening right now that everyone needs to know about…"
[ Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse]
    ● 16-Jan-2020 -- India-USA: "Indian business owners protest Amazon expansion plans, calling Jeff Bezos an 'economic terrorist'" [RT]
    ● 16-Jan-2020 -- Israel: "Israeli surveillance software lawsuit goes behind closed doors
"Pegasus is linked to political surveillance in Mexico, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia: University of Toronto's Citizen Lab."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 16-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Student debt is over $1.6 trillion and hardly anyone is paying down their loans"
"Since the explosion of student debt following the Great Recession, annual repayment rates … have been just 3%, Moody’s said."
[Jeff Cox, CNBC]
    ● 16-Jan-2020 -- Saudi Arabia-USA: "Saudi Arabia has paid $500M toward the cost of US troops in country"
[Barbara Starr, et al., CNN]
    ● 16-Jan-2020 -- Iran: "Iran is now enriching MORE uranium than before the 2015 nuclear deal – President Rouhani" [RT]
    ● 16-Jan-2020 -- Lebanon: "Security forces fire tear gas in second night of Lebanon clashes
"Four months into the mostly peaceful protest movement, anti-gov't demonstrators turned their anger onto the banks."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 16-Jan-2020 -- Syria: "Syria's war: More than 20 killed in air raids on rebel-held Idlib
"Syrian government-led bombing of last opposition stronghold comes despite Russia-Turkey brokered truce."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 16-Jan-2020 -- Washingto, DC, USA: "Impeachment trial live updates: Historic impeachment trial of Trump begins in the Senate with House prosecutors reading charges against the president"
[John Wagner, et al., WaPo]
    ● 16-Jan-2020 -- USA-Mexico-Canada: "Senate approves new USMCA trade deal with Canada and Mexico
"Bipartisan vote secures key piece of Trump agenda even as Senate prepares for partisan impeachment trial of Trump"
[Erica Werner, WaPo]
    ● 16-Jan-2020 -- France: "Portuaires du Havre on dirait une armée, le mouvement est reparti
BFM en mode
#greve16janvier  #retraites #macron #france #giletsjaunes
[Twitter: Le Général, @LeGeneral00, ]
    ● 16-Jan-2020 -- Marseille, France: "#Marseille Grandiose : Un énorme cortège sous "Bella ciao" , Allo BFM le mouvement s'essouffle!! A transmettre aux Médiax mainstream. #retraites
#greve16janvier #Macron #france
#GreveGenerale #GiletsJaunes
[Twitter: Le Général, @LeGeneral00, ]
    ● 15-Jan-2020 -- Iran-USA: "Iran has a 'shockingly strong' war-crimes case against Trump over Soleimani's killing — and it could win"
[Mitch Prothero, Business Insider]
    ● 15-Jan-2020 -- Virginia, USA: "Virginia Declares State of Emergency After Armed Militias Threaten to Storm the Capitol
"The governor said law enforcement had intercepted “extremist rhetoric” similar to the lead-up to Charlottesville days before pro-gun activists are holding a rally."
[Tess Owen, Vice News]
    ● 15-Jan-2020 -- Pakistan: "At least 77 killed and 94 injured after avalanches bury homes in Pakistan"
[Jessie Yeung, et al., CNN World]
    ● 15-Jan-2020 -- USA-China: "News Analysis: New U.S.-China trade deal leaves the thorniest problems unresolved" [Don Lee, et al., Los Angeles Times]
    ● 15-Jan-2020 -- EU-Iran: "How Europe betrayed Iran: By triggering JCPOA dispute mechanism, EU helps Trump finish job of killing the Iran nuclear deal
[Scott Ritter, Op-Ed, RT]
    ● 15-Jan-2020 -- Iran-UK-France-Germany: "Rouhani warns foreign forces in Middle East 'may be in danger'
"Iranian president's remarks come after UK, France and Germany challenged Tehran over breaking limits of nuclear deal."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 15-Jan-2020 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon protesters hit banks in 'week of wrath' - BBC News" [BBC News]
    ● 15-Jan-2020 -- Russia: "Russian government resigns as Putin proposes reforms that could extend his grip on power"
[Mary Ilyushina, et al., CNN World]
    ● 15-Jan-2020 -- Turkey: "Turkish Clerics Defy 1,400 Years of Edicts With Home Loan U-Turn"
[Cagan Koc, Bloomberg]
    ● 14-Jan-2020 -- USA: "More than 100 billion pain pills saturated the nation over nine years" [Steven Rich, et al., WaPo]
    ● 14-Jan-2020 -- France: "1,200 French doctors RESIGN from supervisory roles in protest over govt funding for public hospitals" [RT]
    ● 14-Jan-2020 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon protesters: 'The revolution is coming back'
"Fresh call to action comes amid a worsening economic crisis and in the absence of a government."
[Zeina Khodr, Al Jazeera]
    ● 14-Jan-2020 -- Israel-USA: "An Israel-U.S. Merger Creates An Apple Hacking Powerhouse For The Feds"
"Cellebrite, the world’s biggest computer and smartphone forensics provider, has bought U.S.-based BlackBag Technologies"
[Thomas Brewster, Forbes]
    ● 14-Jan-2020 -- World: "The world is drowning in debt"
Institute of International Finance data:
Global debt-to-GDP ratio=322%
Developed markets' debt-to-GDP ratio=383%
[MSN News: Anneken Tappe, CNN Business]
    ● 14-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Auto loan delinquencies hit eight-year high"
[Kevin Wack, American Banker]

    ● 14-Jan-2020 -- USA: "How proton radiotherapy can kill cancer in milliseconds
"New research in mice shows "for the first time" that scientists can use protons to administer radiation therapy in a matter of milliseconds, killing cancer cells while protecting healthy tissue."
[Ana Sandolu, Medical News Today (MNT)]
    ● 13-Jan-2020 -- Australia: "Anti-protest laws and litigation take aim at climate activism" [Stuart Braun, DW]
    ● 12-Jan-2020 -- USA-Israel-Iran: "REVEALED: Israeli intelligence helped US carry out Soleimani's assassination 'by confirming which flight terror chief took to Iraq' - and PM Benjamin Netanyahu was the 'only American ally told about the mission'" [Megan Sheets, Daily Mail]
    ● 12-Jan-2020 -- Palestine-USA: "Outrage after Jeopardy! host rules Bethlehem not in Palestine
"Contestant on popular US quiz show was told she was wrong for identifying Jesus's birthplace as Palestine."
[Usaid Siddiqui, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 12-Jan-2020 -- USA-Iraq: "Rockets hit Iraq military base hosting US troops: Reports
"Several rockets slam into Iraqi airbase north of Baghdad where US troops are based, officials and military sources say."
[Al Jazeera]
    ● INFORMATION: 12-Jan-2020 -- ON, Canada: "Canadians got an emergency alert about a nuclear power plant incident. It was sent in error, the plant says"
[Matthew Friedman, et al., CNN World]
    ● 12-Jan-2020 -- Iran: "Protesters demand Iran’s leaders quit after military admits it shot down passenger plane"
[CNBC: Reuters]
    ● 11-Jan-2020 -- World: "World’s super-rich are hoarding physical gold in secret bunkers" [RT]
    ● 11-Jan-2020 -- Taiwan: "President Tsai Ing-wen wins Taiwan election
"Final results show Tsai winning Saturday's election with 57.1 percent of the votes ahead of Han who bagged 38.6 percent."
[Erin Hale, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 11-Jan-2020 -- USA-Afghanistan: "2 U.S. Troops Killed By Taliban Bomb In Southern Afghanistan" [Samantha Raphelson, NPR]
    ● 11-Jan-2020 -- USA-Iraq: "U.S. Warns Iraq It Risks Losing Access to Key Bank Account if Troops Told to Leave
"Loss of access to New York Fed account, where international oil sale revenue is kept, could creating cash crunch in Iraq’s financial system"
[Ian Talley, et al., WSJ]
    ● 11-Jan-2020 -- USA-Iraq: "Imperialism 101"
"Israel has achieved its long sought goal of removing Iraq from the confrontation over Palestine.  With Egypt under a US-imposed dictator, that leaves only demolished Syria to stand up to Israel. The Saudis are gleefully stabbing their ‘brother’ Arabs in the back, as they always have done."
[ Eric S. Margolis,]
    ● 11-Jan-2020 -- Iran-Ukraine: "We accept full responsibility for #Ukrainian plane crash: #IRGC #Aerospace chief
[Twitter: Press TV, @PressTV,]
    ● 11-Jan-2020 -- France: "Today is the 61st weekend of #GiletsJaunes protests across France. Dwindling numbers have seen a resurgence thanks to all the teachers, nurses, and other public officials that have swelled their ranks.
"Everyone is striking in #France!
"#Acte61 #Frexit"
[Twitter: Darren of Plymouth, @DarrenPlymouth,] [From Charles Baudry]
France: "Tensions en cours Place de la République à Paris. Plusieurs tirs de gaz lacrymogènes.
"#greve11janvier #Acte61 #GreveGenerale #Retraites"
[Twitter: Charles Baudry, @CharlesBaudry,]
France: "Les #GiletsJaunes se sont mobilisés en nombre à #toulouse pour cet #Acte61"
[Twitter: Frédéric RT France, @frederic_RTfr,]
    ● 10-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Boeing's fired CEO got his $62 million payout confirmed the same day 2,800 people in the 737 Max supply chain were laid off"
[Kieran Corcoran, Business Insider]
    ● 10-Jan-2020 -- Pakistan: "At least 14 killed in blast at Pakistani mosque" [RT]
    ● 10-Jan-2020 -- USA-Iran: "US imposes fresh sanctions on Iran after Iraq attack: Mnuchin"
"US treasury secretary says sanctions will target eight Iranian officials and companies from different sectors."
 [Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 10-Jan-2020 -- Australia: "Tens of thousands protest Australian PM's climate policies amid bushfire crisis"
[Helen Regan, et al., CNN World]
    ● 9-Jan-2020 -- USA-Iran: "U.S. house approves #war powers resolution limiting #Trump's ability to wage war on #Iran" [Twitter: Press TV, @PressTV,]
    ● 9-Jan-2020 -- UK: "UK Parliament approves Boris Johnson's Brexit deal
"UK prime minister succeeded where his predecessor repeatedly failed; getting Brexit legislation through Commons."
[Alasdair Soussi, Al Jazeera News]
    ● 9-Jan-2020 -- Iran: "Several reported dead in bus crash in Iran
"Bus travelling from capital Tehran to northeastern city of Gonbad overturns, killing at least 20 people and injuring 24."
[Al Jazeera News]
    ● 9-Jan-2020 -- Iran-Ukraine-USA: "Iranian Missile System Shot Down Ukraine Flight, Probably by Mistake, Sources Say"
[Naveed Jamali, et al., Newsweek]
    ● 9-Jan-2020 -- World: "World Bank warns of global debt crisis following the fastest increase in borrowing since the 1970s"
[Sam Meredith, CNBC]

See also: "Global Growth: Modest Pickup to 2.5% in 2020 amid Mounting Debt and Slowing Productivity Growth"
[Press Release, World Bank, 8-Jan-2020,]
    ● 9-Jan-2020 -- France: "French unions take to streets in make-or-break pension protest
[Elizabeth Pineau, et al., Reuters]
    ● 8-Jan-2020 -- USA-Israel: "Kushner Under Fire for Receiving $30M From Israeli Firm While Shaping Middle East Policy
""Are you comfortable with having Jared Kushner be the beneficiary of huge amounts of Israeli financing at the same time he's overseeing U.S. foreign policy on Israel?""
[Jake Johnson, Common Dreams]
    ● 8-Jan-2020 -- Iran-Ukraine: "Everything we know so far about the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 crash in Iran"
"A plane carrying 176 people crashed minutes after takeoff in Iran on January 8, killing everyone on board."
[Sinéad Baker, et al., Business Insider]
    ● 8-Jan-2020 -- Somalia: "Several killed in car bomb attack near Somali parliament
"At least four killed and 10 others wounded in Mogadishu as al-Shabab claims responsibility for the blast."
[Al Jazeera: AFP News Agency] 
    ● 8-Jan-2020 -- World-USA: "Much Of The World Doesn't Trust President Trump, Pew Survey Finds"
[Scott Neuman, NPR]
    ● 8-Jan-2020 -- Iran-USA: "Iran launches 'SECOND WAVE' of retaliation strikes against US assets in Iraq" [RT]
    ● 7-Jan-2020 -- Iran-Ukraine: "Boeing 737 plane bound for Kyiv crashes in Iran, killing all 176 people on board"
[Leslie Josephs, et al., CNBC]
    ● 7-Jan-2020 -- Russia-Syria: "Putin spends Orthodox Christmas in Damascus, visits ancient church & historic mosque (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)" [RT]
    ● 7-Jan-2020 -- Iran-USA: "Iran Fires Missiles at 2 Iraqi Air Bases Housing US Forces, Pentagon Says"
[Carla Babb, et al., VOA News]
    ● 7-Jan-2020 -- Kinshasa: "Eleven deaths reported in Kinshasa jail since start of 2020
"NGOs and prison staff claim government no longer supplying jails with food and medicine."
Cumulative death toll since 1-Jan-2020=11.
[Al Jazeera: AFP News Agency]
    ● 7-Jan-2020 -- Iran: "Dozens [56+ people] killed in stampede at Soleimani's funeral: Iran state TV
"Huge crowds of mourners pack the streets of Kerman, the hometown of Iranian military commander killed in US air strike."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 7-Jan-2020 -- Australia: "Teen firefighter is among dozens accused of igniting fires that have ravaged Australia"
[John Bacon, USA Today]
    ● 7-Jan-2020 -- USA-Iran: "US forces on high alert for possible Iranian drone attacks, and intelligence shows Iran moving military equipment"
[Barbara Starr, et al., CNN]
    ● 6-Jan-2020 -- World: "Make no mistake: Military robots are not there to preserve human life, they are there to allow even more endless wars
[RT: Helen Buyniski, Op-Ed]
    ● 6-Jan-2020 -- Iran-USA: "Iran holds all the cards in coming Middle East conflict with US - unless Trump is ready to drop a tactical NUKE"
[RT: Scott Ritter, Op-Ed]
    ● 6-Jan-2020 -- Mali: "Five soldiers killed in Mali roadside attack
"More than 140 Malian soldiers have reportedly died in attacks between September and December."
[Al Jazeera: AFP News Agency]
    ● 6-Jan-2020 -- India: "JNU [Jawaharlal Nehru University]: Students across India protest against campus attack" [BBC News]
    ● 6-Jan-2020 -- Australia: "Australia’s Catastrophic Fires Threaten to Upend the Way People Live
"At least 20 people are dead, thousands of homes have been destroyed and millions of animals killed—and blazes could continue for months"
[Stephen Wright, WSJ]
    ● 5-Jan-2020 -- Iran: "Iran announces it is suspending all commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal" [Erin Cunningham, et al., WaPo]
    ● 5-Jan-2020 -- Mexico: "Mexico violence: Homicide rate reached record numbers in 2019
Mexico has set an unwanted new record: more than 31,000 murders in one year [or 85 murders per day].
[Manuel Rapalo, Al Jazeera]
    ● 5-Jan-2020 -- Kenya-USA: "Al-Shabab attacks military base used by Kenyan and US forces
"Al-Qaeda-linked group attacks base used by US and Kenyan military personnel in Kenya's Lamu County."
4 fighters were killed; 2 US helicopters, a Cessna and US military vehicles were destroyed.
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 5-Jan-2020 -- Iran: "Tens of thousands mourn as Soleimani's remains return to Iran
"Mourners flood the streets as multi-city funeral of top military commander assassinated by US begins."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 5-Jan-2020 -- Libya: "Libya conflict: Tripoli military school suffers deadly air strike"
30+ people were killed.
[BBC News]
    ● 5-Jan-2020 -- Iraq-USA: "Iraqi parliament votes to expel U.S. troops over Soleimani killing" [Dave Lawler, Axios]
    ● 4-Jan-2020 -- World-USA: "Activists across the US and the world protest a possible war with Iran"
[Ryan Prior, et al., CNN]
    ● 4-Jan-2020 -- Indonesia: "At Least 53 People Dead From Landslides, Flash Floods in Indonesia" [Time: Niniek Karmini, AP]
    ● 4-Jan-2020 -- India: "Over 100,000 march in southern India to protest citizenship law
"The protest, dubbed the ‘Million March’, was organised by an umbrella group of Muslim and civil society organisations."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● INFORMATION: 4-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Mercedes Recalls 750,000 Cars Because of Defective Sunroofs" [Time:AP]
    ● 4-Jan-2020 -- Iran-USA-Israel: "35 ‘vital US & Israeli targets’ within Iran’s reach for potential REVENGE for General Soleimani’s death – senior IRGC commander" [RT]
    ● 4-Jan-2020 -- Iraq-Iran: "Thousands March in Iraq for Iranian Commander Killed in U.S. Strike
"Mourners vow revenge for a killing that has set the Middle East on edge"
[Jared Malsin, WSJ]
    ● 4-Jan-2020 -- USA-Iraq: "New US air raid on Hashd commander in Iraq kills medics: Report
"Deadly attack took place along Taji Road that leads to a base of non-US coalition forces north of Baghdad."
6+ people were killed, including medics.
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies]
    ● 3-Jan-2020 -- USA-Iran: "War with Iran."
"The American Empire, it seems, will die not with a whimper but a bang."
[Chris Hedges, Truthdig, Op-Ed]
    ● 3-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Selective Service System website crashes amid questions and fears of another US military draft"
[Amir Vera, CNN]
    ● 3-Jan-2020 -- Nigeria: "Unidentified gunmen kill 19 people in central Nigeria
#Attackers torch houses and other buildings of Tawari community in Kogi State, close to capital Abuja, police say."
[A Jazeera: AFP News Agency]
    ● 3-Jan-2020 -- USA: "New US law to monitor sale of cyber-tools overseas
"The law follows a Reuters investigation into US intelligence firms working with the UAE on a spying operation there."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 3-Jan-2020 -- Lebanon: "Lebanon needs a $20-$25bn bailout, says former economy minister
"Lebanon's crisis has shattered confidence in its banking system and stoked concerns that a debt default could loom."
[Al Jazeera: Reuters News Agency]
    ● 3-Jan-2020 -- USA: "'We can't trust Google': former executive says company has lost its way
"Ross LaJeunesse, former head of international relations, says he was forced out after reporting discriminatory practices"
[Kari Paul, The Guardian]
    ● 3-Jan-2020 -- USA-Iraq-Iran: "Airstrike at Baghdad airport kills Iran’s most revered military leader, Qassem Soleimani, Iraqi state television reports"
[Missy Ryan, et al., WaPo]

See also: "Trump orders killing of key Iranian commander in Baghdad airport strike"
[Zachary Cohen, et al., CNN World,]

"Iran's Qassem Soleimani killed in US air raid at Baghdad airport
"Pre-dawn raid also killed Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis in a major escalation of regional tensions."
[Al Jazeera-News Agencies,]
    ● 2-Jan-2020 -- France: "Fresh CLASHES in Paris as French pension reform strike breaks records (VIDEOS)" [RT]

See also "Police fire tear gas at protesters rallying against pension reform in central Paris.
"A Milestone for French Rail Strikes: 29th Day of Walkouts"
[The Voice of America, @VOANews,]
    ● 2-Jan-2020 -- Greece-Israel Cyprus-Turkey: "Greece, Israel, Cyprus to sign gas pipeline deal, angering Turkey
"Accord creates new tensions between Greece and Turkey as Ankara says EastMed project cannot proceed without its consent."
"[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 2-Jan-2020 -- Sudan: "Dozens killed in violence in Sudan's West Darfur state
"At least 24 people died after an IDP [Internally Displaced People] camp was attacked following a dispute between Arab and African ethnic groups."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 2-Jan-2020 -- Australia: "Thousands Flee Fires in Australia as States Warn Crisis Will Worsen"
8 people died in one week; 1,000+ houses were charred.
[Jamie Tarabay, NYT]
    ● 2-Jan-2020 -- Taiwan: "Taiwan's top military officer among 8 killed in helicopter crash"
[Fox News: Ralph Jennings, AP]
    ● 1-Jan-2020 -- USA: "Hospitals Merged. Quality Didn’t Improve.
"The quality of care at hospitals acquired during a recent wave of deal making got worse or stayed the same, new research found"
[Melanie Evans, WSJ]
    ● 1-Jan-2020 -- Brussels, Belgium: "Mayhem in Brussels as Cars Torched, Over 200 Arrested"
Arson, shooting and vandalism reported.
[Dan Lyman, Infowars Europe]
    ● 1-Jan-2020 -- Syria: "Four Syrian children killed in New Year's Day attack on school
"In total, eight killed in rocket attack by government forces on an Idlib school packed with children and teachers."
[Al Jazeera: News Agencies]
    ● 1-Jan-2020 -- Afghanistan: "Dozens [at least 26] of Afghan security forces killed in Taliban attack" [France 24: AP]
    ● 1-Jan-2020 -- World: "The Rise of the Permanent Protest
"There's cause for hope, here at the end of the Decade From Hell: a new breed of hell-raiser."
[Osita Nwanevu, The New Republic]
    ● 1-Jan-2020 -- China: "China cuts banks' reserve ratios [to 12.5%] again, frees up $115 billion to spur economy" [Reuters]
    ● 1-Jan-2020 -- Australia: "Australia sending aid to wildfire towns as death toll rises [to 17+ dead nationwide]
“We have three months of hot weather to come. We do have a dynamic and a dangerous fire situation across the state.”
[NBC News: AP]
    ● 1-Jan-2020 -- Hon Kong-China: "400 protesters in Hong Kong arrested after thousands join New Year's Day rally
"Several protesters were carrying American flags to show gratitude for backing of legislation supporting human rights in Hong Kong."
[Mark Roberts, et al., NBC News-AP]
    ● 1-Jan-2020 -- North Korea-USA: "North Korea Drops Testing Moratorium, But Leaves Door Open To U.S. Nuclear Talks"
[Anthony Kuhn, NPR]